Security of a Shared Hosting Server

Security is the most important factor in web hosting, as hosting servers are connected to the internet 24/7 so it needs to be secured. If the server is not properly secure any one can break in to the server with little effort and can stole your personal information or damage your website content. Security of hosting server is a major concern in terms of shared hosting server, as more than one users are sharing single shared server so one need to be sure of its security.

1: In a Linux based shared hosting server one can ask for a cage structure based server, in cage structure your website become inaccessible from other websites.

2: Make sure all the software and applications are properly installed and configure so that they don’t generate any unwanted errors and website remain stable.

3: Monitoring web hosting server on regular basis should be an essential element in server security so that one can keep check on all the equipments and make sure they are in good state and the network is running smoothly.

4: Inquire your web host about the security measures they apply to keep server security invulnerable, check out for anti-virus, anti-spammers, and anti-spyware and make sure they install and configure firewall properly in order to prevent it from hackers.

5: Make sure there is no harmful or unwanted scripts are installed in the parent environment of the server, which might cause problem in functionality of websites.

6: Carefully read the document provided by your host on the security measures they claim to provide and keep check on it so ensure maximum server security.

These are the few security elements which one need to be sure of while obtaining shared hosting server.