What is Domain Name?

To host your website online you need to register a domain name. Domain name represents your website address. For example: mydomain.com the word “mydomain.com” is your web address. .com is an extension of a domain name, the most commonly used extensions are .com, .net, .edu, .org and more.  Domain name is considered as a cover name for your website IP address so that people can use your name instead of IP address to access your website.

Choosing a Domain Name:

Selection of domain name depends on its availability. Most of the domain names between 5-10 characters are already in use so it’s really hard to find a relevant domain name for your website. As most demanding domain names are already in use so those domains can be available with the combination of other words or hyphen.

These days there are many web hosting companies which offer domain registration facility. You can decide a domain name of your own choice and see if it is available with your desire extension or not. They also provide you with several other options so you can choose from the available domain names.

Domain farms are one of the ways to register a domain name, using domain farms you can register for all the domains available in sequence. Most of the people acquire all the domain names relevant to their top level domain so that they can use it later on or sell them costly. If you are looking for a trendy name which is already acquired by domain farm or other user than you have to pay high for that domain but if you choose an uncommon domain name you’ll get it in a low price.

Domain name hold great importance in term of business website, before finalizing your brand name you have to make sure that its domain is also available. One of the most important factors which most of the people ignore is that your domain name must be closely related to your business as it plays a vital role in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). While obtaining a domain most of the people buy it for limited time and they have to renew it yearly, so you have to renew your domain in time else it might went out for sale. Best practice is to register a domain for life so you don’t have to bother about renewing it every year.

These are the important factors which one has to keep in mind while domain registration.