What is Shared Hosting?

Web hosting is required to get your website online. There are different types of hosting plans which accommodate different type of websites. The most commonly used hosting plan is shared hosting. In shared hosting you have to share a server with other users. As you are sharing your server resources, you have to pay less for it. That’s why shared hosting is considered as a cheap web hosting solution.

Details about Shared Hosting Plan:

In shared hosting, server resources are divided to multiple users. Its mean you have limited disk space and bandwidth. Hundreds of websites are hosted on a single server. If you are planning to host a small website or blog, shared hosting is good enough to fulfill your needs. Shared hosting plan can be benefited if you are new to the web hosting world, as it is cheap you can easily obtain shared hosting plan to learn about hosting. It comes with a control panel which allows you to manage your website, using shared hosting you can get familiar to the cpanel and other useful hosting tools.

One of the drawbacks of shared hosting is lack of security. As there are so many websites on a same server, so anyone can break in to your site if there is any kind of loophole in it. Shared server is like a hard disk with many folders on it, so with little effort anyone can break into your website and might access your personal data. Make sure your hosting server is properly configured in order avoid any kind of mishap.

Shared hosting means you are sharing everything including your bandwidth. So in the peak hours there is a lot of traffic which can affect your server performance and cause it to slow down. All the websites present on that server will respond slowly, which is quite irritating for the visitors. To avoid this difficulty you have to take care of caching and optimization of your website. Performing these measures will result in faster access to your website.

There are some web hosting companies which are offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth but in that case your data is hosted on multiple servers which also slow down your website response time. Before obtaining a shared hosting plan you have to clarify your needs, if you don’t require faster access and don’t expect a lot of traffic than shared hosting is fine else you have to look out for better hosting plan.