Top 10 technology gadgets for the modern hotel room

Have you ever noticed all of the tech gadgets in a hotel room? There are about 10 different types of technology gadget that every hotel room should have. These range from the very usual to the very different. .

  1. HD TV

A high definition TV is the focal point of a hotel room and there are an innumerable number of brands and sizes to choose from. There is one for every budget and every room size.

  1. High Speed Internet

A hotel is no longer a hotel room but a boarding house (and even that is questionable) without high speed Internet. In many cases a hotel should offer both wireless and wired options in rooms, as this covers most usage needs.

  1. An MP3 Docking Stations

Most people now travel with an iPod or some other type of MP3 device. Hotels that offer an MP3 docking station with speakers offer better service as guests can listen to their favorite tunes, use it as an alarm clock and even watch movies.

  1. Additional Power Sources

Now this may not be an actual gadget but can be when you have to use an adapter or a surge protector to give these power sources. People need access to connections to charge their smart phones, MP3s, video recorders, cameras and laptops.

  1. Mirror TV

A really high tech gadget for the bathroom, sauna and swimming pool area, these TVs are equipped with high definition, digital tuners and touch screens.

  1. Automatic Lighting and Climate Control

While this may not seem like advanced technology it really is. This is a remote device that allows guests to place settings according to their mood;; bright lights for work, low lights for romance etc.

  1. Radio Frequency Identification

We all know this one as keyless entry systems for hotel rooms and other areas of the hotel. But developed technology of this same system now allows guests to use their mobile phone to gain access to their hotel room.

  1. Automatic Detection of Guest Habitation

While this system may not affect guests directly it certainly helps lower costs of hotel energy costs. These systems detect when guests are in a room and when they are not, thus adjusting the temperature when the room is detected as being empty. This can reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint by as much as 70%.

  1. Infrared lights

Infrared signals monitor when a guest enters and leaves so housekeeping can tell if a room is ready to be made up.

  1. Building Rotation

Although not a common technology, and not used in any hotel but one, this is being developed. It is the ability to rotate a building once a day so guests can get an ocean view during their stay.