Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service is one of the most widely used internet hosting services as it allows people to publish their website over World Wide Web to make it accessible worldwide. Web hosting providers are the companies that provide web space over the server they own or might have obtained on lease. Also web hosts provide data center space in order to house servers they might own along with internet connectivity for the servers.

Web hosting service is further sub divided in to various types that vary on the basis of nature of the website such as single web page hosting need less space and bandwidth in order to get published whereas complex business websites need more comprehensive web hosting services in order to get published and function properly. A complex website requires extensive database support and enhanced application support in order to work appropriately, people used complex web application development scripts in order to develop desired applications such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java and more. These application development platforms are designed to develop such applications which are meant to provide an ease to the visitors or customers such as integrating third party applications, install and configure useful plug-ins and content management system.

Along with web space and bandwidth web host provide a control panel which allow user to manage web server on his own. Using controlpanel one can install additional scripts and web applications, keep track of his hosting activities and monitor server properly.

As I mentioned above web hosting service is of various types such as free web hosting service, shared hosting service, dedicated hosting service, virtual dedicated server or VPS hosting service, co-location web hosting service, cloud hosting service and more. All these web hosting services vary on the basis of server specifications and functionality. A briefly overview of these web hosting services is given below:

Free Web Hosting Service: is provided by various companies and organizations without any charges but with limited services and various advertisements powered by free web hosting providers. WordPress and BlogSpot is major free web hosting providers for blog websites.

Shared Hosting Service: As it name show in shared hosting services one has to share server resources such as processor, RAM, Space and bandwidth with other users present over the server. It is suitable for small websites as it is the cheapest hosting service so far.

Virtual Dedicated Server or VPS Hosting Service: A single physical server divides in to various virtual dedicated servers and each VDS are assigned to separate user irrespective of the others. In VPS hosting users have to share physical server resources but manage have their own dedicated environment to manage it according to his requirements. It is recommended of small business websites.

Dedicated Hosting Service: In dedicated hosting service no sharing is involved at all, it’s a huge server capable of dealing with complex websites and applications with great speed and reliability with multiple operating systems support such as Linux, UNIX and Windows OS. It is more reliable and stable then shared and VPS hosting services and highly recommended for complex and large websites.

Co-location Web Hosting Service: Co-location hosting server is owned by the user and the host only provides suitable environment, space and internet connection with little or no hardware support. In case of any hardware changes administrator has visit the data center and apply changes or upgrades.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting works on scalable technology based on multiple hosting servers working collectively, it is more reliable and stables then other hosting servers such as in case of any hardware failure the website keeps on running by obtaining additional resources from other servers present in the network. Because of the lack of data centralization it doesn’t provide full access to the user data which is considered to be less secure.

All these web hosting services are suitable for different types of websites and fulfill different user requirements.

How to analyze Quality of Web Hosting Service?

As there are numerous web hosting services so one has to analyze the quality of web hosting service in order to have stable website hosting. Quality of a web hosting service is analyzed on the basis of reliability and server uptime. The duration in which website remains publically accessible is call server uptime, the longer a website remain live, the more visitors it can get and website is all about getting visitors. Most web host claims utmost server uptime but in actual the service that ensure 99.9% server uptime is considered to be reliable.

These are the basics about web hosting services and its types so that one can have better idea about web hosting service and analyze its quality easily.

Web Host

Web Host

Web host is a term defined for web hosting service providers, one need web hosting service to publish content over the internet using Word Wide Web and in order to have web hosting service one require web hosts.

Web host offers various types of web hosting servers on lease in order to host different websites. One can obtain desired web hosting plan to publish website live over the internet but selection of a web hosting plan and web host is an important phase. There are numerous types of web hosting plans are available and countless web hosts as well that’s why one need to be careful in choosing the right web host and a perfect web hosting plan. A web host should be consistent and reliable in order to provide high quality hosting services. There are certain aspects of quality hosting analyzing which on can select a best web host such as:

Offered Web Hosting Plans: A reputed web host offers various types of web hosting plans to treat different websites efficiently, the most commonly offered web hosting plans are shared, dedicated server and VPS hosting.

Server uptime: Server uptime is the duration a website stays live and remains accessible to the visitors, in order to have maximum visitors’ one must to have maximum server uptime.

Response Time: The time in which a website respond to the visitor is considered as response time and quick response time is really important in terms of quality hosting and search engine optimization.

Security: Security of a hosting server matters a lot as insecure server can easily be attacked and one has to face major data loss that’s why one should check out what sort of security measures are performed by a web host. A best web host ensures server security by installing anti-virus, anti-spammers and other software to protect server from external threats.

Cost: A web host must be cost effective, there are several expensive web hosts but they fail to maintain quality standards to always make sure to pay for the services you are using.

Customer Support: Customer support has become an essential for web hosts so that users can contact host in case of any trouble. Some web host offers limited support but best web hosts offer 24/7 customer support to help their customers any time they need them.

These are some prominent aspects of web hosts; one can sign up with any web host after analyzing these services.


Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Virtual private server is a web hosting service based on virtualization based on software it stress on virtual machine. Its works on the basis of software and create various virtual environments on a physical server and each virtual machine act as a physical computer independent of others. It provides freedom to customize it according to user-requirements such as selection of an operating system and control panel along with other applications. Virtual private server (VPS) is also known as virtual dedicated server but it doesn’t give an impact of obtaining resources from multiple servers such as RAM, space or processor bits.

VPS is introduced to provide efficient resource management such as it reduces hardware cost, power operating cost and yet manages to provide virtual dedicated environment for businesses to run their applications individually and securely. Virtualization allows one to have own operating system independent of others and able to reboot is anytime he wants.

VPS works on the basis of hypervisor which assigned to create, release and mange resources from virtual machines. These virtual machines are allocated a shared of physical server resources such as space, RAM and processor and it perform this task in such a way that other virtual machines are not affected by it.

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting is service provided by web hosting companies in order to manage websites efficiently, this give webmaster freedom to define their own server settings and provide enhance security as no one can access your VPS without permission. Virtualization has great impact on web hosting as people can easily manage to have high quality hosting services in a limited budget.

VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting-Which one is better

Selection of a web hosting server is not an easy task especially when one has plenty of options. People with limited budget websites have to look out for cheap and reliable hosting server and countless web hosting companies have made it even more difficult. Most people these days got confused while choosing a hosting plan as they don’t have enough information about servers, in order to make it a bit easier people narrow down their options to VPS hosting and shared hosting server.

Now the first question that might pop-up in your head is that which one is better? Well there are some key elements which make both different in terms of performance. If we consider shared hosting server, in shared server one has to share it with several other users which means one has to distribute server resources with others. As there are multiple users on the server so it makes shared hosting a bit insecure, anyone having knowledge about complexity of server security can easily get in the server and might damage your information. Not only this being on shared server means you are restricted, you have limited server resources and power to access the server. Even being a bit insecure hosting server it works fine with small websites or blogs that don’t expect much traffic and don’t require large space, besides that’s all you can get in cheapest hosting server.

In context to shared hosting server, virtual private server is more consistent and stable. In VPS hosting one has wide range of options to modify it according to his/her website requirements. With VPS one has liberty to choose server specs along with different combinations such as operating system (OS) assortment with appropriate control panel. One of the major differences in shared and VPS hosting is how they behave, VPS is based on single physical server on which various virtual dedicated servers are working on the origin of software. Every VDS is different from other and have no connection with each other that ensures better security and provide one authority over the server. One can configure its security according to his/her will, install and delete any application from his VDS without affecting any other VDS. It is suitable for professional websites that require more secure and stable hosting server along with efficient traffic control. It is a bit costly then shared hosting server but more reliable and useful as well.

One can analyze the nature of website before choosing any of these hosting servers, for small websites and blogs shared hosting is suitable but for professional websites VPS hosting is a sensible choice.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting – Are they same

People with less knowledge about web hosting often got confused about VPS and dedicated hosting, one major reason behind that might be their names as some people call VPS, a virtual dedicated server. No doubt it is indeed a virtual dedicated server (VDS) but quite different in terms of working and specifications. We put together some similarities and major differences between these two so that you can better understand and pick the one suits you.

The first element of confusion is why we call it virtual dedicated server, well VPS provide you a virtually created dedicated environment, one has full control and freedom in his own VDS, there are several other VDSs are also present and they all are sharing common physical server. That makes it shared as well as dedicated server to a certain extent because even sharing a physical server you are still able to maintain your own dedicated environment, some people even calls it a cheap alternative of dedicated server hosting.

As compare to that dedicated server is all physical, it actually exist it’s a big server with immense power and one don’t have to share it in anyway. Both VPS and dedicated server offer flexibility in terms of operating system (OS) selection and other specs of the server but working methodologies are pretty much different. VPS offers support for various web applications but in a limited manner as you don’t have full access to the server but with dedicated server one has full control over it. One can configure any web application easily and define server settings at root-level of the server. As dedicated server grant root-level access one can easily build up its security according to his/her necessities.

Now if we consider VPS and dedicated server in terms of traffic handling, VPS works on the technique of scalability, in case of high traffic VPS scales up and obtain additional server resources to manage traffic effectively as compare to that dedicated server provide competent traffic control as it offer large volume of bandwidth.

Considering VPS and dedicated server in the context of security, VPS can be vulnerable if proper security measures are not performed and being on shared physical server is another loophole, any hacker can break into the server and steal your personal info. As compare to that dedicated server is fully secured, a reliable web host configured its security at max that’s why people trust dedicated server for large business websites.

These are some major differences and similarities if dedicated server and VPS, so people having confusion about them should consider these major differences and make right decision.

Choose VPS Hosting for Limited Budget Business Websites

Virtual private Server (VPS) is considered to be more reliable then shared hosting server. In VPS hosting one don’t have to share its personal hosting space, it is based on a single physical server on which various virtual dedicated servers (VDS) are created using software and each VDS is independent of other. That means one can have his/her own server settings and can have operating system (OS) of his/her own choice. These days’ people having business website can’t afford to have dedicated web hosting that’s why they opt for VPS hosting.

There are many web hosting companies out there providing VPS hosting but only few of them provide reliable VPS hosting services. A reliable web host provides several options to choose an operating system (OS) such as Linux, UNIX, Windows OS or Mac OS. Also you have to choose a control panel according to your needs, the most commonly used control panels are cPanel, Plesk and WHM. Most people choose Linux as an OS along with cPanel as it is considered to be a reliable hosting combination.

Another major factor to choose VPS hosting is that it is scalable. Whenever the traffic rate goes high it scales up and obtain additional server resources to accommodate traffic and when the traffic rate goes down it automatically scales down and left additional resources, this prevent server from being overloaded. This scalable property provides efficient resource utilization as well.

Beside this VPS provide complete support for latest web applications and programming languages such as PHP, Perl, Python and more. Also you can choose content management system (CMS) of your own choice which mainly includes Worpdress, Joomla and Drupal.

Along with these reliable VPS hosting services, a best web host offers 24/7 customer support so that in case of any issue you can contact them. People having limited budget websites should choose VPS hosting for reliable hosting services.

Liquidweb VPS

LiquidWeb is among well known hosting companies as they offer wide range of hosting plans but they are very much popular for providing reliable virtual private server (VPS) hosting. In VPS hosting you have your own virtual dedicated environment based on single physical server, most of the companies provide single VPS to many users which means you might not get a suitable server resource but Liquidweb offers VPS hosting based on “No Overselling Policy” which means one can have limited users on VPS and get maximum benefit from it in terms of website performance.

 Liquidweb offer various types of VPS such as cloud enabled VPS which they called Linux smart VPS and Windows parallel VPS, both are different in terms of working.  They offer both Linux and windows based VPSs but most of the people prefer to choose Linux VPS hosting for secure and stable hosting services. Liquidweb provide unlimited hosting package along with VPS hosting which mainly include unlimited accounts and domains.  Now along with these operating systems one has to choose control panel and Liquidweb offers cPanle and WHM based virtual private servers both are user-friendly and easy to understand.

Liquidweb provides well configured VPS so that you can easily install your desired applications with just one click. Also it provides complete support for all types of scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, Ruby and more. Beside this provide easy installation of various content management systems (CMS) which are used to manage website content. The most commonly used content management systems are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. So one can choose any of these and with one click installation facility you can easily install and configure them.

Now if we talk about security, Liquidweb provide secure VPS so that your website remains secure from external and internal threats. Also you can install anti-virus and firewall to protect your server from hackers and spammers.

Along with these reliable VPS hosting features Liquidweb offer 30minutes response customer support which means you don’t have to hold up long. People who are looking for reliable VPS hosting should consider Liquidweb VPS hosting.

Inmotion VPS

Inmotion is among one of the best web hosting companies because of their reliability. Inmotion offers multiple hosting servers but they are well known for providing best virtual private server (VPS) hosting services. In VPS hosting you have your own virtual dedicated environment based on single physical server, you have to share your physical server but you have your own independent virtual environment which means you can choose an operating system (OS) of your own choice and define your own server settings.

Inmotion offers Linux based VPS hosting, as Linux is the most secure OS that’s why people prefer Linux based VPS hosting. With Linux based VPS you can have cPanel to manage to hosting activities, cPanel is the most widely used control panel just because of its user-friendly environment.  Using cPanel one-click installation feature you can easily install any web application with just one click. As Linux based VPS provide complete support for various content management systems so you can easily install WordPress, Joomla or Drupal with just a click which means you don’t have to upload each file separately.

Inmotion offers burst able RAM up to 1GB, which means in case of high traffic rate when your allotted memory exceeds you can utilize burst able memory to fulfill your traffic needs. This way you can have efficient traffic control. Beside this Inmotion offers unlimited domains, emails accounts and MySQL databases which means you can creates as many domains and emails you want. Also they provide optional root-level access so that you can customize your server settings properly and according to requirements.  Inmotion provide optimized support for PHP, Perl, Python and other scripting languages.

One of the best features of Inmotion VPS hosting is that they offer multiple data center locations which means you can choose the closest data center location for best website performance. Also they offer nightly back-up facility so that in case any data loss you can recover it instantly.

Along with these reliable VPS hosting features Inmotion provide 100% US based technical support so that in case of any server related issue you can contact them immediately at any time you want. People looking for multiple data center locations should choose Inmotion VPS hosting for best website performance.

HostGator VPS

Being the oldest web hosting company HostGator offers all types of web hosting plans which suits different types of websites. But people having small business websites prefer to have VPS hosting for reliable hosting services. Hostgator offers best VPS hosting solutions based on different features one can choose according to his requirements.

HostGator offers powerful and secure VPS hosting along with unlimited hosting plan which mainly include unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited email accounts and unlimited FTP accounts. So with this unlimited hosting plan you have freedom to create as much domain and email accounts you want. The VPS provided by HostGator is based on Linux OS, as Linux is considered to be the most secured OS so they ensure greater security and reliability by providing well configured VPSs. Now along with Linux VPS hosting they offer various control panels which are used to manage hosting activities. The most commonly used control panels are cPanel and Pesk and they offer free VZ with both.

HostGator provide well optimized virtual private servers so that you can install any of your desired applications, they provide complete support for MySQL, PHP, Perl, Ruby and more. This gives to freedom to use any latest script or application in your website. Also they provide complete support for various content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and Mamboo. Using cPanel’s one click installation you can easily install any of these easily.

Above all these features HostGator offers fully managed VPS hosting along with cPanel and Plesk. Also they provide regular back-up facility to keep your data secure, in case of any data loss you can recover is instantly. Beside this they offer 24/7 customer support so that in case of any problem you can contact them any time you want. People who are looking for reliable VPS hosting solutions should consider HostGator VPS hosting.

Get Reliable VPS Hosting from Best Web Hosting Company

People having business websites always try to find reliable hosting services as they want their website to b live 24/7. Most of the people having business websites choose dedicated server hosting but there are some people having limited budget business website and they try to find a reliable and afford hosting solution such as VPS hosting. In VPS hosting a various virtual dedicated environments are created on the basis of software and all of them are based on single physical server. So at the same you have your own dedicated environment along with shared physical server. Currently there are many web hosting companies which are offering VPS hosting but only few of the provide complete application support, that’s why people trust best web hosting companies for reliable hosting services.

While having your own virtual dedicated environment you have option to choose an operating system (OS) of your own choice. Most of the people choose Linux based VPS hosting for greater reliability and security. Also you can configure your own server settings and install additional security software to protect your hosting environment from external threats. A best web hosting company provide well configured hosting server so that they provide support for various web applications and script which mainly include PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python and more. Now while having a VPS one need to have a content management system (CMS) to manage website content, there are many content management systems are available which mainly include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. A best hosting company optimized your hosting server for your desired CMS so you don’t have to face any difficulty while setting up your website.

Along with these reliable hosting services a best web hosting company ensures maximum server uptime as they place their server in reliable data center so that they monitored them properly and maintain them efficiently, this way your server remains live and you can have maximum server uptime. Beside this a best hosting company offers 24/7 customer support as well to help them out in case of any issue.