What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is an amount of data which is required to manage your website traffic. Most of the people don’t have proper knowledge about it, that’s why they have to face many issues in terms of traffic management.

How Much Bandwidth do I Need?

There are several things based on which you can estimate your website requirements. First of all you need to know, what sort of content you will have on your website. If you have a text based website than a regular amount of bandwidth with basic hosting plan will be enough for you. But if your website contains images, than you need to buy extra bandwidth in order to fulfill your needs. Every time a user visits your website, your whole data is transferred to it. So if you have a lot of visitors you need to buy a large amount of bandwidth.

People who want to upload videos require an immense about of bandwidth and space as well. Basic hosting plan will not satisfy your traffic needs.  A regular video size is about 10-15MB or may be more, so you have to make sure that you have obtained enough bandwidth for a month keeping your visitors in mind as well. Else your bandwidth limit might exceeds and tend to cause server overloading.

One way to reduce your bandwidth is that you can host your images or videos on other social media sites and place a link on your main website which redirects to the actual site. This will reduce your bandwidth needs but it not considered to be a best practice, as most of the visitors got irritated and you have pay for it as well.

So before finalizing any web hosting plan you have to make sure that you are getting enough bandwidth to fulfill your website requirements. Most of the companies offer unlimited bandwidth but once your bandwidth limit exceeds, they won’t provide to more and quote it under fair usage policy. So carefully read their terms and conditions to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.