Creating Your Own WebHosting Server

If you are planning to host your personal website or blog you need to buy a webhosting server or you can host it by creating your own server at home. To create your own web hosting server several tools and resources are required:

MySQL: It is the most commonly used database software because of it user-friendly environment and reliability. Also it is compatible with wide range of operating systems which includes Linux, Windows, UNIX, AIX and much more.

Apache HTTP Server: is a robust and a powerful implementation of an HTTP web server. Apache is the most popular server since 1996 and still it maintains its repute.

PHP: Nowadays PHP is the most commonly used web development script because of its functionality and flexibility. People use PHP scripts for web development purpose by embedding it in to HTML code.

PHPMyAdmin: It is one of the most useful tools required to manage MySQL database over the web. Using PHPMyAdmin you can add, delete and edit databases.

Linux: It is the most commonly used operating system (OS) for servers because it is considered to be more reliable and secure than any other OS.

XAMPP: is an Apache distribution for Linux, Windows, Mac-OS X and Solaris. It consists of Apache web server, PHPMyAdmin, Perl and FTP server.

SquirrelMail: is a web based email application required to manage emails on your server. It is easy to install and configure.

AppServer: is an application use to setup web server or database server, it provides support for PHP, PHPMyAdmin and MySQL. Using Appserver you can setup your server instantly.

ArGoSoft Mail Server: provides full support for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols for windows based server. It required minimum space and easy to install and configure.

Cherokee: is web server software which provides support for FastCGI, SCGI, PHP, CGI, TLS and SSL encrypted connections and much more.

SurgeMail: is a server application which includes webmail server, anti-spam server, anti-virus server and much more.

FileZilla Server:  provides FTP solutions and is supported by both Linux and windows based server. Using FileZilla you can efficiently manage your website content and easy upload or download your website content.

KF Web Server:  is a free HTTP server which can be used to manage any type of website also it provides support for all types of scripting languages. Using KF Web server you can host as many sites as you want. Another prominent feature of KF web server is that it supports two types of log file formats: NSCA & W3C.

NanoWeb:  is one of the most secure HTTP servers which provide support for all types of web application and services. Its main features include MySQL logging, LDAP authentication support, proxy server extension and more.

BulletProof FTP Server:  provide FTP support for windows based servers through which you can control each and every activity of FTP server and traffic.

Cpanel and WebHost Manager: are web based server administration tool required to manage your website. Using cpanel you can install delete applications, can upload or download your website content.