What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated server is considered to be the most expensive hosting server. In dedicated server hosting you don’t have to share server resources with anyone. A whole server is reserved for single website or account. Using dedicated server you’ll have more space, bandwidth and security.

Security of a Dedicated Server:

As dedicated server is not shared, it means your whole data is secure no one can access it without your permission. Dedicated server is a large computer system which require proper environment to keep on running smoothly. That’s why it is recommended to house in data center.

In data center a whole room is reserved for dedicated server which contains all the necessary equipments to ensure server stability and security. As these servers are big, they require a lot of power and generate immense amount of heat. Data center ensures an alternate power source so in case of any break down you server keeps on running 24/7. Also they perform necessary measure to maintain room temperature and keep server cool. As far as security is concern, only authorized users can access the server room.

Dedicated server hosting is of two types managed and unmanaged. In unmanaged hosting you have to manage most of the server and you’ll get basic services like OS installation, cpanel and basic security software. Whereas in managed hosting you don’t have to worry about anything, your hosting provider will take care of each and everything. They’ll install anti-virus and configure your firewall settings in order to ensure security and privacy. In managed hosting you have to pay extra for the services.

Obtaining a dedicated server hosting for business website is high recommended because it provides you more control over server and provide support for various applications which are not supported by other hosting plans. These servers are expensive so have to carefully decide between managed and unmanaged hosting. If you are a newbie than you should obtain managed hosting but if you have knowledge about dedicated server you should go for unmanaged hosting as cost is an affective factor in terms of dedicated server hosting.

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