Server Uptime-Its Effect on Web Hosting

While looking for web hosting there are several things to consider such as server type, operating system, control panel, server space, amount of bandwidth and more but the most important thing that become under consideration is server uptime. Most people might not have much information about server uptime because of which they have to experience bad quality hosting service. Performance of website greatly depends on server uptime well what is server uptime?

Server uptime is the duration of time your server remains live and connected to the internet, as long as server keeps on running a website stay live over the internet. The more server uptime results in more web traffic and the more traffic increase website popularity and web traffic play an important role in business websites.

These days every web hosting company claims to provide 99.9% server uptime, well you might think why not 100%? Well 0.1% server downtime doesn’t hurt much and that’s all one has to face in whole year if the selected host is reliable and reputed. Plenty of web hosting companies offer 99.9% server uptime but only few best web hosts actually deliver it.

A best web host manages and maintains their servers properly; they house their servers at data centers where they are properly placed with all the necessary equipments installed efficiently. Beside this data center provide back-up power source to make sure server remain live in case of any power failure. This way best web hosting companies ensure utmost server uptime.

Now the question is what server is considered to be more trustworthy in terms of server uptime? Well shared hosting server is not considered to be much reliable as there are many users over the server so it might went down because of minor error from any user, as compared to that VPS and dedicated servers are considered to be more stable. That’s why people with business websites and ecommerce websites prefer to obtain VPS or dedicated server hosting.

Security of a Shared Hosting Server

Security is the most important factor in web hosting, as hosting servers are connected to the internet 24/7 so it needs to be secured. If the server is not properly secure any one can break in to the server with little effort and can stole your personal information or damage your website content. Security of hosting server is a major concern in terms of shared hosting server, as more than one users are sharing single shared server so one need to be sure of its security.

1: In a Linux based shared hosting server one can ask for a cage structure based server, in cage structure your website become inaccessible from other websites.

2: Make sure all the software and applications are properly installed and configure so that they don’t generate any unwanted errors and website remain stable.

3: Monitoring web hosting server on regular basis should be an essential element in server security so that one can keep check on all the equipments and make sure they are in good state and the network is running smoothly.

4: Inquire your web host about the security measures they apply to keep server security invulnerable, check out for anti-virus, anti-spammers, and anti-spyware and make sure they install and configure firewall properly in order to prevent it from hackers.

5: Make sure there is no harmful or unwanted scripts are installed in the parent environment of the server, which might cause problem in functionality of websites.

6: Carefully read the document provided by your host on the security measures they claim to provide and keep check on it so ensure maximum server security.

These are the few security elements which one need to be sure of while obtaining shared hosting server.

How Web Hosting Server Location Matters in Web Hosting

There are many aspects of web hosting which people overlooked and they don’t realize the importance of it in terms of web site performance. One of those aspects is hosting server location. Many people do have this question in mind that, does server location matters in terms of hosting?

Well, yes server location matters a lot in terms of web hosting especially if you have a business website. First we’ll consider importance of server location in terms of search engine, in terms of business website one might need to target local search engines in order to get targeted traffic. For instance if you need to target specific geographic location to get traffic then the hosting server should be located in that area so that one can get highly targeted traffic.

Beside this server location matters if you need to target specific country, one need to buy local server with local IP so that people can get your website on top whenever they search about your business. Search engine track the IPs of users in order to identify the location of sources and show them the closest searches first according to the geographic location of the server.

As compare to that if you are willing to target global audiences than you website must be available in different languages so that people can access it in their own languages. In order get benefited globally one need to sign up for multiple server locations; it is a bit expensive option for pretty useful one as it makes your website available locally to the user.

So if you are planning to host business website and need to target specific location or looking for global traffic keep these things in mind while signing up for a host.

Things to Consider While Searching For a Host

Selection of a host is pretty painful task as there are a lot of web hosting companies; people got confuse to pick a reliable host. All the hosting companies’ claims to provide reliable hosting services but only few of them meet the standards. To figure out the best web hosting company one has to look out for the key elements of reliable hosting services.

Internet Connection:

You need to find out what sort of internet connection are they using for the hosting server is it dial-up or DSL both these connections are not quick enough to support hosting server and your website will have slow response time or might not be able to function properly. Make sure your hosting provider has digital cable connection which is fast and reliable.


A reliable web host offers maximum uptime and quick response time. Every hosting company claims to provide maximum server uptime but later on you have to face server downtime to make sure that they are providing maximum uptime you need to read user reviews.

Term & Conditions:

Before signing up for a host you have to carefully read their terms and conditions. Most of the people ignore this section and suffer later on. Let suppose companies offering unlimited bandwidth and space doesn’t mention fair usage policy but if you read terms and condition section it’s clearly written over there. So in order to avoid any kind of bad surprise must read this section.

 Technical Support:

Technical support is a core element of web hosting. As your hosting server is away from you need a proper channel to communicate with your host. Most of the companies offer limited technical support but a reliable hosting company’s offer 24/ technical support in order to facilitate their clients and resolve their issues instantly. So Always opt for 24/7 technical support.


Affordability is a major factor to consider while selection of a host. Most of the companies include hidden charges or charge you for the services you are not even using. So carefully read your hosting plan and review its prices as well. There are so many well reputed cheap web hosting companies which are offering reliable services in low price.

Bandwidth & Space:

Most of the companies offer unlimited bandwidth and storage space but later on when your bandwidth limit exceeds, they don’t provide you additional bandwidth and quote it under fair usage policy. So you have to make this clear that there is no such term like unlimited exists in web hosting world. Carefully select your hosting plan and do read their terms and conditions.

E-mail Addresses:

Different hosting plans offer different numbers of email addresses. Most of the companies offer POP3- emails addresses.  Nowadays companies are offering 1000 of email accounts as a part of your hosting plan.

Check User Feedback:

Always check user feedback before finalizing a host. It really helps you to figure out the quality of services and what sort problems their existing users are facing.  Also keep in mind that you should check maximum number of reviews because most of the people write fake reviews and give negative feedbacks without even trying that host.

Cheap Web Hosting Services to Get WordPress Hosting Support for Small Websites

WordPress has emerged as a comprehensive content management system (CMS) as it offers an ease in terms of website management. In the beginning people adopted it for blogging purpose but later on with the improvements it offer customization as well. People having knowledge about PHP can easily modify it according to their needs and develop a customize CMS. WordPress need advance hosting support in order to give full functionality of latest applications that’s why there are loads of web hosting companies that offer WordPress hosting support but people always try to find cheap web hosting services in order to host small websites but these days not all the web hosting companies are reliable that’s why an easy way to obtain cheap web hosting services is to sign up with top web hosting company.

A top web host offer best shared hosting servers to deal with personal websites and blogs, small websites require less application support and less server resources that’s why people prefer shared hosting server beside this it’s the cheapest web hosting server as well. Numerous cheap hosting companies offer shared hosting server but unable to maintain reliability as they overload server by allowing number users on a single server because of which no one on the server can fully utilize its resources and have to suffer slow response time and down time more often. As compared to that top web hosting company ensure limited users on single server in order to maintain speed and server stability.

Now if we talk about wordpress hosting support, top web hosting company optimize the server in order to provide support for wordpress applications. An optimized wordpress hosting server give freedom to use any wordpress application and plug-in all you have to do it to install it and its ready to use. An optimized wordpress hosting server gives faster response time which is really important for website performance.

So if you are looking for WordPress hosting support at affordable price always choose top web host.

Creating Your Own WebHosting Server

If you are planning to host your personal website or blog you need to buy a webhosting server or you can host it by creating your own server at home. To create your own web hosting server several tools and resources are required:

MySQL: It is the most commonly used database software because of it user-friendly environment and reliability. Also it is compatible with wide range of operating systems which includes Linux, Windows, UNIX, AIX and much more.

Apache HTTP Server: is a robust and a powerful implementation of an HTTP web server. Apache is the most popular server since 1996 and still it maintains its repute.

PHP: Nowadays PHP is the most commonly used web development script because of its functionality and flexibility. People use PHP scripts for web development purpose by embedding it in to HTML code.

PHPMyAdmin: It is one of the most useful tools required to manage MySQL database over the web. Using PHPMyAdmin you can add, delete and edit databases.

Linux: It is the most commonly used operating system (OS) for servers because it is considered to be more reliable and secure than any other OS.

XAMPP: is an Apache distribution for Linux, Windows, Mac-OS X and Solaris. It consists of Apache web server, PHPMyAdmin, Perl and FTP server.

SquirrelMail: is a web based email application required to manage emails on your server. It is easy to install and configure.

AppServer: is an application use to setup web server or database server, it provides support for PHP, PHPMyAdmin and MySQL. Using Appserver you can setup your server instantly.

ArGoSoft Mail Server: provides full support for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols for windows based server. It required minimum space and easy to install and configure.

Cherokee: is web server software which provides support for FastCGI, SCGI, PHP, CGI, TLS and SSL encrypted connections and much more.

SurgeMail: is a server application which includes webmail server, anti-spam server, anti-virus server and much more.

FileZilla Server:  provides FTP solutions and is supported by both Linux and windows based server. Using FileZilla you can efficiently manage your website content and easy upload or download your website content.

KF Web Server:  is a free HTTP server which can be used to manage any type of website also it provides support for all types of scripting languages. Using KF Web server you can host as many sites as you want. Another prominent feature of KF web server is that it supports two types of log file formats: NSCA & W3C.

NanoWeb:  is one of the most secure HTTP servers which provide support for all types of web application and services. Its main features include MySQL logging, LDAP authentication support, proxy server extension and more.

BulletProof FTP Server:  provide FTP support for windows based servers through which you can control each and every activity of FTP server and traffic.

Cpanel and WebHost Manager: are web based server administration tool required to manage your website. Using cpanel you can install delete applications, can upload or download your website content.                                    

How to Setup Existing WordPress Site on Hosting Server

Setting up a new WordPress website on a hosting server is an easy task as all you have to do is to install various files on your server and you are good to go but have you ever in need of, to set up an existing WordPress website on your hosting server? Well people who purchased running WordPress websites might have to experience this, most people think it’s a hectic task to setup an existing WordPress website along with the domain on your own web hosting server. But we are going to discuss an easy way to setup WordPress website along with the domain on new web hosting server.

Well once you have bought a WordPress website the previous website owner will provide you all the information you need. Once you received the whole back-up of the website, it contain two zip folders one include database SQL import file and the other one is WordPress domain directory. After receiving these two files you might have thought that all you have to do is to upload these files on your web hosting server, well it’s not that simple.

First of all you need to check out MySQL database file which look like something like this MYHOSTID_MYDBNAME as you see the prefix of this file is hosting ID which and postfix is the name of your database. Some people try to restore MySQL database using cPanel which use sql file name to import tables to the identical named database or create new one but they failed. Nothing to worry about there is several steps which one has to follow in order to set up purchased WordPress website:

  • Relocate the domain to your domain service provider
  • Set up the acquired domain on your hosting server
  • Install WordPress database files on your server
  • Configure your WordPress website properly on wordpress hosting server.

Things Required to Setup WordPress Website:

  • MySQL database restore file, DBprefix_DBname.sql
  • Entire WordPress website directory
  • Existing WordPress administrator UserID and Password

Relocate the domain to your domain service provider

First of all you need to relocate the purchased domain to your domain service provider; this has to be done by the previous owner of the domain if you both have same domain service provide than all it takes is “Push”. But if you don’t have same domain services provider than you have to create a free account with the domain service provider of previous website owner and then he push the domain in to your account, accept it and pointed the domain to your DNS sever and you are done!

Setting up the acquired domain on your hosting server

Most of the hosting plans offer unlimited add-on domains so log in to your cPanel and create new add-on domain. Well you don’t need to install WordPress blog setup wizard as it’s done by restoring WordPress database and uploading WordPress websites directory files.

Than enter the new domain name address in the browser address bar and you’ll see everything seems to be working fine so far as you can see cgi-bin directory created by default. As you have got access to the root directory bow you can upload WordPress website directory content to the domain directory easily. You can do that using FTP or use cPanel->files->backup wizard.

Now if you reentered the domain name in browser you’ll get the expected “database connection error” as you have not install and configure database yet.

Install WordPress database files on your server

Installation of WordPress database files on your server can be done in three steps:

  • Build the WordPress Database and pull over information
  • Amend WordPress Database content
  • Upload WordPress Database (control panel)
  1. 1.      Build the WP Database and access information

Whenever you want to access WordPress website it’ll connect to the WP database first, this database access the information stored in wp-config.php file that islocated in the root directory of the domain. That’s why you need to change the three variables in the file wp-config.php that are:

  • Name of WordPress database
  • MySQL database user-name
  • MySQL database password

The database password might be encrypted which result in connection fail error, so in order to deal this issue you can use an existing user-name and password by applying few changes.

Create WordPress database named ABCD (cPanel->databases->MySQL databases) and add the existing user to new WP database you have created and assign all the privileges. Now all you have to do is to modify database name and copy the values of database username and password to the existing wp-config.php file and connection will work fine.

Download the wp-config.php file for new WordPress blog, make changes to constraints and upload it.

  1. 2.      Amend WordPress Database content

There are few changes which you have to perform, you can either make these changes from the database directory later on or can amend them while configuring WordPress website.

You have to perform few changes at different places but in order to do so you need to locate the tables that are mentioned above:

  • wp_options table: change the values of admin email and give the new one.
  • wp_users table: change the value of user-email for admin, so that you’ll be able to retrieve password by getting password rest email on your given id.
  1. 3.      Upload the WordPress Database (Control Panel)

First of all you need to carefully define user-name for WordPress database SQL file as cPanel deal with the database in the context of WP database SQL file name and Do Not define database prefix as cPanel automatically assigned hosting server ID to it.

In order to restore WordPress database using cpanel, go to Files -> Backup Wizard, choose “Restore” > MySQL Databases, find your local MySQL restore file and click restore, a new window will pop-up and restoring process will begin, make sure the restoring process is ended completely and whole file is displayed on this page. You can check all MySQL databases from cPanel->databases->PHP Admin panel.

After completing this process you’ll be able to see you new blog and can access the admin panel.

Configure your WordPress website properly

In order to configure WordPress website properly you need to configure various aspects.


  • Membership: Anyone can register
  • Timezone



  • Remote Publishing: change both values to active, if you are willing to use external publishing tools.
  • Privacy: Make your blogs visible to everyone and search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Permalinks: you can define categories or modify postnames.

All In One SEO Plugin:

  • Use noindex for Categories: false
  • Use noindex for Archives: true

OTHER setting and Configurations

Copy robots.txt to root folder or may install the KB Robots.txt plug-in.

Check out additional configurations you need to modify and you are done! Your WordPress website is moved and set up on your hosting server.

Ideal Web Hosting Package from Top Web Hosting Company

While looking for a web hosting package one might think of an ideal web hosting package well what seems to be an ideal web hosting package for a mediocre website?  As there are many web hosting companies so there is height of competition as well but in the end the best and reliable web hosting company scores.

While searching a suitable hosting plan for personal websites or blogs came across “webhostinghub” as they are offering business hosting plan in approximately $5/month, that’s seems to be a suitable price for stable web hosting services. Now we are going to analyze this web hosting plans in detail so one can have better idea about the server specifications and its stability.

They are offering shared hosting server like everybody else so why “webhostinghub”?  Well there are certain aspects of this web hosting plan which makes it an ideal web hosting package for personal websites and blogs. First of all they offer unlimited space and bandwidth which is really important in terms of hosting, initially people have small sized website but later on they add more stuff in order to enhance their website so one need to have suitable amount of space. Beside this they offer unlimited bandwidth which is really a plus in order to have faster website access and effective traffic control, so one don’t have to worry about these two elements as they are offering unlimited space and bandwidth.

They offer user-friendly control panel which is really important to manage web hosting activities. Most of the companies complicate it but webhostinghub ensure user-friendly control panel using which one can easily manage each and every aspect of the server.

Now if we talk about application support well they offer suitable application support in order to cope up with software that might required for the working of personal websites or blogs. Also they provide well configured server to provide support for WordPress. One can easily install and configure WordPress with just a click. One of the most prominent aspects of webhostinghub is that they offer “90 days money back guaurantee” which encourage users to try them and with their 24/7 technical support one can easily set up hosting server and discuss any server related issues any time he/she wants.

So if you are looking to an ideal web hosting package for personal websites check out webhostinghub.

Hosting Servers

Web hosting is required to publish content over the internet and there are server types of hosting servers which are designed to manage different types of websites. Initially people created small websites based on basic HTML and Java Scripts but later on as the web technology gets better, web developers designed more complex and functionality rich websites for personal as well as commercial reasons.

Web designers and developers work together to create an attractive and work oriented websites using PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Ajax and many other programming languages. Now these programming technologies required further support in terms of hosting to perform accordingly that’s why numerous types of hosting servers are available to deal with different types of websites which mainly include:

  • Shared hosting server
  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting
  • Dedicated hosting server

Shared Hosting Server: Shared hosting server is one of the most widely used hosting servers, in shared hosting server a single server is shared among several users. People obtaining shared hosting server have to share server resources with others such as space, bandwidth, RAM and processor speed as well. Being on shared server one don’t have freedom to choose an operating system (OS) or define server settings also it is considered to be less reliable in terms of security but suitable for small websites such as blogs or personal websites. The reason for being most widely used hosting server is that it is the cheapest hosting server so far as people sharing server resources also share the price as well.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: VPS works on the basis of virtualization; it is based on lone physical server on which number of virtual dedicated servers is created virtually using software. All these VDSs shared common physical server but still manage to have an independent virtual dedicated environment which allow one to have his own desired operating system (OS), control panel and can customize its server settings according to website requirements. VPS is considered to be more unswerving and secure than shared hosting server. It is suitable for small business websites as it provide security and efficient traffic control along with latest web application support. Also it ensures highest server uptime and speedy response time. It is a bit more costly then shared hosting server.

Dedicated Hosting Server: It is the most reliable and secure hosting server ever, it’s a huge server with immeasurable power in it. In dedicated hosting server an entire server belongs to a single user or website, no sharing is involved at all. It allow user to have desirable operating system (OS), control panel and customize each and every aspect of the server according to his needs. Beside this it provide absolute application support in order to deal with complex business websites such as ecommerce websites, community and forum based websites or social networking sites as well. The most prominent aspect of dedicated server is the root-level access; one can easily configure its security and other server settings accordingly in order to get best website performance in terms of server uptime, response time and security. Because of high quality hosting support it is the most expensive hosting server and recommended for large business websites.

These are the major types of web hosting servers used to host different types of websites so one can analyze his/her hosting requirements and get the most suitable one.

Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated hosting server or dedicated server is a web hosting service which is used to manage complex websites. In dedicated hosting server one can lease or rent an entire dedicated server without sharing it with anyone. As compared to shared hosting it is more reliable and flexible as user have full access to the server so one can easily customize its hardware, choose an operating system and modify other aspects of the server according to requirements.

Dedicated hosting server is a huge server so in order manage it one need to have complete knowledge about it, web hosting companies offer server management as well but people having knowledge about dedicated servers manage it themselves. As it’s a huge server to it requires great deal of care to manage them, that’s why it is recommended to house it in data centers quite similar to co-location server hosting. Data centers provide complete server management including hardware maintenance and operating system support.

Operating System Support:

Dedicated hosting server provide support for all types of latest operating systems such as open source operating system includes Linux and UNIX and are available free of cost whereas for commercial operating systems such as Microsoft Windows server OS, Red Hat Linux are available on the basis of monthly or yearly payments this includes installation and updates of various applications and security software as well.

Bandwidth and Connectivity:

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer from server to the user end and it is measure in seconds. The more bandwidth one has the faster the data transfer will be. It is measured in bits/sec such as any user visiting a website utilizes the bandwidth as it generate query on the server. There are several methods available to bill the amount of bandwidth. Such as:

  • 95th method
  • Unmetered method
  • Total transfer method
  • Bandwidth pooling

Application Support:

Dedicated hosting server provide support for all the latest web applications and programming technologies such as PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails and more. It also supports installation and updates of various content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomlam Drupal and various others customize CMS.



As far as dedicated server management is concerned no standard is defined for dedicated hosting server providers it varies on the basis of providers but dedicated server management mainly include:

  • Operating system updates
  • Application installation and updates
  • Security management (firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spammers…)
  • Back-ups
  • Database administration
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Disaster recovery

So these are the major aspects of dedicated hosting servers, as it is the most expensive hosting server so it is recommended to host complex business websites.