Top 5 Big Screen All-in-One Desktop PC for 2014

Every tech gadget and device has gotten smaller and smaller. This includes the PC as now they come in an all-in-one package. You don’t need to worry about a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers as everything is integrated, and the only cord is the power cord.  Here are the 5 top all-in-one desktops available for 2015.

  1. The HP Envy

This has an Intel Core i7-4785T quad-core processor and up to 256 GB of storage with 12 GB of memory. It is touch enabled and ideal for practical use and for business.  It is easy set up and only requires a connection to the electrical outlet.

  1.  Lenovo A740

This is a multi-touch all-in-one 27 inch desktop PC. It comes with an Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor at 2.40 Ghz and turbo boost. It also has 8GB of Memory giving you the speed you need, and cool graphics with the NVidia GeForce GTX850A integrated graphics card. And with a 27 inch LED display, this is an ideal all-in-one with a starting price of just $1799.

According to Lenovo this is the thinnest of desktops at just 24.5mm. The design is attractive and reinforced with a solid metal and attractive finish.

  1.  HP Pavilion 23-inch Desktop

Equipped with an Intel Core i5-4690T quad core processor, and up to 16GB of memory, this machine has enough processing speed to complete any project. With a 2TB hard drive there is enough space here to store all the data, video and music you want, and at a starting price of $769, this is a truly affordable desktop.

  1. Toshiba AIO PX35T-A2300 Desktop

With a 23-inch screen and an Intel Core i3-3120M, this desktop has 6GB of memory, this Toshiba all-in-one leaves nothing to be desired. It has a full HD LED touch display with a tilt base. Prices start at just $899.

This Toshiba has a tilt base making it easy to move according to your eye level and needs. This has a 23 inch display and Mobile Intel HD graphics which is perfect for working with graphics.

5. Dell Inspiron IO2350T-1667BLK Touch-Screen

With a 4th Generation Intel Core i3-4000M processor of 3.4GHz, this all-in-one computer also comes with 6GM of memory and a 1TB 5400 rpm hard drivewith a 10-point multi touch display, and an affordable price of just $930.

The most distinguishing feature of this all-in-one is the surround sound and superb display. It has an easy to navigate interface that makes doing work easy.

Bottom Line

All-in-One desktops have the processing speed and the storage you need to get any job done. Even professionals in the industry love the convenience of these machines.