Creating Your Own WebHosting Server

If you are planning to host your personal website or blog you need to buy a webhosting server or you can host it by creating your own server at home. To create your own web hosting server several tools and resources are required:

MySQL: It is the most commonly used database software because of it user-friendly environment and reliability. Also it is compatible with wide range of operating systems which includes Linux, Windows, UNIX, AIX and much more.

Apache HTTP Server: is a robust and a powerful implementation of an HTTP web server. Apache is the most popular server since 1996 and still it maintains its repute.

PHP: Nowadays PHP is the most commonly used web development script because of its functionality and flexibility. People use PHP scripts for web development purpose by embedding it in to HTML code.

PHPMyAdmin: It is one of the most useful tools required to manage MySQL database over the web. Using PHPMyAdmin you can add, delete and edit databases.

Linux: It is the most commonly used operating system (OS) for servers because it is considered to be more reliable and secure than any other OS.

XAMPP: is an Apache distribution for Linux, Windows, Mac-OS X and Solaris. It consists of Apache web server, PHPMyAdmin, Perl and FTP server.

SquirrelMail: is a web based email application required to manage emails on your server. It is easy to install and configure.

AppServer: is an application use to setup web server or database server, it provides support for PHP, PHPMyAdmin and MySQL. Using Appserver you can setup your server instantly.

ArGoSoft Mail Server: provides full support for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols for windows based server. It required minimum space and easy to install and configure.

Cherokee: is web server software which provides support for FastCGI, SCGI, PHP, CGI, TLS and SSL encrypted connections and much more.

SurgeMail: is a server application which includes webmail server, anti-spam server, anti-virus server and much more.

FileZilla Server:  provides FTP solutions and is supported by both Linux and windows based server. Using FileZilla you can efficiently manage your website content and easy upload or download your website content.

KF Web Server:  is a free HTTP server which can be used to manage any type of website also it provides support for all types of scripting languages. Using KF Web server you can host as many sites as you want. Another prominent feature of KF web server is that it supports two types of log file formats: NSCA & W3C.

NanoWeb:  is one of the most secure HTTP servers which provide support for all types of web application and services. Its main features include MySQL logging, LDAP authentication support, proxy server extension and more.

BulletProof FTP Server:  provide FTP support for windows based servers through which you can control each and every activity of FTP server and traffic.

Cpanel and WebHost Manager: are web based server administration tool required to manage your website. Using cpanel you can install delete applications, can upload or download your website content.                                    

Web Host

Web Host

Web host is a term defined for web hosting service providers, one need web hosting service to publish content over the internet using Word Wide Web and in order to have web hosting service one require web hosts.

Web host offers various types of web hosting servers on lease in order to host different websites. One can obtain desired web hosting plan to publish website live over the internet but selection of a web hosting plan and web host is an important phase. There are numerous types of web hosting plans are available and countless web hosts as well that’s why one need to be careful in choosing the right web host and a perfect web hosting plan. A web host should be consistent and reliable in order to provide high quality hosting services. There are certain aspects of quality hosting analyzing which on can select a best web host such as:

Offered Web Hosting Plans: A reputed web host offers various types of web hosting plans to treat different websites efficiently, the most commonly offered web hosting plans are shared, dedicated server and VPS hosting.

Server uptime: Server uptime is the duration a website stays live and remains accessible to the visitors, in order to have maximum visitors’ one must to have maximum server uptime.

Response Time: The time in which a website respond to the visitor is considered as response time and quick response time is really important in terms of quality hosting and search engine optimization.

Security: Security of a hosting server matters a lot as insecure server can easily be attacked and one has to face major data loss that’s why one should check out what sort of security measures are performed by a web host. A best web host ensures server security by installing anti-virus, anti-spammers and other software to protect server from external threats.

Cost: A web host must be cost effective, there are several expensive web hosts but they fail to maintain quality standards to always make sure to pay for the services you are using.

Customer Support: Customer support has become an essential for web hosts so that users can contact host in case of any trouble. Some web host offers limited support but best web hosts offer 24/7 customer support to help their customers any time they need them.

These are some prominent aspects of web hosts; one can sign up with any web host after analyzing these services.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Virtual private server is a web hosting service based on virtualization based on software it stress on virtual machine. Its works on the basis of software and create various virtual environments on a physical server and each virtual machine act as a physical computer independent of others. It provides freedom to customize it according to user-requirements such as selection of an operating system and control panel along with other applications. Virtual private server (VPS) is also known as virtual dedicated server but it doesn’t give an impact of obtaining resources from multiple servers such as RAM, space or processor bits.

VPS is introduced to provide efficient resource management such as it reduces hardware cost, power operating cost and yet manages to provide virtual dedicated environment for businesses to run their applications individually and securely. Virtualization allows one to have own operating system independent of others and able to reboot is anytime he wants.

VPS works on the basis of hypervisor which assigned to create, release and mange resources from virtual machines. These virtual machines are allocated a shared of physical server resources such as space, RAM and processor and it perform this task in such a way that other virtual machines are not affected by it.

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is service provided by web hosting companies in order to manage websites efficiently, this give webmaster freedom to define their own server settings and provide enhance security as no one can access your VPS without permission. Virtualization has great impact on web hosting as people can easily manage to have high quality hosting services in a limited budget.

How Shared Server Hosting is Insecure

Hosting Server, the most crucial element to publish website over the internet, people these days are pretty much aware of various web hosting servers but still most of the people don’t know the real facts about different servers until they get one. We are here to discuss the most popular web hosting server called shared hosting server, now most of you thing that “we know everything about it what now?” but let me show you the other side which most people are unaware of.

No doubt it is the cheapest hosting server and suitable for small personal websites but before obtaining a shared hosting server do you ever think of security? Being on a shared hosting server make your website vulnerable at first place, people new to web hosting freely choose shared hosting server as they don’t understand this fact that security is important whether you have small website or a big one. Insecurities of shared hosting server vary on the basis of web host such as if the server is not well configured one might face various compatibility issues that cause server downtime, a little loop hole in security can invite a virus on the server that can damage whole content, if firewall is not configured properly you website might become a victim of spamming and any hacker can break weak server security with little effort. These are some of the major insecurities of shared hosting server but one can overcome these issues if he/she chooses a reputed host.

Currently, every web hosting company is offering shared hosting plan with different specs and of different quality. That’s why people focus on reputation of web hosts. Unreliable web hosting companies fail to maintain shared hosting server properly as they oversell it just to make money. As compare to that a reputed and reliable web host provides fully optimized and secured shared hosting server with limited users so that one can equally utilize his/her acquired server resources. Well reputed hosts clearly define their “No Overselling Policy” to clarify their quality standard. Beside this they install various security software such as anti-virus to protect harmful viruses over the internet, install anti-spammer to protect server from spamming that can utilize whole server resource and might result in to a crash, also they install and configure firewall to avoid from external threats and harmful IPs.

These are major concerns of website owners if they are on shared hosting server, in order to avoid these insecurities one should opt for reliable and reputed web host.