Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated hosting server or dedicated server is a web hosting service which is used to manage complex websites. In dedicated hosting server one can lease or rent an entire dedicated server without sharing it with anyone. As compared to shared hosting it is more reliable and flexible as user have full access to the server so one can easily customize its hardware, choose an operating system and modify other aspects of the server according to requirements.

Dedicated hosting server is a huge server so in order manage it one need to have complete knowledge about it, web hosting companies offer server management as well but people having knowledge about dedicated servers manage it themselves. As it’s a huge server to it requires great deal of care to manage them, that’s why it is recommended to house it in data centers quite similar to co-location server hosting. Data centers provide complete server management including hardware maintenance and operating system support.

Operating System Support:

Dedicated hosting server provide support for all types of latest operating systems such as open source operating system includes Linux and UNIX and are available free of cost whereas for commercial operating systems such as Microsoft Windows server OS, Red Hat Linux are available on the basis of monthly or yearly payments this includes installation and updates of various applications and security software as well.

Bandwidth and Connectivity:

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer from server to the user end and it is measure in seconds. The more bandwidth one has the faster the data transfer will be. It is measured in bits/sec such as any user visiting a website utilizes the bandwidth as it generate query on the server. There are several methods available to bill the amount of bandwidth. Such as:

  • 95th method
  • Unmetered method
  • Total transfer method
  • Bandwidth pooling

Application Support:

Dedicated hosting server provide support for all the latest web applications and programming technologies such as PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails and more. It also supports installation and updates of various content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomlam Drupal and various others customize CMS.



As far as dedicated server management is concerned no standard is defined for dedicated hosting server providers it varies on the basis of providers but dedicated server management mainly include:

  • Operating system updates
  • Application installation and updates
  • Security management (firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spammers…)
  • Back-ups
  • Database administration
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Disaster recovery

So these are the major aspects of dedicated hosting servers, as it is the most expensive hosting server so it is recommended to host complex business websites.


VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting-Which one is better

Selection of a web hosting server is not an easy task especially when one has plenty of options. People with limited budget websites have to look out for cheap and reliable hosting server and countless web hosting companies have made it even more difficult. Most people these days got confused while choosing a hosting plan as they don’t have enough information about servers, in order to make it a bit easier people narrow down their options to VPS hosting and shared hosting server.

Now the first question that might pop-up in your head is that which one is better? Well there are some key elements which make both different in terms of performance. If we consider shared hosting server, in shared server one has to share it with several other users which means one has to distribute server resources with others. As there are multiple users on the server so it makes shared hosting a bit insecure, anyone having knowledge about complexity of server security can easily get in the server and might damage your information. Not only this being on shared server means you are restricted, you have limited server resources and power to access the server. Even being a bit insecure hosting server it works fine with small websites or blogs that don’t expect much traffic and don’t require large space, besides that’s all you can get in cheapest hosting server.

In context to shared hosting server, virtual private server is more consistent and stable. In VPS hosting one has wide range of options to modify it according to his/her website requirements. With VPS one has liberty to choose server specs along with different combinations such as operating system (OS) assortment with appropriate control panel. One of the major differences in shared and VPS hosting is how they behave, VPS is based on single physical server on which various virtual dedicated servers are working on the origin of software. Every VDS is different from other and have no connection with each other that ensures better security and provide one authority over the server. One can configure its security according to his/her will, install and delete any application from his VDS without affecting any other VDS. It is suitable for professional websites that require more secure and stable hosting server along with efficient traffic control. It is a bit costly then shared hosting server but more reliable and useful as well.

One can analyze the nature of website before choosing any of these hosting servers, for small websites and blogs shared hosting is suitable but for professional websites VPS hosting is a sensible choice.

What is Shared Hosting?

Web hosting is required to get your website online. There are different types of hosting plans which accommodate different type of websites. The most commonly used hosting plan is shared hosting. In shared hosting you have to share a server with other users. As you are sharing your server resources, you have to pay less for it. That’s why shared hosting is considered as a cheap web hosting solution.

Details about Shared Hosting Plan:

In shared hosting, server resources are divided to multiple users. Its mean you have limited disk space and bandwidth. Hundreds of websites are hosted on a single server. If you are planning to host a small website or blog, shared hosting is good enough to fulfill your needs. Shared hosting plan can be benefited if you are new to the web hosting world, as it is cheap you can easily obtain shared hosting plan to learn about hosting. It comes with a control panel which allows you to manage your website, using shared hosting you can get familiar to the cpanel and other useful hosting tools.

One of the drawbacks of shared hosting is lack of security. As there are so many websites on a same server, so anyone can break in to your site if there is any kind of loophole in it. Shared server is like a hard disk with many folders on it, so with little effort anyone can break into your website and might access your personal data. Make sure your hosting server is properly configured in order avoid any kind of mishap.

Shared hosting means you are sharing everything including your bandwidth. So in the peak hours there is a lot of traffic which can affect your server performance and cause it to slow down. All the websites present on that server will respond slowly, which is quite irritating for the visitors. To avoid this difficulty you have to take care of caching and optimization of your website. Performing these measures will result in faster access to your website.

There are some web hosting companies which are offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth but in that case your data is hosted on multiple servers which also slow down your website response time. Before obtaining a shared hosting plan you have to clarify your needs, if you don’t require faster access and don’t expect a lot of traffic than shared hosting is fine else you have to look out for better hosting plan.