Top 5 mobile apps that convert voice to text

Wouldn’t it be nice if while waiting in line, you could jot down a few notes? Get your thoughts down for future reference? Write out that grocery list?

Actually you can. Tablets and smart phones now have apps available that let you dictate and convert the information to written form. In other words, you can say your thoughts  into your smartphone and it writes the information down. This is great technology for business people, teachers, Moms and just about anyone.

So what apps work best? Well, below you’ll find a list of the 5 best mobile apps that covert your voice to text for documents, emails or notes (a great feature for those who are slow typers.)

  1. Dragon Dictation

Dragon has always been an outstanding voice to text converter. This is what  they do. They have several programs for laptops, computers and mobile technology but this is their first free version. Dragon Dictation Free is great for the mobile industry. It is a free voice recognition app that lets users speak and instantly be recognized, the information automatically turning into text or email messages. Best of all this is about 5 times faster than typing on the keyboard.

  1. Speech Notes

This is a special app that works at taking notes and allows you to turn speech into text using the internet. Just click your mike and start speaking.

  1. TalkBox Voice Messenger

This is a very cool app as it allows you to send a combination of text and voice messages through email.

  1. Vlingo Voice App

This is like having a secretarial assistant at your beck and call. Just tell your phone what to do and it does it. It even integrates with social media accounts.

  1. Google Voice Search

This is a Google Search app. So if you are tired of typing in every search you make look for Google Voice.  This has another cool feature in that you can also get quick access to other cool apps like Gmail, Docs and Calendar.

 Bottom Line

The computer, the smart phone and the tablet are tools that make our life convenient. With these devices we are able to do things faster than we ever have before. However, typing can be one of those tasks that slows us down. This new speech to text application allows us to move at lightning fast speed. It allows us to capture our thoughts and ideas as fast as we can think of them. There is just one problem there isn’t one voice to text app that really does it all. Sometimes you can need more than one app that does a similar task. For instance when you write documents you might use Dragon Dictation, but when you want to search for something on Google then you’ll want to make the switch to Google Voice Search. So have fun and try any of these apps out.