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Joomla is one of the most powerful and commonly used content management systems. It is used by millions of users to create websites related to business, blogs and articles. Because of the ease of use it provides to the user it has become the most excessively used application. Websites based on Joomla require specific support in terms of hosting.

“bestwebhostinggeek” has selected best Joomla hosting providers based on their performance, these companies are providing Joomla hosting using shared, dedicated server and VPS hosting.

VPS is considered to be the most reliable web hosting plan for Joomla websites but some people are still using shared hosting as if they have small website

Using a shared hosting plan for Joomla is not a good idea; it limits your memory usage and CPU performance. And when your site is getting more than 200 hits from unique IP address it creates problems if you are using shared hosting plan. Nowadays most of the people are switching to VPS hosting plan to cope up with high traffic rate.

Best Shared Hosting for Joomla:

“Hostgator” is the number one Joomla hosting provider because of their quick and reliable hosting services. Hostgator efficiently configure MySQL to provide the fast database support for Joomla website. Also they are considered to be the fastest growing private company in US.

“Bluehost” is pretty popular among shared hosting provider for Joomla websites. They are considered to be the best cheap web hosting provider and offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth and you can host unlimited domains using a single account. Also they provide an optimized MySQL database for better performance of Joomla websites. The best feature of “Bluehost” is that they offer 30 days trail period which encourage people to try them.

“Justhost” has also become a prominent Joomla hosting provider. They provide support for open source applications based on Linux OS. Providing a user-friendly environment for Joomla websites is their extensive feature.

Best VPS Hosting for Joomla:

VPS hosting is considered to the most reliable hosting plan for Joomla. If your obtaining a traffic from more than 300 unique IPs VPS hosting the perfect for you. Normally 256MB VPS works fine but for better performance 512 MB is recommended.

“Lunarpages” is the most successful Joomla hosting provider. They are fast and reliable as their servers are well configured for Joomla sites. While obtaining a VPS hosting plan price matters a lot and Lunarpages is offering VPS solutions cheaply.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting for Joomla:

As your Joomla website keeps on growing it’ll get more and more traffic. To manage that traffic efficiently dedicated servers are the best. Dedicated server provides you more security and reliability in terms of server up time and quick response time.

“Singlehop” provide a reliable dedicated hosting for Joomla. They configure the dedicated server according to the requirements of Joomla website and provide in depth control of a server. Single hosting provider has housed its dedicated server in data centers to ensure server stability and security. Also they provide 24/7 technical support so that you can contact them any time you want.

“midPhase” and “Hostgator” are well known dedicated server hosting provider but their price is a bit high than singlehop. But they provide standardized customer support and perform regular back-ups which are really necessary for business websites using Joomla.