The 10 Most Beautifully Designed Apps of 2014

It’s time to think again of what we did right and what we did wrong in 2014. It’s time to scour the web and look at all the apps, compare them and decide which make for beautiful design and which don’t. What’s the point? Well, it helps us determine what the design trends are, and how an app should look. So here’s our list of the 10 most impressively designed APPS – for desktop, mobile and web. Some of these are new, many are not and just new updates but they are still eye candy worth looking at. We’re sure you’ll find something here worth downloading on your smartphone or gadget.


  1. Wire

This is a visual messenger that has just recently launched but has drawn attention for its crisp graphics in the traditional messaging world. What draws the viewers’ attention here is the crisp graphics, bold colors and easy to access controls.

  1. Yahoo News Digest

It’s strange to say that Yahoo is attractive, but this one received the Apple design award and it’s really too good to miss. It is an app that puts the news front and center, allowing readers to access the topics that most interest them.

  1. Monument Valley

Yes. This is a game and not technically an app, but the design colors and styles are beautiful. It is available in the apples App Store. It’s also available on android and Amazon about $3.99.

  1. Acorns

Need to simplify finances? Then use Acorns, an app that is made to simplify investing by allowing you to invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases into a diversified portfolio. It works sort of like the “keep the change” programs except you’re doing it with your own money for your own benefit.

  1. Overcast

This may just be a podcast player, but it sure is pretty.

  1. Airbnb

With a new overhaul, Airbnb has changed the look of its new app. Now it’s beautifully organized, allowing users to immediately see accomodations.

  1. Paper

An app that works with Facebook and beautifully organizes your newsfeed and photos that come in, allowing you to better assimilate the information.

8.        Miranda

A beautiful and free app that lets you look at the different time zones which is especially important if you work with teams that are distributed throughout the world.

9.      Umano

With all of the content on the Internet it can be hard to read these days. Yet we all want to be literate and know what’s going on the world, so this beautiful Umano app lets you pick a topic and have it read to you

  1. Yummly

A gorgeous food app that makes the food look more appetizing. This app puts together beautiful pictures and recipes that are easy to read and navigate.  This app offers enticing food pics, grocery lists, recipe recommendations and more.

These are not the only beautifully designed apps we found for 2014, but they are well designed and functional, giving users exactly what they want either for free or at a very affordable price. These are the apps for 2014 that inspire designers to do more, to work more efficiently and bring more beauty and simplicity into every design