Top 5 Big Screen All-in-One Desktop PC for 2014

Every tech gadget and device has gotten smaller and smaller. This includes the PC as now they come in an all-in-one package. You don’t need to worry about a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers as everything is integrated, and the only cord is the power cord.  Here are the 5 top all-in-one desktops available for 2015.

  1. The HP Envy

This has an Intel Core i7-4785T quad-core processor and up to 256 GB of storage with 12 GB of memory. It is touch enabled and ideal for practical use and for business.  It is easy set up and only requires a connection to the electrical outlet.

  1.  Lenovo A740

This is a multi-touch all-in-one 27 inch desktop PC. It comes with an Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor at 2.40 Ghz and turbo boost. It also has 8GB of Memory giving you the speed you need, and cool graphics with the NVidia GeForce GTX850A integrated graphics card. And with a 27 inch LED display, this is an ideal all-in-one with a starting price of just $1799.

According to Lenovo this is the thinnest of desktops at just 24.5mm. The design is attractive and reinforced with a solid metal and attractive finish.

  1.  HP Pavilion 23-inch Desktop

Equipped with an Intel Core i5-4690T quad core processor, and up to 16GB of memory, this machine has enough processing speed to complete any project. With a 2TB hard drive there is enough space here to store all the data, video and music you want, and at a starting price of $769, this is a truly affordable desktop.

  1. Toshiba AIO PX35T-A2300 Desktop

With a 23-inch screen and an Intel Core i3-3120M, this desktop has 6GB of memory, this Toshiba all-in-one leaves nothing to be desired. It has a full HD LED touch display with a tilt base. Prices start at just $899.

This Toshiba has a tilt base making it easy to move according to your eye level and needs. This has a 23 inch display and Mobile Intel HD graphics which is perfect for working with graphics.

5. Dell Inspiron IO2350T-1667BLK Touch-Screen

With a 4th Generation Intel Core i3-4000M processor of 3.4GHz, this all-in-one computer also comes with 6GM of memory and a 1TB 5400 rpm hard drivewith a 10-point multi touch display, and an affordable price of just $930.

The most distinguishing feature of this all-in-one is the surround sound and superb display. It has an easy to navigate interface that makes doing work easy.

Bottom Line

All-in-One desktops have the processing speed and the storage you need to get any job done. Even professionals in the industry love the convenience of these machines.

Three Unusual Uses For Your Tablet

Tablets are marvelous and versatile devices, but chances are that you are not using yours to its full potential. Playing Angry Birds, surfing the Internet, checking your emails and listening to music are all valid and entertaining ways to use your device, of course…. BUT it is capable of doing so much more. All you need to do to use the right apps and apply some imagination. If you lack the imagination, we came up with a couple of ideas for you:

Control Your Environment


Ever watched one of those science fiction movies where people control everything around them using a touch screen device? Well, with the right applications that could be you. Although you can achieve similar results with your smart phone, it is just more convenient with the large display offered by your tablet. Just think of all the money you will save by not having to recharge the batteries for all your remotes all the time, plus you don’t have to hunt for the right remote down the back of the sofa either.

Applications such as the One For All NEVO Tablet Remote or Smart IR Remote aren’t free, but come with a bewildering array of supported devices and features (we are talking 800 000 devices and growing.) You can even combine remotes for the ultimate in customization, so controlling the BluRay player, amplifier and air conditioner from a single touch screen is no longer the stuff of science fiction novels. All that is required is a tablet with an IR Blaster and devices that can receive InfraRed commands (which is just about anything these days.)

If you are averse to spending money, or you are still rocking a tablet without IR blaster functionally, you can still root around the Play store for product specific apps to control your devices. Most of the big name brands have something to offer and typically at the very reasonable price of free. Once you start connecting your tablet to everything in your house, it can become addictive figuring out what else you are able to control. Some people even connect their tablets to their dSLR cameras (albeit with a USB OTG adapter) to unlock its full potential. Once again, if you have the money to throw around, paid apps such as DSLR Controller can take you further. Fans of free, on the other hand, can get pretty far with apps such as DslrDashboard.

Beef up Your Security


To feel like the star of your own spy thriller use your tablet to keep tabs on your home security setup. Once again, you could monitor the video feeds of your home using a smart phone, but thanks to the larger display size of your tablet you get to check out multiple streams on one screen. You can set up a few webcams and use an app for a cheap solution, but many security cameras have their own apps tailor made for monitoring the feeds on your tablet.

Functionality obviously differs depending on the app or service you use, but being able to check out what is happening at your home or business when you are not around is undeniably cool. Checking in on your cameras using your tablet isn’t just for the security conscious either, it also works great as a baby or pet monitor.

Try Out Some Augmented Reality Apps


Nothing screams “Science-Fiction” louder than augmented reality apps and, thanks to your tablet, you don’t have to be wearing Google Glass to experience it. For a taste of what is possible, download the free Google Goggles app to your tablet and point it at something interesting such as a painting, product or famous landmark. For extra entertainment value you can make Star Trek tricorder noises yourself while doing so and then check out the information that Google is able to pull out of its database.

Marketing people have also caught on to the fact that augmented reality is cool and many stores, posters and magazines now feature all kinds of scannable objects such as QR codes that produce interesting results on your tablet. Layer has been one of the pioneering apps in this area and can be grabbed for free from the Google Play store. If you don’t just want to observe all the possibilities of AR you can jump in and create some of your own with the Aurasma application.

Forget all the practical applications though, sometimes you just want to use your tablet to hunt down some pesky ghosts. The answer? SpecTrek, an augmented reality location game where you set your playing field radius and duration before getting on with hunting down the ghosts. The game tracks how much calories you burn, so you can justify the fun by using the “exercise” excuse, but brace yourself for some strange looks if you go ghost busting in a public area such as a park. For added fun you might even be able to convince unsuspecting friends, family or innocent bystanders that the ghosts are real and you are performing a public service. Unfortunately, SpecTrek doesn’t come with a proton pack, but there is a “Lite” version to trial if you don’t’ want to pay for the full version.

The Sky Is The Limit

The three examples listed here are just the tip of the iceberg of what your tablet can do. The best part is that you don’t even have to hack or root the tablet either as you’ll be able to find apps for just about anything.

Google’s Changing The SEO Game Again

get-ready-for-google-games-149c45b5f9In just a few years, the SEO world has changed immensely. Web masters use to be able to have knowledge to manipulate Google’s search rankings with mole like tactics. Now more disciplined, with greater expertise needed to make those clever moves that rise ones site to the top. Google’s change in direction will help it’s users find the information faster.

So I bet you are wondering how the SEO industry is evolving? Or what Google is striving to do with these changes?

The main function of google use to just be a search engine. It has now transformed into a lead consumer-facing and data oriented projects. This shift helps consumers who are in a more localized mode asking questions like, “where can I buy designer sunglasses in Miami.”

Manipulation and trickery was a thing of the past. Instead of the main focus being on page ranks, links and keywords Google has shifted towards brand building and high quality content. As a result, both having a brand and high quality content working simultaneously together are needed to ascend to the top of Google’s rankings.

Consumers want answers now and Google Now is just that. Google Now will give Apple’s mobile voice search (Siri) a run for its money. With a completely different mindset Google Now uses Geolocation, search history, preferences and also recent product activity you have searched. It will produce weather reports to your new destination, search your calendar for reminders and also give you birthday reminders.

Links have always been used even before any SEO was around. Although, Google may be tweaking its algorithms on inbound links to have lower value it doesn’t mean that they are totally irrelevant. Many people tried to use other websites in the past before SEO even existed. If users weren’t finding your website via google how else are they finding it? They could have found it on Facebook or twitter or a blog, for that matter, even when they were walking down the street and saw it in the non cyber world. All of these cases have brought individuals to sites in the past. What is stopping them from continuing to come to your site from these links now? If you guess nothing, you are correct.

All in all, it is important to focus on your product as this is what consumers are after. With a quality product comes great content to be produced. The present is that Google’s strategy continues in the direction of encouraging quality content and branding, however it is an ever-changing game and who knows what the next major change will be.

To establish your own website and begin to implement these stratgies please visit to see web hosting reviews/tips and tricks for getting your site to the top.

Green Geeks will be offering new and more affordable web hosting plans!

New and better prices are on the way for GreenGeeks hosting plans! These new plans will offer customers more choices while also remaining competitive in the price category. GreenGeeks plans to have a three plan model as where it was only use to having one before. These new offerings will allow GreenGeeks to expand its services and have a wider customer base.

So when are all the new plans going to be released?

GreenGeeks plans to reveal the new shared hosting plans on September 15, 2014.

Some of the new plans will offer clients with smaller sites and lower services needs a very affordable rate, while other plans will be more complex for clients who need built in features.

There will be three plans:

ECOSITE Basic Web Hosting Plan:
Entry-level package which is perfect for beginners on a budget
– Host 1 Website
– Unlimited Disk & Transfer
– 1 Free Domain, 5 Parked domains, 25 Sub domains
– 100 Email Accounts, 500MB per account
– Marketing Package

ECOSITE Pro Web Hosting Plan:
This plan is the replacement plan for our Ecosite web hosting plan. It will feature unlimited features. Existing Ecosite customers will be renamed to Ecosite Pro.

ECOSITE Premium Web Hosting Plan:
This plan is similar to the Ecosite Pro plan, but will feature a few bonus items that are geared towards e-commerce & power users.
– 2x Server Performance
– 1 SSL
– 1 Dedicated IP
– 1 Domain Privacy

If you are interested in these services please click the link below and set up your hosting service today.

2013 Bluehost Black Friday Deal – EXCLUSIVE

We have the updated Bluehost Black Friday Information for 2013!

It is Black Friday and one of the best days to save on products world-wide. We just received word from our sources at Bluehost (one of the best web hosting providers in the world) that they will be offer exclusive BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY specials! Normally web hosting at Bluehost runs 5-6$ a month; however, with our exclusive Black Friday promo link you can save 40-50%!

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Endurance International Group (EIGI) – IPO

Endurance International Group (EIGI) has officially completed their IPO. Endurance is the parent company to some of our favorite web hosting brands including but not limited to: BluehostiPageFatcowHostmonsterJusthost .

For years Endurance has been acquiring some of the world’s largest and most successful web hosting providers and as a result has grown into one of the biggest networks of hosting companies on the web. Some of the most recent (and largest) acquisitions that Endurance has made include our top rated host Bluehost and Hostgator!

On Friday, October 25th the management and owners of Endurance gathered in New York to ring in the bell on the Nasdaq exchange. The companies IPO was set at $12 per share which was valued slightly lower than expected. Initially experts valued Endurance in the 14-16$ range.  The current evaluation of the company most likely falls between 1.25-1.5 BILLION dollars!

One concern investment bankers had with Endurance (who is trading under the symbol EIGI on the Nasdaq) was the high level of debt that the company had on its books. Although this is a valid reason to be concerned, as a avid follower of hosting news, I believe much of this debt was compiled when Endurance recently acquired brands:  Hostgator, Bluehost, and Hostmonster. Endurance plans to use funds raised during their IPO to pay down debt which should ease concerns of investors.

I have been following Endurance brands for years and over the past year I have really noticed that EIG has been perfecting their sales & marketing strategies. I believe with the new acquisitions and masterly unselling skills you will witness high profit margins in upcoming quarters which should drive up the value of this company to its original predictions.


I am no way an expert in the stock market and comments in this post are strictly my option. However, I do have years of experience monitoring web hosting providers and believe Endurance to be one of most successful and fastest growing companies on the web. I believe you are looking at a company that has a long and profitable future ahead!

Congratulations to Endurance (EIGI) on your successful IPO launch!  

The Art of Choosing a Domain Name (Infographic)

Choosing a domain name for your business and/or website will be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. In fact, this should be one of the first steps that you take before launching a website or new company. Often individuals rush through the domain registration process and later realize that they should have put more thought into the decision originally since it is so hard to change a name once your brand is established.

In today’s age, your domain is more than just a way for someone to visit your website! It is now the foundation for your entire site’s brand! In the past we wrote an article discussing different ways to increase traffic to your website. A common theme in all of the articles I write is the importance of “BRANDING” and choosing a domain name should be no different.

Our researchers and designers have put together an awesome infographic and some amazing tips to help you through the process of choosing a domain name.

Choosing a Domain

5 Tips to Remember When Choosing a Domain Name:

  1. Think About the Big Picture: Your Brand!
    Websites that focus on a long-term Branding Strategy are the ones that are the most successful. Your domain name is the foundation of your brand and will always be your site’s identifier. Your domain should be creative, memorable, and easily recognizable at first glance. [br] [br]
  2. Domain Does Not Have to Include Keywords!
    A common misconceptions is that the domain name should include keywords describing your product or service. Although, there is nothing wrong with this strategy some of the most popular websites created their own memorable name focusing solely on Branding. (Example: Ebay, Google, Facebook) [br] 
  3. Keep it Short.
    With millions of domains on the web, sometimes it is hard to find an available “short” domain name. Finding the perfect domain takes time, do not rush, and focus on creating the shortest/most memorable domain possible. You want your visitors to be able to remember and share your domain name; hence, the importance of keeping it short and sweet. [br] [br]
  4. Be Original… Watch Out for Other’s Trademarks & Copyrights.
    Before you choose a domain name take a second to make sure you are not infringing on a protected name. You can perform a Google Search, Free Trademark Search, and Copyright Search to get a really good idea if someone else is using the name or something similar. Be original stealing someone else’s idea is simply not cool. [br] [br]
  5. If You Can’t Find an Available Domain You Like, Consider Buying One!
    Each an every day it becomes increasingly harder and harder to purchase a quality and memorable domain name. If you can not find an available domain name that you like, consider investing in a quality name. Good domain names are like real estate and can hold and gain value with time. If you can find a great domain for sale within your budget, I would not be afraid to INVEST in it.

Good Domains Make Great Investments!

If you invest in a nice house and hold on to it until until there is a high market demand you can make a nice profit on that piece of real estate. The same is true for domain names; however, the potential profit is actually much higher than a house. There are over 252 million registered domain names in the world and that number continues to increase on a daily basis. It is becoming increasingly harder to register a “quality” domain name that has not been previously registered by someone else in the world. The shortage of quality domain names have pushed the private market domain prices to all time highs. The cost to register a new domain from a registrar runs between $10-$20 and great domains sell privately in the millions… I’d say that is a pretty good return on investment.

Take a Look at the 5 Most Expensive [Non-Adult] Domain Names:

  • sold for $16,000,000 in 2009.
  • sold for $15,194,520 in 2008.
  • sold for $8,500,000 in 2010.
  • sold for $7,500,000 in 1999.
  • sold for $7,500,000 in 2006.

These figures will blow your mind, especially when you consider that someone originally purchased each domain for around $10. I am not suggesting that you go out and take a loan to buy a domain name; however, I did want to press the fact that a GOOD domain name actually holds & gains value with time so you should not be afraid to invest in a good name.

 Best Ways to Find a Quality Domain Name:

  1. BestWebHostingGeek’s Domain Search Tool:
    Recently we launched a Domain Search Tool that allows you to search the name of any domain name to see if it is available for registration. This tool allows you to use trial & error to quickly identify if someone else owns the domain name or not. If the domain HAS NOT been registered our tool will give you a one-click option allowing you to easily register the name with Bluehost (our top ranked host). [br] [br]
  2. Buy Premium “Brand-able” Domains:
    If you are not having any luck creating your own “brand-able” domain name you may consider investing in one from the private market. There are many sites on the web that allow you to buy and sell premium domain names including:,, and Although these are all great services our personal favorite place to purchase quality domains is We have used this service in the past to purchase QUALITY and BRANDABLE domain names (they have a great selection). One of the most interesting parts of BrandBucket is that each domain comes with a custom and well-designed logo. [br] [br]
  3. Get Creative — Make Your Own Name:
    Looking to get creative? There are several tools on the web that can help you create a memorable domain name. Our personal favorite sites to use include:,, and [br] [br]
  4. Register Expired Domains:
    Domain names expire each and every day and periodically some really great domains names are not renewed by their owner for one reason or another. One great way to find a quality domain name is to search lists of expired domains and register them as soon as possible. It would be hard to discover expired domain names without the use of some quality resources. If you would like to look into registering a quality expired domain name we suggest using one of the following services:,, or

 Best Domain Hosting Service:

If you are looking to start a website or blog you will need quality web hosting along with your domain name. The team at believes Bluehost offers one of the top domain hosting services on the web. Bluehost offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and a whole lot more at an exceptional price point. Bluehost also offers several “domain” related features that other hosts do not including:

  • Free Domain Name:
    Most hosting services require you to purchase hosting and the domain separately. Bluehost gives you one free domain registration with every hosting purchase (only $3.95 a month).
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting:
    Save money by hosting an unlimited number of domains on one hosting account.
  • Free Domain Based E-Mail Accounts:
    Get free custom e-mail addresses with your domain as the root.  (Example:
  • Domain Name (Whois) Privacy:
    Bluehost helps you to protect your identity from others on the web including whois services.
  • Free Website Builders & 1-Click Installs:
    You will gain access to a variety of free and easy-to-use tools that can be used to create your very own website.


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(Partner Link) - Bluehost $3.95 Web Hosting
(Partner Link) – Bluehost $3.95 Web Hosting

What Makes the Best Host? (Infographic) is named the “Best Web Hosting Provider” by! With thousands of hosting providers on the web, choosing just one host as THE BEST is actually a very challenging task. We actually put a lot of time, effort, and research into our decision and understand that our credibility is on the line each and every day as we make hosting recommendations. In this article we wanted to give you a full and detailed explanation as to why we believe Bluehost is the best web hosting provider on the web. Our team has put together an amazing infographic explaining the features and functions that makes Bluehost superior to other hosts. Discount on Bluehost Web Hosting: We have partnered with to provide you with an exclusive discount on their hosting. If you click on our $3.95/month promo (aff) link you will automatically receive this special discount!

Bluehost (infographic)

Bluehost Compared to Other Hosts:

Recently we conducted research comparing the best web hosting companies on the web. In the study we compared hosts based on four different criteria and Bluehost won three out of four of the categories. Our study found that Bluehost was overall the best hosting provider closely followed by iPage. We highly recommend reading the hosting comparison study before making a final hosting decision. History:

Bluehost was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton in Provo, Utah. This great web hosting company has grown over the years into one of the largest shared web hosting providers in the world! In the past few years Bluehost has experienced some of the fastest growth in its history. As you can see from the infographic as of (July 30, 2013) Bluehost has significantly more websites hosted on their servers than other well-know large hosts:

  • Bluehost: 1,859,792
  • Dreamhost: 1,242,946
  • Hostmonster: 702,076
  • Justhost: 349,995
  • Fatcow: 284,231
  • InMotionHost: 236,487
  • GreenGeeks: 38,625

This great web hosting provider has led the industry with many innovative changes positively effecting the way shared web hosting works. In addition to this innovation, Bluehost can accredit much of its success to all of their senior management and support staff who have maintained the “customers first” mentality for years! I personally know James Grierson, the VP of Marketing and Business Development at Bluehost, and can assure you that much of their growth is a direct result of the work and expertise of this very talented individual. – Different Types of Hosting:

After years of solely offering shared web hosting, the management at Bluehost decided they wanted to offer their customers a wide range of hosting options. A few months ago Bluehost made the huge announcement that they had officially launched VPS and Dedicated hosting. This important step was a game changer and allowed Bluehost to cater to websites of all sizes; whereas, before they only focused on small to mid-sized sites. This great host offers four different types of hosting and a variety of price points within each type. I will outline the different types of hosting that (aff) offers their customers:

  • Shared Web Hosting –  The most affordable type of hosting allows you to share a server and the server resources with other Bluehost customers. Shared web hosting is ideal for 80% of websites on the internet and perfect for small to mid-sized websites. The shared hosting plans at Bluehost start at only $3.95 a month. [br] [br]
  • VPS Hosting – We loved the VPS hosting at Bluehost so much that we actually recently purchased this plan for  VPS hosting gives you much more control over your website since there are much fewer sites being shared on the server. Bluehost will allow you to have your own IP address and you will notice much faster speeds with VPS hosting. This type of hosting is PERFECT for mid-sized websites and plans start at $29.99 a month! [br] [br]
  • Dedicated Hosting – This option is ideal for large websites who receive thousands of visitors per day. Dedicated web hosting grants you complete control over a server and allows you to customize it completely as you see fit.  This type of hosting is the fastest; however, it is also quite a bit pricer. Dedicate hosting plans at Bluehost start at $149.99/month. [br] [br]
  • Reseller Web Hosting – Reseller Hosting is for those looking to run their own mini-web hosting company without having to worry about the technical aspects. You are allowed to sell hosting to clients and Bluehost will handle all of the hard work (such as billing, technical, etc). Bluehost offers an exceptional reseller hosting plan starting for only $19.95 a month!

TIP: Unless you own a VERY large and popular website we highly suggest you purchase a shared or VPS hosting plan. Most of the sites that we own are hosted on a shared hosting account and we have never had any issues what-so-ever.

What Separates Bluehost From the Pack?

As we previously mentioned there are thousands of web hosting providers in the world; however, Bluehost tends to lead the entire industry in innovation. There are four characteristics that we believe makes Bluehost the best hosting provider in the world:

  • Web Hosting Resource Protection – Bluehost was the first to develop a comprehensive script that protects their shared hosting users from server-overload (a common shared web hosting problem). Many features are comparable to VPS hosting and give users a consistent and fast server experience regardless of what others on the same server are doing with their accounts. [br]
  • Mojo Marketplace – This is a game-changer! Not only does Mojo Marketplace have the largest collection of 1-click installs available on the web, but they also allow developers to add scripts, themes, and services to their directory. With Mojo Marketplace you can instantly and automatically install popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla, etc. to your Bluehost server. [br] [br]
  • World Class Support – No one likes to purchase a product and realize after the fact that it is a major challenge to get support. Bluehost has one of the fastest and most helpful support staff teams on the planet! Support is provided by: telephone, e-mail, support ticket, live-chat, help desk, etc. [br] [br]
  • Blazing Fast Servers – Google now uses “website speed” as a ranking factor; therefore, it is essential to keep your websites running fast. A variety of factors such as their new state-of-the-arch datacenter, perfect server-optimization, VPS protection, and partnership with CloudFlare ensures your website will be one of the fastest on the web!

Freebies! Freebies! Freebies!

Ok, I want to do some quick math for you guys to show you how on the financial end you come out way ahead with! The basic (and most popular) hosting plan at Bluehost will set you back only $3.95 a month ($47.40/year). Bluehost is one of the few hosts that will give you a FREE domain name when you sign up for hosting… That alone is a $15/year expense given to you for FREE! Also, there are a variety of FREE marketing credits that Bluehost offers their users. Credits to advertising services like: Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook add up to well over $200 in FREE money/credit.  When you sign up for Bluehost hosting you will actually financially come out ahead several hundred bucks and you will still get high quality hosting as well!

Bluehost Reviews:

Prior to signing up with any host we encourage our visitors to research the host and read a variety of reviews. editors have reviewed Bluehost and allow other users to share their experience as well. Feel free to check out our Bluehost Reviews before you decide to purchase hosting.

Bluehost $3.95 Promo Rate:

Normally Bluehost web hosting pricing starts around six bucks a month for a basic shared web hosting account; however, we have formed a partnership with Bluehost that allows us to offer the exact same hosting plan for only $3.95 a month. Should you choose for your hosting needs, feel free to take advantage of our exclusive partner discount. In order to enable this savings simply click on our Bluehost $3.95 Promo Link (aff) or you can click on the banner below.

(Advertisement) - Bluehost $3.95 Web Hosting
(Advertisement) – Bluehost $3.95 Web Hosting

Web Hosting Comparison – Real Facts & Figures

There are plenty of web hosting comparison sites on the web but in our opinion very few of them really take the time to conduct thorough research to compare and contrast popular hosts. Our goal was to use a variety of  reliable metrics to truly find “the best web hosting” provider.

Before conducting our experiment we went out and found the five largest hosts that consistently are being named as the “best host” on top hosting review sites like Our research found that on average Bluehost, Hostmonster, iPage, FatCow, and Justhost ranked higher than all other hosts on the web. For today’s quest to compare the top hosting providers we will study these five hosts.

Our researchers found that these top-tier hosts often offer users many of the same “Features & Functionalities” so we decided to look deeper at four-specific metrics not normally compared to determine the best host.

We will be examining the follow:

  • Total Number of Customers Hosted on Servers
  • Price Comparison
  • Amount of “Search Traffic”
  • Poll-of-Polls – Massive Study of User Reviews

    Reported on: July 29, 2013
    Reported on: July 29, 2013

Total Number of Customers Hosted:

For today’s research we are going to be utilizing a variety of assumptions. The first being, “A company that has historically grown faster & larger than other companies must be producing an overall superior product”. This assumption is based on the common marketing strategies that say, “Word of Mouth is the Best Advertisement” and “A Good Product Sells Itself”. If a company provides a GREAT product than naturally it will gain more exposure and ultimately grow larger and more successful than its competitors.

On July 29, 2013 our researchers utilized the research tools from to determine the total number of clients that these top five hosts have in total. The results were as follows:


  1. Bluehost  – 1,895,702 
  2. Hostmonster – 702,076
  3. iPage – 567,293
  4. Justhost – 349,995
  5. Fatcow – 284,231

By an overwhelming margin we found Bluehost to have the largest client-base followed by Hostmonster, iPage, Justhost, and lastly by FatCow. Bluehost and Hostmonster are sister companies and we believe it is no accident that they rank the highest in total number of clients.

Price Comparison: researchers had a in-depth discussion to determine if “Price Comparison” should be a factor when attempting to find the best host. Our team decided that out of the four categories price was actually the least important to determine “HOST QUALITY” but was still very significant if the true goal is to fully compare hosts.

price comparison

    1. iPage $1.99/mo. – Out of the five hosts iPage was the most affordable hosting option. There appears to be a special promotion running for limited time. 
    2. Justhost $2.95/mo. – Justhost came in as the second most affordable host; however, their rate was nearly one dollar more per month than iPage.
    3. Fatcow $3.15/mo. –  Slightly behind Justhost was FatCow who advertised a rate of $3.15 a month.
    4. Bluehost & Hostmonster $3.95/mo. – Bluehost and Hostmonster tied for 4th in the affordability category. Both of these hosts have 3.95 rates; however, you must click on one of our promo links to enable this discounted rate.

Sometimes individuals have a really low budget when starting a website and price plays the biggest role in choosing a host. However, with less than $2/month difference between all the hosts we put little weight on this category.

Amount of Search Traffic:

This is one metric that many ignore when determining the overall quality of a web hosting provider. Our team researched back several years to determine how often users searched for the brand name of each of our hosts on Google. (For example, “Bluehost”, “Hostmonster”, “iPage”, “Fatcow”, “Justhost”.)

An upward trend in search traffic could signify that the host is doing something right and growing while a significant downward trend may signal a host that is diminishing/not growing. The graph below should give a clear visual as to how each of our five hosts have grown throughout the years.


(Click to enlarge)

 The results of this particular category were very interesting! Out of the five hosts only two had strong signals of groth, one host was steady, and two hosts were gradually losing momentum.

  1. Bluehost (GROWING) – The fastest growing host and also historical most successful host of the five was by far Bluehost. As a whole Bluehost has shown steady growth since 2005 and is currently at its peak signifying successful, long, and steady growth.
  2. iPage (GROWING) – Another host that has shown significant growth signs is iPage. Similar to Bluehost this host has continued to grow since day one and is currently near its all time peak.
  3. Fatcow (STEADY) – This host is not growing or dropping, from what we can see Fatcow has maintained pretty consistent traffic over the last five years.
  4. Justhost (DECLINING) – Justhost seemed to have peaked in 2010 and has since witnessed a gradual decline in exposure and traffic.
  5. Hostmonster (DECLINING) – The largest decline in traffic has been witnessed by Hostmonster. This host has been around for many years and grew steadily but in 2009 things started going downhill. Since this time Hostmonster has witnessed the largest decline in search traffic.

Based on this graph it is clear that Bluehost and iPage are the only two hosts out of the group that are showing significant signs of growth. This could be caused by a variety of factors including: Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Word-of-Mouth, and Quality of Products.

Poll-of-Polls – Massive Study of User Reviews:

In any scientific study the larger the study sample the more accurate the results. Our team of researchers decided that utilizing and reading user reviews was by far the best way to determine the QUALITY of a host. A host that was working hard to innovate and provide great customer service would ultimately have more satisfied users than a host only focused on their bottom line.

In order to provide the most accurate results in this very important category we calculated and converted user-reviews from ten large hosting review sites and averaged the ratings to determine the most accurate score of satisfaction (10 = most satisfied, 1 = not satisfied).


Overall average ratings for all five host were impressively high; however, there was a clear winner in this category.

  1. Bluehost – Users clearly scored Bluehost as their best host, the company’s average rating checked in at an impressive 9.37/10.
  2. iPage – The second highest average was achieved by who also had an average rating over 9.
  3. Hostmonster – Hostmonster squeaked by Fatcow and had the third best user rating.
  4. Fatcow – The fourth highest user ranked host was Fatcow who achieved an average rank of 8.75/10.
  5. Justhost – In 5th place with the lower customer satisfaction rate was Justhost with 8.67/10.

 Summary & Analysis: set out to compare web hosting providers and attempt to determine the overall “best web hosting” provider. Instead of simply comparing features and functions of each host we attempted to dive-in to deeper research to determine which host is truly the best at gaining & keeping satisfied users.

Our team analyzed four different categories: Total Number of Customers Hosted, Price Comparison, Amount of Search Traffic, and a Large Collection of User Reviews. In each of the categories we were able to determine which hosts were the best out of the group. To determine an overall winner (best host) we decided to assign a numeric score to the winner of each category (5 points for best, 4 for 2nd, and so on). After adding up the scores were able to determine two clear winners:

resultsBluehost – 17 Points

iPage – 16 Points

Hostmonster – 10 Points

Justhost – 9 Points

Fatcow – 9 Points [br] [br]

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Best Strategies to Increase Website Traffic! (Infographic)

Every website and/or business owner share a common goal of increasing traffic to their website. I’m not talking about [junk] traffic that can easily be achieved by paying some “traffic-sales” company. I am referring to QUALITY traffic.

We spent a LOT of time on this article trying to provide you with a huge list of strategies. Gladly we put our reputation on the line saying that if you utilize a combination of our suggested methods you will witness a HUGE growth in traffic.

BEFORE WE GET STARTED: It is important to understand that the internet is rapidly changing. If your goal is to achieve long-term/reliable increases of traffic to your website, you should pay close attention to this next VERY important piece of advice.

*Increasing traffic requires a special kind of mindset! To properly achieve this goal you must always have the mindset of growing and increasing your Brand. I would highly recommend staying away from any traffic schemes that do not promote your businesses’ brand in any way.

“The goal of all successful sites should be to drastically increase traffic for a long, reliable, and sustainable period of time. To achieve this you must dedicate all of your time, efforts, and resources towards building a quality and recognizable Brand. Having a memorable website name and logo plays an essential role in long-term Brand recognition.”

The team at wanted to provide you with a quick & detailed visual outlining the different ways to increase traffic to your website. The infographic below will give you a full outline of what we believe to be the most effective strategies. Below the infographic we will touch on each method in greater detail.

(Infographic) Proven Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Website: 

Increase Traffic to Your Website (Infographic)

There are essentially three different places that you should turn to if you wish to rapidly increase traffic to your site. First, you should focus on on-site steps that will help prepare your site for success. Next, you should turn two the remaining two off-site methods (free & paid). We have broken down each category further in order to provide you with a complete guide to achieving website growth.

Essential On-Page Strategies:

  1. Regularly Publish Content:[br]The most important thing you should be doing if you wish to increase your traffic is give others a reason to want to visit your site. You should be regularly writing content related to your niche (expertise). When you publish content on your site there are a few things that you should keep-in-mind. All of the content should be original, it should be well written (little to no errors), should be informative, and most importantly you should ask yourself if the content adds value to the internet. [br] [br]Every successful website should have a blog and be actively publishing on it. Research clearly shows a link between actively blogging and traffic increases to websites. We’ve outlined the simple steps to creating a blog in a previous article. Take the time to publish only QUALITY content. I would rather publish one well researched article than five low quality ones. [br] [br]
  2. Optimize Website For Search Engines: [br]In order to optimize your website for search engines it is important to understand exactly what they want and don’t want. Google is the largest search engine and their rules should be your primary focus.[br] [br]In order to give you a clear understanding as to how you should operate if you wish to receive traffic from Google, the company has written several documents called: Webmaster Guidelines.[br] [br]Reading Google’s guidelines is essential if your desire is to increase traffic through natural search; however, many website owners fail to even take the time to read this important document. Our research team decided to ask 50 random webmasters if they have ever read the document provided by Google. To our surprise only 26% of those interviewed claim to have read the entire set of guidelines.[br] [br]There are a few easy steps that you can focus on immediately to optimize your website. First, you should use accurate and descriptive Titles to describe your pages and content. NEVER use short or misleading titles. Next, when you add tags to posts please make sure the tags accurately describe the content in the post. The purpose of tags are to help users find content thus [like the Titles] should be very descriptive. Another great way to optimize your site is to make sure you have a clean permalink structure. For example, a website with the following structure “” is much more clean than “”. If you are using a service like WordPress they make it extremely easy to adjust your permalinks. Lastly, you should take the time to make sure your website is fast. In the past Google has admitted that speed plays a role in their rankings and that website’s should be fast in order to improve user-experience. There are many way you can speed up your site and so far the best free tool that I have seen to help with this process is called, “GTMetrix“. [br] [br]
  3. Incorporate Social Tools: [br]I have always heard the saying, “The best advertisement is word-of-mouth”. As a website owner you should make it as easy as possible for your readers to share your site and content with others. Most popular search engines have tools & widgets that you can place on your site to allow users to share your content. The most popular among them all are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn buttons. [br] [br]We found some interesting research that showed just how much these social buttons can help a site gain traffic. ABCNews reported that after adding the Facebook like button their site’s traffic increased by 190%. Similar to ABCNews, Gawker reported a 200% increase, and most impressively reported an astonishing 500% increase in traffic. [br] [br]Google has provided a few tools called, “Rich Snippets” that you can add to your website in order to improve the look of your search results. Authorship, Reviews, Music, and Movie Listings are just a few of the snippets you can add to spice up your search results. You can see a full listing of snippets on the Google Webmaster page. [br] [br]
  4. Start a Newsletter/Mailing List: [br]Recently we decided to start our own newsletter as a way to share our best and most popular content with our followers. If you are looking for a great way to keep visitors returning to your site we suggest signing up for a nice mailing service (like MailChimp) and allowing your visitors to register for your e-mail newsletter. Your newsletters should include the titles of your best content and a brief summary of the content. When users click to read more they will automatically be taken to your website.

Best “Free” Ways Increase Traffic:

  1. Utilize Social Media: [br] A large portion of a successful website’s traffic should come directly from free social media sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. You should create a profile for your website on each of these sites and work to grow your network of followers on each site. There are a variety of ways to grow the number of followers on your pages. Our favorite strategies include: inviting friends & family, interact on others’ pages, and hosting contests to gain more followers. [br] [br] You should regularly be sharing content from your website on as many social media sites as possible. If you really want to see rapid traffic growth you should be focused on creating content that is “Shareable” that could potentially go viral. Videos, research, case-studies, infographics, and e-books all had a strong track record in being “shared” by others. [br]
  2. Gain Strong Links From External Sites: [br] The best links you could possibly gain are received naturally from authority sites in your niche. We do not recommend purchasing links as a method to improve rankings because that directly violates Google’s guidelines; however, some “NoFollow” advertisement link purchases can help drive targeted traffic to your site. The best method to gaining links to your site is to create content that is so good others want to share it. [br] [br]
  3. Guest Blog Writing: [br]Often popular sites in your niche will allow for “Guest Blogging”. If done properly this can benefit you and the other site. The perfect scenario of Guest Blogging allows for you to create well-written and informative content that will help drive traffic to the other site; however, in the content you may naturally reference your website a few times which will also increase your traffic as well. [br] [br]
  4. Participate in Online Forums & Communities: [br]Again, this strategy is great because it can benefit everyone if used properly. If you register at a forum in your niche and help others within your expertise you not only help them but it also gives you a chance to share your website/brand. Following the rules of the community you should gain permission to place your website’s link into your profile page & forum signature. I often find that these forums/communities are great mediums to share and ask for feedback regarding new content.  [br] [br]
  5. Utilize Free Press Release Services: [br]Press releases have long been a way to make an announcement of some sort and gain media exposure to your brand. There are many press release services on the web, some that cost, and a few that are free. If you do not have a huge budget but still looking for great results I highly suggest promoting your announcement through a service like,, or [br] [br]
  6. Sharing Quality Videos on YouTube: [br] Millions of people turn to YouTube each day and not only to watch something funny or listen to music. For example, “How-To” videos are extremely popular as it allows experts to demonstrate a skill or knowledge with someone needing information in that area. Utilizing free video creators on your computer and a simple web cam or video camera you can create your own videos regarding topics in your expertise. Once you publish this to YouTube you can reference your site/brand in the video as well as the description.

Best “Paid” Ways to Increase Traffic:

  1. Pay-Per-Click Networks: [br]If you have a budget and looking for a quick way to bring in targeted customers you may want to turn to Pay-Per-Click networks. When you use these networks you agree to pay a set fee for every click/visitor the network sends you. Google Adwords is by far the largest and most used pay-per-click network; however, there are several others out there to choose from including but not limited to: Clicksor, Yahoo Advertising Solutions, DigitalPoint, and BidVertiser. [br] [br]
  2. Banner Advertising: [br]Another great way to increase branding and traffic to your website is to purchase banner advertising on sites related to your niche. My favorite banner advertisement network is BuySellAds; however, there are a few other good ones out there including: and [br] [br]
  3. Sponsored Reviews: [br]Sponsored reviews are another great way to increase traffic to your website. You can use these services to promote your website and brand to other visitors on the web. In order to follow Google Guidelines make sure you have the writers clearly label their posts as a “sponsored post” and use “nofollow” links. Two sponsored review services that have been around a while include: and  [br] [br]
  4. Sponsored Social Media Advertising: [br]Want to have celebrities or other popular companies promote you to their followers? There are now a few services out there that allow you to purchase a “Sponsor Tweet” or “Sponsored Post”. This is a great way to get some high profile notoriety to your website. Using a service like or will not only increase your traffic but also will promote your Brand which should always be your goal. [br] [br]
  5. Direct Social Media Advertising: [br]Another great medium for advertising your website is on social media sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have ways that you can buy advertisement on their network. If I am spending money for traffic I like to receive targeted visitors to my site and Facebook allows for VERY targeted advertising. [br] [br]
  6. Premium Press Release Services: [br] Previously I touched on how press release services can drive traffic to your site. There are free and paid services our there; however, if you are looking to get the most exposure to your announcement or news it is good to consider a premium press release service. The most widely known and best premium press release services are: and


Driving quality traffic to your website should be a primary goal of all webmasters and business owners. When developing a long-term strategy to consistently increase website traffic you should focus on anything that promotes your brand as a whole. We encourage you to utilize the different methods outlined in this article if you want to see rapid growth in traffic to your site.

Currently we are working on a HUGE case study to show the effects these methods have on website traffic when combined. We will release our results in a few months; however, in the meanwhile if you enjoy this content please share it with others!

Also, the team at pay our bills from commissions earned from our site when someone signs up for web hosting. If you would like to help us out and also get a discount on hosting please consider purchasing or switching your web hosting provider to Bluehost. In our opinion Bluehost is the best web hosting provider in the world and everyday we put on reputation on the line promoting this great company. If you click on the banner below you will have a special $3.95 Bluehost promo rate enabled which will save you on your purchase and will also help us to continue offering our services and great content well into the future. Thanks for your help!!

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