Top 10 analytical tools for Bloggers

Are you a blogger, or an Internet-savvy pro webmaster then you need to know of all the great tools that can help you monetize on your blog faster. You especially need to know about your blog stats, your data health, traffic and revenue. So today we’ve decided to share the top 10 analytical tools for bloggers.

1.Google Webmaster Tools

GWT is the best blogger tool and it helps correct your SEO strategies.  This is the 1st SEO tool bloggers and webmasters use, and as such about 99 people out of 100 use it to start their statistical search. This tool offers you a glimpse of your sitemap, the search queries used to get to your site, traffic stats and both internal and external links.

2. Google Analytical Tools

This is another great tool that Google makes available for free. It tells you about your traffic. This tells you what traffic you get and where it comes from. It also offers you information on your real time visitors. It shows you where traffic sources come from, gives you audience overviews, social media references, content page views and more.

3. Google Adwords Key Tool

This is a tool that almost any SEO expert uses. It  helps  the pros find keywords for titles and to include in their content. It is the most searched tool and key to indexing content correctly.

4. Moz

This is another pro tool with several key integrated tools for SEO. This site offers some of the best SEO tools to help bloggers find solutions to their problems. It offers help with meta descriptions, page rank. It has a sitemap creator and even offers SEO training.

5. SEO Quake

This is another top SEOtool that allows you to check page rank, metas and many more. This is a plugin that you can install on your browser.

6. Woorank

This site offers a free once a week check for one website. It is a popular tool for checking the correct SEO rules.Created by pro bloggers it offers a lot of insight and is used by many SEO analysts.

7. SEMrush

Here is another tool similar to the one listed above. What’s the difference? Not much some bloggers or SEO specialist prefer this site while others prefer Woorank, it’s just a matter of preference.

8. Keywords Density Analyzer

This allows you to check your keywords limits and see whether you have too many or too few keywords. This helps prevent keyword stuffing for your content.

9. Alexa

This is still a top free tool used by pro bloggers and web masters. It offers the blogs ranking on a word wide or  by country. It is easily installed on all browsers and shows up as a browser.

10. Woopra

This is a good analytical tool that you want to use when you have multiple blogs and want to track an analyze all your blogs simultaneously.