Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated hosting server or dedicated server is a web hosting service which is used to manage complex websites. In dedicated hosting server one can lease or rent an entire dedicated server without sharing it with anyone. As compared to shared hosting it is more reliable and flexible as user have full access to the server so one can easily customize its hardware, choose an operating system and modify other aspects of the server according to requirements.

Dedicated hosting server is a huge server so in order manage it one need to have complete knowledge about it, web hosting companies offer server management as well but people having knowledge about dedicated servers manage it themselves. As it’s a huge server to it requires great deal of care to manage them, that’s why it is recommended to house it in data centers quite similar to co-location server hosting. Data centers provide complete server management including hardware maintenance and operating system support.

Operating System Support:

Dedicated hosting server provide support for all types of latest operating systems such as open source operating system includes Linux and UNIX and are available free of cost whereas for commercial operating systems such as Microsoft Windows server OS, Red Hat Linux are available on the basis of monthly or yearly payments this includes installation and updates of various applications and security software as well.

Bandwidth and Connectivity:

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer from server to the user end and it is measure in seconds. The more bandwidth one has the faster the data transfer will be. It is measured in bits/sec such as any user visiting a website utilizes the bandwidth as it generate query on the server. There are several methods available to bill the amount of bandwidth. Such as:

  • 95th method
  • Unmetered method
  • Total transfer method
  • Bandwidth pooling

Application Support:

Dedicated hosting server provide support for all the latest web applications and programming technologies such as PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails and more. It also supports installation and updates of various content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomlam Drupal and various others customize CMS.



As far as dedicated server management is concerned no standard is defined for dedicated hosting server providers it varies on the basis of providers but dedicated server management mainly include:

  • Operating system updates
  • Application installation and updates
  • Security management (firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spammers…)
  • Back-ups
  • Database administration
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Disaster recovery

So these are the major aspects of dedicated hosting servers, as it is the most expensive hosting server so it is recommended to host complex business websites.


How to Choose Cheap Web Hosting Company to Get Support for Business Websites?

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Web hosting is of many types, people use free and paid hosting services in order to publish their content over the internet. But most of the people believe free hosting is not reliable at all and paid web hosting companies are pretty much costly that’s why they look out for reliable cheap web hosting company to get support for complex web design based websites.

There are a lot of cheap hosting companies which are offering various hosting plans along with unlimited hosting package but only few of them are reliable and actually provides unlimited hosting which include unlimited space, bandwidth and unlimited domain hosting. This way you can upload as much content as you want and with unlimited bandwidth you can have efficient traffic control and faster website access.

Now along with these high qualities hosting plan a reliable cheap web hosting company offers multiple hosting plans such as shared, VPS, dedicated server hosting and WordPress hosting, so you can choose any of these hosting plans depending on your requirements. Beside this a reliable cheap hosting company provide well configure hosting server to provide support for various web applications and scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PHP, Perl and other scripting languages as well.

One of the major concerns about cheap web hosting companies is reliability; people have to suffer down time but with well reputed cheap hosting company you don’t have to face this issue as they ensure maximum server uptime. They monitor their servers properly so that in case of any problem they can get it resolved rite away.

Most of the cheap hosting companies don’t offer customer support just to save money but a well reputed cheap hosting company always offer 24/7 customer support in order to help their customers. People looking for reliable cheap hosting company should consider these elements.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated server is considered to be the most expensive hosting server. In dedicated server hosting you don’t have to share server resources with anyone. A whole server is reserved for single website or account. Using dedicated server you’ll have more space, bandwidth and security.

Security of a Dedicated Server:

As dedicated server is not shared, it means your whole data is secure no one can access it without your permission. Dedicated server is a large computer system which require proper environment to keep on running smoothly. That’s why it is recommended to house in data center.

In data center a whole room is reserved for dedicated server which contains all the necessary equipments to ensure server stability and security. As these servers are big, they require a lot of power and generate immense amount of heat. Data center ensures an alternate power source so in case of any break down you server keeps on running 24/7. Also they perform necessary measure to maintain room temperature and keep server cool. As far as security is concern, only authorized users can access the server room.

Dedicated server hosting is of two types managed and unmanaged. In unmanaged hosting you have to manage most of the server and you’ll get basic services like OS installation, cpanel and basic security software. Whereas in managed hosting you don’t have to worry about anything, your hosting provider will take care of each and everything. They’ll install anti-virus and configure your firewall settings in order to ensure security and privacy. In managed hosting you have to pay extra for the services.

Obtaining a dedicated server hosting for business website is high recommended because it provides you more control over server and provide support for various applications which are not supported by other hosting plans. These servers are expensive so have to carefully decide between managed and unmanaged hosting. If you are a newbie than you should obtain managed hosting but if you have knowledge about dedicated server you should go for unmanaged hosting as cost is an affective factor in terms of dedicated server hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting Ideal for Business Websites

While setting up a new business website people don’t have much idea about what types of server hosting they required? There are different approaches to host business websites, some people initially obtain shared or VPS hosting but later on as their website grows they need a better hosting server which can fulfill their application and traffic needs. Dedicated server hosting is considered to be an ideal hosting server for business websites as it has plenty to offer.

One of the most important thing people look in for server hosting is maximum server uptime as it matters a lot in terms of business website. Dedicated server is a big computer system and it needs proper environment to keep on running smoothly, that’s why it is house in data center where they provide suitable environment. They perform every measure to ensure its working and monitor it 24/7 so that one can have maximum server uptime without any obstacle.

With the current web trends and technology one has to keep itself updated, that’s why people having business website obtain dedicated server hosting as it provide complete support for all the latest applications and languages. This way you can enjoy full functionality of your website and you can have freedom to develop your business website according to the latest trends.

Another major concern about business website hosting is security of a server. With dedicated server hosting you don’t have to worry about it as it offer fully control environment, you can configure your security according to your desire and install various protective software to prevent it from external and internal threats.

Along with full proof security, latest technology support and best website performance you can have 24/7 technical assistance so that you can stay in touch with your host and get hold of it any time you want.

So with these features dedicated server hosting is considered to be an ideal hosting server for business websites.

Best Dedicated Web Hosting

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Dedicated web hosting something people don’t know about much as it is the most expensive hosting server to most people don’t bother about it. But people with business websites need great deal of reliability and security, that’s why they always prefer to have dedicated server.

What is Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server is a big system with great capabilities and power in it. In dedicated web hosting a whole server is assigned to a single user or a website that means one don’t have to share its server resources with anyone. Having a dedicated server ensures great deal of reliability and security; also one can configure it according to his/her website requirements.

Why Dedicated Server?

People having online business websites always prefer to choose dedicated server hosting as they want to host a business website so it need to be secure and stable. As far as security is concerned with root-level access to the server one can configure its security according to his/her desire. Another major reason to choose dedicated web hosting is reliability, a business website should remain live in order to get maximum visitors so that one can have better chance to convert them in to customers, with dedicated servers one can make sure that his website will remain live 24/7, beside this a reliable hosting company house its dedicated servers at reliable data center to make sure they are managed and maintained properly, this way it keeps on running smoothly and people can have maximum server uptime.

One of the prominent reason to choose dedicated servers is application support, these days many latest web applications are used to develop websites and in order to function properly these applications need additional hosting support and dedicated server provide complete support for latest web applications and scripts such as PHP, Perl, Ruby and more.

Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is available in two types managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. In managed dedicated hosting a whole server is managed by your hosting provider, with basic server set up such as operating system (OS) installation, control panel installation and configuration, back up facility, application software support and more, all you have to do is to manage your website content.

While in unmanaged dedicated web hosting one can have basic OS installation, control panel configuration and basic security settings, rest you have to manage on your own. Managed dedicated hosting is costly then unmanaged as one has to pay additional for the services.

Various Options in Dedicated Web Hosting

A best hosting company provides various options with dedicated web hosting such as you can choose your desired operating system (OS) which mainly include Linux, UNIX and Windows OS, whereas you can have a control panel of your choice such as cPanel, WHM and Plesk.

So keep all these facts in mind and choose the most suitable dedicated server for best website performance.