Web Host

Web Host

Web host is a term defined for web hosting service providers, one need web hosting service to publish content over the internet using Word Wide Web and in order to have web hosting service one require web hosts.

Web host offers various types of web hosting servers on lease in order to host different websites. One can obtain desired web hosting plan to publish website live over the internet but selection of a web hosting plan and web host is an important phase. There are numerous types of web hosting plans are available and countless web hosts as well that’s why one need to be careful in choosing the right web host and a perfect web hosting plan. A web host should be consistent and reliable in order to provide high quality hosting services. There are certain aspects of quality hosting analyzing which on can select a best web host such as:

Offered Web Hosting Plans: A reputed web host offers various types of web hosting plans to treat different websites efficiently, the most commonly offered web hosting plans are shared, dedicated server and VPS hosting.

Server uptime: Server uptime is the duration a website stays live and remains accessible to the visitors, in order to have maximum visitors’ one must to have maximum server uptime.

Response Time: The time in which a website respond to the visitor is considered as response time and quick response time is really important in terms of quality hosting and search engine optimization.

Security: Security of a hosting server matters a lot as insecure server can easily be attacked and one has to face major data loss that’s why one should check out what sort of security measures are performed by a web host. A best web host ensures server security by installing anti-virus, anti-spammers and other software to protect server from external threats.

Cost: A web host must be cost effective, there are several expensive web hosts but they fail to maintain quality standards to always make sure to pay for the services you are using.

Customer Support: Customer support has become an essential for web hosts so that users can contact host in case of any trouble. Some web host offers limited support but best web hosts offer 24/7 customer support to help their customers any time they need them.

These are some prominent aspects of web hosts; one can sign up with any web host after analyzing these services.


Hosting Servers

Web hosting is required to publish content over the internet and there are server types of hosting servers which are designed to manage different types of websites. Initially people created small websites based on basic HTML and Java Scripts but later on as the web technology gets better, web developers designed more complex and functionality rich websites for personal as well as commercial reasons.

Web designers and developers work together to create an attractive and work oriented websites using PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Ajax and many other programming languages. Now these programming technologies required further support in terms of hosting to perform accordingly that’s why numerous types of hosting servers are available to deal with different types of websites which mainly include:

  • Shared hosting server
  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting
  • Dedicated hosting server

Shared Hosting Server: Shared hosting server is one of the most widely used hosting servers, in shared hosting server a single server is shared among several users. People obtaining shared hosting server have to share server resources with others such as space, bandwidth, RAM and processor speed as well. Being on shared server one don’t have freedom to choose an operating system (OS) or define server settings also it is considered to be less reliable in terms of security but suitable for small websites such as blogs or personal websites. The reason for being most widely used hosting server is that it is the cheapest hosting server so far as people sharing server resources also share the price as well.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: VPS works on the basis of virtualization; it is based on lone physical server on which number of virtual dedicated servers is created virtually using software. All these VDSs shared common physical server but still manage to have an independent virtual dedicated environment which allow one to have his own desired operating system (OS), control panel and can customize its server settings according to website requirements. VPS is considered to be more unswerving and secure than shared hosting server. It is suitable for small business websites as it provide security and efficient traffic control along with latest web application support. Also it ensures highest server uptime and speedy response time. It is a bit more costly then shared hosting server.

Dedicated Hosting Server: It is the most reliable and secure hosting server ever, it’s a huge server with immeasurable power in it. In dedicated hosting server an entire server belongs to a single user or website, no sharing is involved at all. It allow user to have desirable operating system (OS), control panel and customize each and every aspect of the server according to his needs. Beside this it provide absolute application support in order to deal with complex business websites such as ecommerce websites, community and forum based websites or social networking sites as well. The most prominent aspect of dedicated server is the root-level access; one can easily configure its security and other server settings accordingly in order to get best website performance in terms of server uptime, response time and security. Because of high quality hosting support it is the most expensive hosting server and recommended for large business websites.

These are the major types of web hosting servers used to host different types of websites so one can analyze his/her hosting requirements and get the most suitable one.

Choose Between Dedicated Server and Virtual Private Server

Choosing a web hosting plan is an important decision to be made, initially there was one few options available but these days there are many types of hosting servers to meet the requirements of latest web technology. People having online business websites are pretty much keen to obtain reliable hosting server, currently dedicated server and virtual private server are considered to be the most reliable hosting servers. Both have some similarity and differences in terms of functionality. Well before picking up any of these hosting server one has to review them in detail.

Why Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server is the most powerful hosting server, in dedicated web hosting one doesn’t have to share it with anyone. As you are not sharing your server resources with anyone, you have better security and power to manage your website efficiently. Most people having business website prefer to choose dedicated server. With dedicated server you have option to choose an operating system (OS) of your choice along with control panel. Beside this one can access dedicated server at root-level and configure it according to website requirements. One of the most important concern of webmasters are server security, with dedicated web hosting  you have options to install various security software such as anti-virus, anti-spyware and more, this way you can protect your server from external and internal threats.

Another major reason to choose dedicated server is space and processing speed, most of the business websites are comprises of many applications and these application required suitable space and processing power in order to work properly. Also dedicated server provides complete support for latest web applications and scripting languages which gives freedom to host any types of website.

Why VPS Hosting?

VPS is based on single physical server on which various virtual dedicated servers are created using software. Each VDS is independent of others which means you have your own environment, you can choose an operating system (OS) and control panel of your choice, you can customize its security by installing additional security software.

One prominent reason to choose VPS hosting is scalability, VPS works on the basis of scalability in order to provide efficient management of traffic. If the traffic is rising it scales up and acquires additional server resources to fulfill traffic needs and when traffic started to decrease, it scales down and left extra resources. This way it prevent server from being overloaded in peak hours. VPS is less costly then dedicated server that’s why people with limited budget choose VPS hosting instead of dedicated web hosting.