What is Web Hosting?

These days’ people are interested in making an online presence and for that they need a website. After getting a website design ready one needs to buy a domain name which will be your web address. Once you have selected a suitable domain name you need to publish your website online to make it accessible globally and to publish your website you need web hosting. Web hosting is a process to publish your website using World Wide Web. As there are different types of websites so they need different web hosting plans as well. There are many web hosting companies which are offering various web hosting plans depending on website requirements.

Core Components of Web Hosting:

There are three core components of web hosting, which are of great importance in order to host a website properly. First one is a disk space, a space which is required to place your website content online. Usually, website content includes text, images and videos. You can obtain disk space according to your requirement, these days most of the companies are offering unlimited disk space so you don’t have to worry about it.

The second most important factor to consider is bandwidth. It is an amount of data you can send on the web called upload bandwidth and the amount of data you can download in terms of visitors is called download bandwidth. If your website doesn’t expect much traffic than a regular bandwidth is enough for you but if you have a business website then you need a lot of bandwidth to manage the traffic efficiently. Nowadays almost every web host is offering unlimited bandwidth as well.

The third important element of web hosting is RAM, Random Access Memory. This memory controls each and every happening on the website, how quickly it responds to the visitors and in what manner it has to be displayed? Even the number of visitors allowed on your website at a time also depends on your RAM.

So it is really important to select all these elements carefully. You have to analyze your website requirements and then obtain desired disk space, bandwidth and RAM. All these elements are essential in terms of web hosting.

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