Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service is one of the most widely used internet hosting services as it allows people to publish their website over World Wide Web to make it accessible worldwide. Web hosting providers are the companies that provide web space over the server they own or might have obtained on lease. Also web hosts provide data center space in order to house servers they might own along with internet connectivity for the servers.

Web hosting service is further sub divided in to various types that vary on the basis of nature of the website such as single web page hosting need less space and bandwidth in order to get published whereas complex business websites need more comprehensive web hosting services in order to get published and function properly. A complex website requires extensive database support and enhanced application support in order to work appropriately, people used complex web application development scripts in order to develop desired applications such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java and more. These application development platforms are designed to develop such applications which are meant to provide an ease to the visitors or customers such as integrating third party applications, install and configure useful plug-ins and content management system.

Along with web space and bandwidth web host provide a control panel which allow user to manage web server on his own. Using controlpanel one can install additional scripts and web applications, keep track of his hosting activities and monitor server properly.

As I mentioned above web hosting service is of various types such as free web hosting service, shared hosting service, dedicated hosting service, virtual dedicated server or VPS hosting service, co-location web hosting service, cloud hosting service and more. All these web hosting services vary on the basis of server specifications and functionality. A briefly overview of these web hosting services is given below:

Free Web Hosting Service: is provided by various companies and organizations without any charges but with limited services and various advertisements powered by free web hosting providers. WordPress and BlogSpot is major free web hosting providers for blog websites.

Shared Hosting Service: As it name show in shared hosting services one has to share server resources such as processor, RAM, Space and bandwidth with other users present over the server. It is suitable for small websites as it is the cheapest hosting service so far.

Virtual Dedicated Server or VPS Hosting Service: A single physical server divides in to various virtual dedicated servers and each VDS are assigned to separate user irrespective of the others. In VPS hosting users have to share physical server resources but manage have their own dedicated environment to manage it according to his requirements. It is recommended of small business websites.

Dedicated Hosting Service: In dedicated hosting service no sharing is involved at all, it’s a huge server capable of dealing with complex websites and applications with great speed and reliability with multiple operating systems support such as Linux, UNIX and Windows OS. It is more reliable and stable then shared and VPS hosting services and highly recommended for complex and large websites.

Co-location Web Hosting Service: Co-location hosting server is owned by the user and the host only provides suitable environment, space and internet connection with little or no hardware support. In case of any hardware changes administrator has visit the data center and apply changes or upgrades.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting works on scalable technology based on multiple hosting servers working collectively, it is more reliable and stables then other hosting servers such as in case of any hardware failure the website keeps on running by obtaining additional resources from other servers present in the network. Because of the lack of data centralization it doesn’t provide full access to the user data which is considered to be less secure.

All these web hosting services are suitable for different types of websites and fulfill different user requirements.

How to analyze Quality of Web Hosting Service?

As there are numerous web hosting services so one has to analyze the quality of web hosting service in order to have stable website hosting. Quality of a web hosting service is analyzed on the basis of reliability and server uptime. The duration in which website remains publically accessible is call server uptime, the longer a website remain live, the more visitors it can get and website is all about getting visitors. Most web host claims utmost server uptime but in actual the service that ensure 99.9% server uptime is considered to be reliable.

These are the basics about web hosting services and its types so that one can have better idea about web hosting service and analyze its quality easily.

Content Management System

Content management system (CMS) is designed on the basis of collective procedures working together in a shared environment in order to manage work flow efficiently and easily. Content management system offers following features such as:

  • Provide multiple user-interactions
  • Add/Edit and maintain data efficiently
  • Manage data in symmetry
  • Prevent duplicate entries
  • Fast data recovery
  • Effective communication between users

These are the core qualities if CMS, in CMS data could be define as anything such as text, images, video and more, this type of data is used to access frequently one can edit, share or remove and publish anything effectively by keeping track of each and every happening. One of the major benefits of CMS is that its version based, every time the newer version release on can easily update it to get latest features.

There are several types of content management systems used for different purposes such as:

Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS): It is used to manage records based on text documents or other files of an organizations keeping in mind the accessibility and security. Most organizations have their own ECMS to maintain their data proficiently and error free.

Component Content Management System (CCMS): It used to manage data on the basis of defined components such on can store documents in single component, images in another and videos in a separate component. Managing data in terms of components provide security, efficient object management, server management and generate reports effectively.

Web Content Management System (WCMS): It is designed to manage website content effectively and easily. One can upload and modify anything such as text, images or video files and display them in the different and attractive ways, beside this using WCMS one can install and configure any application required for website working. One effective feature of WCM is that one can display content in terms of index such as parent file may have further sub files displayed on internal pages. So it has provided efficiency in terms of managing website content even if you don’t have knowledge about website management.

So content management systems have made life easier for major organizations and developers as using CMS one can easily keep track of their content without duplicating it.