How do Social Media and Blogging Affect the Way an Organization Handles Customer Feedback? (Full Research Paper)

In the lastest series of posts we have attempted to explain (using a great deal of research) why it is extremely important for businesses and individuals to have an online presence.  This may include but not be limited to:  Websites, Blogs, Facebook Page, Twitter Account, etc.

Our team of researchers came up with some interesting facts when researching for our article about the Benefits of Websites and Social Media Use for Businesses.   This interesting information discussed how websites give business owners greater control over customer feedback which is VITAL to maintain positive branding.

When looking at these facts I started flashing back to my college days when I wrote a research paper on How Social Media and Blogging Affect the Way an Organization Handles Customer Feedback.  I started digging around and I actually found the old paper.

This was written several years ago and there are a few gramatical and spelling errors throughout and I apologize for that; however, I decided to go ahead and post on here since this information is very informative and relavant to the content we have been discussing.

I believe any business owner struggling to see the importance of online marketing should read this paper.  It includes many real-life stories (both good and bad) about how organizations have been affected by Blogging and Social Media.

Click to Download Research Paper (.PDF)

Social Media / Blogging - Affect on Customer Feedback

Interested in having better control over your image/brand?  Creating a blog is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to do this (as you can see in our research).   We recently wrote an article with a video that explained how you can create a blog in literally a matter of minutes.  We encourage you to check it out!