Top 10 technnology gadgets for the modern home

Technology is a part of our lives. Even though we may assume that it’s not. We use different types of machines that accomplish many different tasks at home – and all of these use the latest in technology. Let’s look at the top 10 coolest gadgets for the home.

  1. The high-powered cordless vacuum cleaner

Okay, I gotta say vacuum cleaners are not a new technology, they have been around since the 1940s and 50s. But now there are these new cool cordless vacuum cleaners that have no wires and are much more effective, lighter than their bulky, noisy and will take vacuum cleaner cousins.

  1. Ion  Air Purifier

These new air purifiers allow you to keep your home environment clean and free of allergens.

  1. Sensor LED Light and Lamp Controller

These allow you to control the lights in your home automatically, even when you’re away from home. This gives you added security and lighting.

  1. Rechargeable Laptop Battery

This is an external rechargeable laptop battery that will take you anywhere you need. So when the power cuts out at home, this rechargeable laptop battery can give your laptop a charge.

  1. Countertop Water Filtration System

We all need to drink more water as it be that my metabolism and removes toxins from our body. However, tap water can be full of minerals and other toxins. So you want to filter the water before you drink it, and the easiest way of doing this is through countertop water filtration system.

  1. Motion-Activated Candy Dispense

While this may not be a needed a home tech gadget, is sure is cool. Just put your hand under the dispenser and you’ll get just the right amount of nuts, seeds, or candy.


  1. The Bluetooth Speaker

I don’t care what anybody says, you just that I have a Bluetooth speaker in the house. These may look small but carry powerful sound, and best of all, they can be connected to your cell phone, your laptop, your computer, and sometimes even your TV.

  1. The Dog Exerciser

as someone with dogs, I’d say that this is a pretty needed home gadget. It’s a treadmill for dogs. Yes, your dog can get is needed exercise on a regular basis without your having to take three-hour long walks and time out of your day.

  1. The Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This really is nothing like listening to music as you bathe. A bluetooth shower Speaker just makes shower time more interesting.

  1. Automatic Door Locker

Don’t worry, if you forgot to lock the door or misplaced your door keys. Now you can lock your front door from anywhere in the world using your smartphone and an automatic door locker.