WordPress More Than Just a Blogging Tool

Every internet user is familiar with the word “WordPress” and why not, it has become the most widely used publishing platform because of is functionality. People often customized it to use as a content management system (CMS) but if offers more than that. More than 22% of the internet users used WordPress for just blogging purpose but it is more than that. Why WordPress? WordPress offer wide range of features that can be used to create an effective and useful websites. The best thing about WordPress  is that you can customize it according to your requirements as it is powered by PHP and MySQL so if you have knowledge about them you can create anything using WordPress. WordPress Themes: WordPress provide millions of built-in themes that can be used to create a website; one can easily install WordPress themes using control panel, dashboard or FTP depending on what type of server you are using. Beside this people can create their own themes, if you have strong knowledge about PHP and MySQL than you can easily create your desired theme. WordPress Plug-ins: One of the most attractive features of WordPress is Plug-ins; currently there are more than 16,000 WordPress plug-ins available over the internet designed for different purpose such as SEO, Social media tools and more. WordPress plug-ins has provided great deal of relaxation to the web masters as they can easily enhance their website functionality by adding the respective plug-in. With Just a click one can easily install WordPress plug-ins. WordPress Widgets: WordPress Widgets are built-in plug-ins which is used to add more functionality in the website, all you have to do is to activate them from your control panel. It provides interactivity features categories, tags, posts and more. One can customize its widgets panel depending on the theme such as some people place widgets on sidebar, some in header and so on. If you want of customize your widget appearance it can be done by accessing function.php file in the CSS. WordPress Hosting: Because of its features richness and user-friendly nature people are adopting it to create professional websites. Every single website over the internet needs web hosting so is the WordPress based website, any ordinary WordPress website can be hosted at any server but if you are using customized Worpdress application then you need a reliable WordPress hosting. A reliable web hosting company provide well configured WordPress hosting server so that you can easily install additional applications and plug-ins.