Why Web Hosting Control Panels?

While choosing a hosting plan people are worried about managing it and that’s why they look for something simple and easy to manage. Most of the people don’t have much knowledge about server management but with the latest web technology one can easily manage his/her hosting account using control panels.

Control panel is a web based interface which allows you to manage your hosting account. It allows managing domains, email accounts, site templates, database and other useful marketing tools as well. The reason to introduce control panels for hosting servers is to make things simple and easy to manage, most people don’t have much information about server management so control panel has made things easy.

Selection of Control Panel

Well the first thing should be clearer in your mind is that every webmaster needs a control panel in order to manage his hosting account. Now as it has become an essential element of web hosting so every web hosting company provide control panel along with hosting plan. A top web host offer various types of control panels, so that one can choose according to his/her understanding. While looking for a control panel one has to keep following things in mind:

User-Interface: An interface of a control must be user-friendly as you have to manage your website on daily basis so it should be easy to understand and learn. These days graphical user-interface control panels are available so that one can easily keep track of his/her hosting activities. Also most of the control panels provide several options to customize them according to their interest.

Operating System (OS) Support: Selection of a control panel depends on OS as well, various types of control panels are offered depending on the compatibility of OS. For Linux based users cPanel is the most commonly used control panel while for Windows based server Plesk is the right choice.

User Requirements: Before finalizing any control panel one has to analyze his requirements as well and on the priority of features one can pick a suitable control panel as control panel provide various applications that might be useful in terms of website design, development or promotion.