Hostgator Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting is one of the most expensive hosting plan and reliable as well. There are many web hosting companies offering dedicated server but HostGator has made his mark in top web hosting companies by consistently providing reliable and stable dedicated servers. HostGator is among the oldest web hosting companies and they have 1000s of customers satisfied with their services.

HostGator offers multiple operating systems (OS) selection alone with dedicated servers; you can choose an OS of your choice such as Linux, UNIX, Wndows or Mac OS. Most of the people choose Linux based dedicated server for secure hosting but people willing to use Microsoft products need Windows based hosting server as it provide complete support for Windows based applications. Now after choosing and OS one need a control panel which is used to manage hosting account. The most commonly used control panels are cPanel and Plesk. cPanel is compatible with Linux whereas Plesk support both Linux and Windows, one has to choose according to his understanding.

Now as far as a reliability of a dedicated server is concern, HostGator house its dedicated server in reliable data center, where they take care of it properly, they provide suitable environment for them so that they keep on running smoothly. Also they monitor them 24/7 just to ensure that they are working properly and you have you maximum server uptime.

HostGator offer in depth control of dedicated servers so that you can configure your security and other settings according to your requirements. Also you can install protective applications to enhance your server security such as anti-virus or firewall. HostGator provide well optimized hosting servers so that you can easily install latest web applications and use them without any problem also they provide complete support for PHP, Perl, Ruby and other scripting languages.

Along with these best dedicated server hosting plan HostGator offers 24/7 technical support which means you can contact them in case of any problem at any time you want. People searching for reliable dedicated server hosting should check out HostGator dedicated server hosting plan for best website performance.