Top 10 Best Office Apps that Make You More Productive

Take pride in working hard and have a humble enough heart and mind to accept that you don’t know it all; and take the time to learn from those who have gone before you.

That’s what brings about success, or at least that’s what we’re told to do to attain that success. But as we bring more innovation and tech tools into the game, we can easily get bogged down by all the little organizational things involved in the day-to-day running of the business; and that prevents us from learning, creating and being successful.

In comes the smartphone right? This will make our lives more efficient, and give us more time to learn and enjoy, right?

True. Smartphones allow us to communicate and perform business activities while on the go, but still there is something missing. Without the right office apps you are not as efficient as you would like to be on your phone. That’s where the right office apps can help. The following are 10 top best office apps to use on any smartphone.


1. Google Drive

Google Drive offers all of the features of Microsoft office in the cloud. Added benefits include collaborative tools, sharing and editing options.

2. Quickoffice

This is a free app that allows you easy access to Microsoft Office documents on any android or iOS phone or tablet.

3. CamScanner

Did you always want to scan documents into your phone? Now you can with this Phone PDF Creator. It is  a little more advanced than the document scanner in Google Docs. Import office documents into android, convert them into PDF format and save or print.

4. Microsoft Office Mobile

Create, edit and save MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on mobiles and tablets. Need of Microsoft email account to get started, but the app is free.

5. OpenOffice

This offers support for open office documents, allowing users to view documents on the android phone. It is effective for reading ODT and ODS files.

6. SwiftKey X

A better alternative for the android keyboard as the app learns from your typing habits. It memorizes the words you most frequently write, so if you begin to type a sentence, SwiftKey will eventually learn to finish your sentences.

7. Chrome Remote Desktop

When you go off and leave important documents on your desktop, the nuclear chrome Remote Desktop can help. It allows you to sync and access documents from your desktop and view them on your smartphone.

8.  ThinkFree

This is one of the biggest office compatible apps for android. In some cases it comes preloaded on the phone. Free versions only offer document reading, while full editing is only available on the paid version.

9.  Cloud Print

With this app you no longer need to own a printer. The Google Cloud Print app lets you send documents to any printer that’s linked to the cloud service.

10. Docs to Go

This app offers some advanced word processing features such as embedding graphics, creating tables and managing footnotes. It also supports hundreds of functions on spreadsheets. Documents can then be stored in the cloud.