Green Geeks will be offering new and more affordable web hosting plans!

New and better prices are on the way for GreenGeeks hosting plans! These new plans will offer customers more choices while also remaining competitive in the price category. GreenGeeks plans to have a three plan model as where it was only use to having one before. These new offerings will allow GreenGeeks to expand its services and have a wider customer base.

So when are all the new plans going to be released?

GreenGeeks plans to reveal the new shared hosting plans on September 15, 2014.

Some of the new plans will offer clients with smaller sites and lower services needs a very affordable rate, while other plans will be more complex for clients who need built in features.

There will be three plans:

ECOSITE Basic Web Hosting Plan:
Entry-level package which is perfect for beginners on a budget
– Host 1 Website
– Unlimited Disk & Transfer
– 1 Free Domain, 5 Parked domains, 25 Sub domains
– 100 Email Accounts, 500MB per account
– Marketing Package

ECOSITE Pro Web Hosting Plan:
This plan is the replacement plan for our Ecosite web hosting plan. It will feature unlimited features. Existing Ecosite customers will be renamed to Ecosite Pro.

ECOSITE Premium Web Hosting Plan:
This plan is similar to the Ecosite Pro plan, but will feature a few bonus items that are geared towards e-commerce & power users.
– 2x Server Performance
– 1 SSL
– 1 Dedicated IP
– 1 Domain Privacy

If you are interested in these services please click the link below and set up your hosting service today.

How Shared Server Hosting is Insecure

Hosting Server, the most crucial element to publish website over the internet, people these days are pretty much aware of various web hosting servers but still most of the people don’t know the real facts about different servers until they get one. We are here to discuss the most popular web hosting server called shared hosting server, now most of you thing that “we know everything about it what now?” but let me show you the other side which most people are unaware of.

No doubt it is the cheapest hosting server and suitable for small personal websites but before obtaining a shared hosting server do you ever think of security? Being on a shared hosting server make your website vulnerable at first place, people new to web hosting freely choose shared hosting server as they don’t understand this fact that security is important whether you have small website or a big one. Insecurities of shared hosting server vary on the basis of web host such as if the server is not well configured one might face various compatibility issues that cause server downtime, a little loop hole in security can invite a virus on the server that can damage whole content, if firewall is not configured properly you website might become a victim of spamming and any hacker can break weak server security with little effort. These are some of the major insecurities of shared hosting server but one can overcome these issues if he/she chooses a reputed host.

Currently, every web hosting company is offering shared hosting plan with different specs and of different quality. That’s why people focus on reputation of web hosts. Unreliable web hosting companies fail to maintain shared hosting server properly as they oversell it just to make money. As compare to that a reputed and reliable web host provides fully optimized and secured shared hosting server with limited users so that one can equally utilize his/her acquired server resources. Well reputed hosts clearly define their “No Overselling Policy” to clarify their quality standard. Beside this they install various security software such as anti-virus to protect harmful viruses over the internet, install anti-spammer to protect server from spamming that can utilize whole server resource and might result in to a crash, also they install and configure firewall to avoid from external threats and harmful IPs.

These are major concerns of website owners if they are on shared hosting server, in order to avoid these insecurities one should opt for reliable and reputed web host.

How to Earn Big Through Cheap Hosting Solutions

Most of the people these days find web hosting as an attractive business, as websites over the internet are constantly growing so is the need of web hosting companies. Web hosting is of many types but people prefer to find unfailing and cheap hosting solutions that are why there are lots of cheap hosting companies in the market but the question is how come they earn well with cheap hosting solutions? Well people prefer to have high quality hosting services even if they are cheap but there are few reliable cheap hosting companies which that ensure quality and give priority to customers then money.

Most people initially obtain reseller hosting plan to start web hosting business at low level and as they don’t have much knowledge about hosting so reseller is the best way to start with and learn all the pros and cons of web hosting business, later on one can establish his/her own hosting company. An intelligent businessman knows how to grow his business and give importance to the customer as they understand this fact that their business depends on them. That’s why they never compromise on quality standards. Now here is the trick, a reliable cheap hosting company offers a number of cheap hosting solutions so cover major types of websites such as small blogs or websites, professional websites and complex business websites. They provide shared and VPS hosting servers cheaply but when people find something cheap they definitely have question about its reliability, reliable cheap host never compromise on quality they ensure maximum stability of server so that people don’t have to bother about server downtime which might damage their web presence, also they provide various customizations as well.

Erratic cheap hosting companies fail to supply high quality hosting services as they try to save money by saving server resources and people have to endure bad hosting services but as compare to that an unfailing cheap hosting company focus on quality which make them different from other cheap web hosting companies and reputable as well. Because of that reputation more people sign up with them, which results in business growth without damaging quality of services.

Why Web Hosting Control Panels?

While choosing a hosting plan people are worried about managing it and that’s why they look for something simple and easy to manage. Most of the people don’t have much knowledge about server management but with the latest web technology one can easily manage his/her hosting account using control panels.

Control panel is a web based interface which allows you to manage your hosting account. It allows managing domains, email accounts, site templates, database and other useful marketing tools as well. The reason to introduce control panels for hosting servers is to make things simple and easy to manage, most people don’t have much information about server management so control panel has made things easy.

Selection of Control Panel

Well the first thing should be clearer in your mind is that every webmaster needs a control panel in order to manage his hosting account. Now as it has become an essential element of web hosting so every web hosting company provide control panel along with hosting plan. A top web host offer various types of control panels, so that one can choose according to his/her understanding. While looking for a control panel one has to keep following things in mind:

User-Interface: An interface of a control must be user-friendly as you have to manage your website on daily basis so it should be easy to understand and learn. These days graphical user-interface control panels are available so that one can easily keep track of his/her hosting activities. Also most of the control panels provide several options to customize them according to their interest.

Operating System (OS) Support: Selection of a control panel depends on OS as well, various types of control panels are offered depending on the compatibility of OS. For Linux based users cPanel is the most commonly used control panel while for Windows based server Plesk is the right choice.

User Requirements: Before finalizing any control panel one has to analyze his requirements as well and on the priority of features one can pick a suitable control panel as control panel provide various applications that might be useful in terms of website design, development or promotion.

Why Best Hosting Services

Because of so many web hosting companies it has become difficult to choose a reliable hosting company. But people who have bit knowledge about web hosting services prefer to choose best hosting services. Why best hosting services?
A best hosting company offers various hosting plans for different websites such as shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated web hosting, WordPress hosting and more. Most people having business websites choose prefer to choose VPS or dedicated web hosting depending on website requirements. For mediocre business websites people choose VPS hosting along with Linux but for complex websites people recommend dedicated web hosting.
A best hosting service provides several useful features mentioned above:
Multiple Operating system (OS) Selection: They provide several options to choose an OS which mainly include Linux, UNIX and Windows OS.
Control Panel Selection: Control panel is required to maintain hosting account; a best host offers different types of control panels such as cPanel, WHM, Webmin, Plesk and more. One can pick any of these depending on his understanding.
Maximum Server Up time: Every website needs to b live for maximum visibility especially business websites, a best host ensures maximum server uptime by providing well configured hosting server beside this they house their server at reliable data center to maintain and mange them properly.
Application Software Support: A best hosting company provide well optimized hosting server to provide support for various programming languages which mainly include PHP, Perl, Ruby and more.
Content Management System (CMS): Offer various types of content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more.
24/7 Customer Support: Most company don’t provide 24/7 customer support but with best hosting services you can have 24/7 customer support so that you can contact them in case of any issue at any hour.
People looking to host their business websites should opt for best hosting services for high quality hosting.

Easy Way to Find Best WordPress Hosting Services

Web hosting is a service which is required by every website owner in order to get his/her website live over the internet. Web hosting is based on a server, normally called hosting server and one can place his website content over it to make it accessible all over the world. Now as the technology is getting better people are getting electronic and that’s why every business is moving online. Increase in the website results in the increase of web hosting companies.

There are 1000s of web hosting companies which are offering different types of hosting services but people always look for best wordpress hosting services. The most commonly used web hosting plans are shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated web hosting, PHP hosting and WordPress hosting. All these plans are used for different types of websites such as one can choose shared hosting for small websites whereas for large website one need VPS or dedicated web hosting.

A top hosting company offers wide range of flexibility; you can choose an operating system (OS) of your choice such as Linux, Windows or Mac OS. Linux is most wide used OS for hosting servers because of its customizable security. Now after choosing an OS one needs a control panel which is used to manage hosting activities, for Linux people preferred cPanel as it is quite user friendly and easy to manage. All these features are offered in best wordpress hosting services.

People emphasis on best hosting services because they want to make sure that they will have high quality hosting services, that’s why best wordpress hosting company always ensure maximum server uptime by providing well configured hosting servers. Also they house their server in reliable data centers so that can take good care of them and keep monitoring them 24/7 so that you can have maximum server uptime and stable website performance.

Along with these best hosting services you can have 24/7 customer support so that you can stay in touches with them and call for help any time you want. People looking for best wordpress hosting services should consider these features for reliable hosting.

Get Well Configured WordPress Hosting Server from Best Hosting Company

WordPress is getting pretty much famous among new webmasters as they don’t have knowledge about web designing and development. WordPress offers wide range of hosting features along with 1000s of built-in templates or you can upload customize web layouts. People who made their websites using WordPress need some additional hosting support in order to support various WordPress applications and plug-ins. There are many web hosting companies which are offering WordPress hosting support but not all of them provide complete application support, that’s why most of the people prefer to obtain WordPress hosting server from best hosting company.

A best hosting company offers well configured WordPress hosting server along with various hosting plans such as shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated web hosting, PHP hosting and more. Also they provide various options such as selection of an operating system (OS) and control panel. Most of the people choose Linux as an OS along with cPanel as it is consider being the most reliable and secured hosting combination.

Along with WordPress hosting support a best hosting company ensures reliability and server stability as they provide optimized and stable hosting server.  A best hosting company houses its server in reliable data center so that they can maintain them properly and make that that they keep on running 24/7 so that you can have maximum server uptime.  Also they provide support for latest programming scripts which might be used in a website development such as Perl, Ruby, python and other scripting languages.

Above all these best hosting services they also offer 24/7 customer support so that in case of any hosting issue you can contact them any time you want. People looking for well configured WordPress hosting server should obtain it from best hosting company.