Top 10 apps for entrepreneurs

When you think of an entrepreneur you usually think of a business person, but an entrepreneur is much like an artist. He is captivated by thoughts and ideas; that never ending pursuit of the “maybe.” It’s here that an entrepreneur needs to focus his attention and leave the small tasks up to technology. But how do you do that? Well, with the help apps. Here are 10 apps that can help lighten the load of any entrepreneur.

  1. Evernote

This allows you to share content with other team members and create a more informed collaborative effort. You can use Evernote to dictate notes and have the program turn it into written text. You can also immediately turn Evernote content into a presentation with just one click.

  1. Digg

An app that lets entrepreneurs look for new innovations and stay informed of the latest news in any industry. Use this app on phones, tablets, e-readers and computers. Digg lets you find, read and share top stories on the internet.

  1. Invoice2go

With this app you can invoice from anywhere sending information out in just a few minutes. The app also lets you keep track of your paid and unpaid invoices.

  1. Smartr Contacts

One of the biggest problems business owners have is keeping track of contacts. Smartr contacts allows you to keep track of your contacts across all devices.

  1. Dropbox

One of the best things to happen to entrepreneurs was the cloud. You can  keep all important data in Dropbox and access it immediately from any location. Data is kept completely safe and you can install the app on your phone, tablet or PC.

  1. Clicky

This allows you to see your website states while on the go. It gives you information on Google trends and lets you monitor your website.

  1. Prismatic

This app gives you the latest information on your industry . It allows you to customize information to your interests.

  1. Pruoducteev

This allows you to have control over the information you delegate to other teams.  It keeps track of the tasks you assign, the due dates, progrs and results.

  1. Easy Project

This is a management app that helps you do your online planning for the organization. Export and impor your projects. Use Gantt chards and time management modules.

  1. Vesper

This is a very intuitive note taking app that allows you to write text and add images. The Vesper app offers intuitive navigation and allows you to easily find your notes.

Download one or all of these apps for easy management of your ideas and processes. It’s like taking your secretary with you, but all of this is stored on your phone, your tablet or your app.