Qualities of a Reliable Web Host

We have found that most individuals find our site while searching for the best hosting provider. Let me start off by being completely honest when I say that narrowing down “the best” host is nearly an impossible task because different hosts cater to different customer needs. Our team of experts attempt to provide you with a list of hosts that we believe to be the best based on a number of factors and user reviews; however, the final decision is ultimately up to you (the consumer).

Instead of telling you who we believe to be the most reliable web host, we decided we would take this opportunity to educate you on what to look for during your search for the perfect web hosting provider. We will outline the four main categories that separate a mediocre hosts from a world-class reliable web hosting company.

Qualities of a Reliable Web Host

Top Notch Hardware:

Trustworthy hosting providers make sure their customer’s websites are fast, safe, and always running. New hosts often lack the funding needed to build a strong infrastructure; whereas, established companies that have been around for several years have had the opportunity to create and reinvest into an infrastructure that is world-class.

You may be asking yourself what we mean by “infrastructure” or “top notch hardware” so we thought we would try to go into some detail.

First, it is important to understand that web hosting is actually a very complex operation that requires multiple processes and a great deal of expensive hardware. With the risk of getting too technical I will try to keep things very simple. Servers are basically large and very powerful computers that are stored in very complex facilities called “datacenters”. Between the servers and the datacenter are a variety of hubs and switches that protect the servers and manage bandwidth to and from the servers.

Just like buying a car, web hosting providers have to buy or rent all of this equipment in order to have a fully operational business. Like purchasing a car they have the choice to buy quality new equipment that is expensive or perhaps lower quality used hardware that is more affordable. Hosts that use older/less-reliable hardware tend to see more server and hardware crashes and cannot protect their users as effectively from attacks (such as a Ddos attack).

A good reliable host will invest a great deal into their equipment and will not try to save money in this specific area. In my opinion the hardware is the backbone of all hosting services and vital to their short term and long term success.

Quality Customer Support:

A proven host will have a quality customer support system in place. If the host does not offer around the clock support to customers than what is a customer going to do when their website needs troubleshooting in the after hours?

Reliable web hosting companies should offer support via many different channels. Some examples of these potential channels include: E-Mail, Ticket Support, Live Chat, Telephone, and even possibly provide a comprehensive help desk to aid you with different issues.

When searching for a host do not take customer support lightly. At one time or another you will need support with some issue, I promise.

Company Policies:

This is my “Catch All” category; however, I think any respectable web host will have company policies centered around their users. When hosting a website you won’t want to encounter unexpected billing charges or slow servers due to abuse by another user.

Rules are a good thing when implemented properly and that it why I believe a reliable hosting service will have a well thought out Terms of Service. (You should always read these TOS.)

A good company will spend lots of time and resources developing a set of guidelines that achieve two primary goals. First, the company policies should protect their users from other users. Secondly, should protect users from the company itself.

What do I mean by this exactly? A great web hosting providers will not only have rules to protect what users can do on their servers to make sure they are running in top-notch shape, but they should also enforce these rules. A good host will also offer their users protection through a money back guarantee just in case the user is not happy. Different hosts offer a variety of different time periods for the guarantee; however, I believe that the longer the guarantee is for, the more confident the host must be in their product.

Proven Track Record:

It may seem like a cliche; however, there truly is a reason that a host has been around for a long period of time. The hosting industry is a very competitive business and startups in this niche find themselves failing on a daily basis. Companies who have weathered the storm truly have survived because they have proven themselves reliable to their customers as a whole.

We have ranked BlueHost as our personal favorite web hosting company because they not only provide affordable and quality hosting but they have been around for years. This did not happen by accident, no doubt it is important to look at the host’s history before making a purchase.


Although BestWebHostingGeek.com takes great pride in providing honest reviews and ratings to our users and believe our top 5 hosts are truly some of the best out there, we also believe the final decision should be yours. To help you stay informed and know what to look for in a host we hope to educate you in the process.

Before making your own choice on what hosting package to purchase please make sure the host is reliable. Ask about their hardware, study their customer support, read their company policies via the Terms of Service, and finally research the history of the host. A company who passes these four tests will no doubt be able to provide you with a consistant and reliable hosting experience.