Learn Tips & Tricks for HTML5 Along With the Code

HTML is emerging web technology it has revolutionize the trend of web interface by providing enhance coding techniques to make things simple, easier and creative. In fact some of the developers refer it close to flash technology. The new scripting techniques of HTML5 gave rise to attractive and enhance web pages, so we are going to discuss some useful and effective HTML5 tips.

HTML5: First of all one need to check out HTML5 browser compatibility as it is the latest version so most browsers might not support all the functionalities of it. Once you have checked your browser you may continue to develop web pages in HTML5.

Attractive Text Effects-Shadow and Enhance Text Effect in HTML5:

Shadow effect is one of the most commonly used effects as most people prefer to give shadow in order to make text more attractive. Initially web designers have to use Photoshop in order to create that shadow effect on the text but now using HTML5 one can achieve that by just writing few lines of code.

Enhance Text Effects:

Using enhance text effects one can easily add various text effects in HTML5 to make text look more attractive such as text fire effect, well there are many other text effects are also available one can easily code them using HTML5 but here is the sample code for fire text effect.

Round Corners Using HTML5:

Well creating web page layout has not an easy task to do before CSS but now using HTML5 codes one can easily round up the web page layouts, crop and slice background images and more, this is a big relief for web designers.

Scalable Vector Graphic Using HTML5:

Scalable vector graphic which is also known as SVG is based on 2-dimensional vector graphics which are tends to define in XML text file as its basic structure is based on it. SVG can be created or modify on the web page which means they are easily scalable and are easily readable for the search engines.

Embed Video File in HTML5:

HTML5 is taking on the web in to next level, initially people are using flash videos in their web pages but flash is getting out of trend and beside this people prefer to have mobile friendly videos that’s why HTML5 offer easy video embedding one can easily embed any video file based on .MP4,.ogg and webm as these formats are support for many web browsers. Beside this to cope up with the latest technology such as iPhone and Android phones can easily support HTML5 based videos.

Building Slides for Presentation Using HTML5:

Powerpoint is use to create attractive presentation slides with many effects in it but it is limited to present offline presentations. But now HTML5 offer online presentation slides using HTML5 one can easily create highly attractive and effective presentation slides with complete evolution and steering effects, beside this one can implement 3D transformation to the presentation.

Create Editable Content Using HTML5:

Using static text is an old practice and people don’t encourage it much that’s why dynamic web pages are in trends so that user an easily edit or modify text. HTML5 is offering easy definition of text box and can make it editable as well.

Creating Web Canvas in HTML5:

Web canvas of HTML5 is one of the most prominent features as it allows representation of 2D shapes easily and animates them without any involvement of flash which is a big achievement. Using few line of code one can create and apply animation of various objects.

Drag & Drop in HTML5:

Drag & Drop is an interesting feature supported by all the browsers these days; one can easily drag and drop object in the web page to add something such as Google offer drag and drop option in Gmail. Using HTLM5 you can easily enable drag and drop feature in your web page (such as email attachment feature) so that one can easily add objects by dragging them.


Creating CSS Data Chart Using HTML5:

HTML5 is making things pretty easy and provide advancement in web features using code, before HTML5 it was not possible to embed data charts in web page but with the combination of CSS and HTML5 codes one can easily created and add data chart and can modify its value, the code is pretty simple, all you have to bother about is to modify its colors which color to represent different values.