Top 10 technology gadgets for the modern hotel room

Have you ever noticed all of the tech gadgets in a hotel room? There are about 10 different types of technology gadget that every hotel room should have. These range from the very usual to the very different. .

  1. HD TV

A high definition TV is the focal point of a hotel room and there are an innumerable number of brands and sizes to choose from. There is one for every budget and every room size.

  1. High Speed Internet

A hotel is no longer a hotel room but a boarding house (and even that is questionable) without high speed Internet. In many cases a hotel should offer both wireless and wired options in rooms, as this covers most usage needs.

  1. An MP3 Docking Stations

Most people now travel with an iPod or some other type of MP3 device. Hotels that offer an MP3 docking station with speakers offer better service as guests can listen to their favorite tunes, use it as an alarm clock and even watch movies.

  1. Additional Power Sources

Now this may not be an actual gadget but can be when you have to use an adapter or a surge protector to give these power sources. People need access to connections to charge their smart phones, MP3s, video recorders, cameras and laptops.

  1. Mirror TV

A really high tech gadget for the bathroom, sauna and swimming pool area, these TVs are equipped with high definition, digital tuners and touch screens.

  1. Automatic Lighting and Climate Control

While this may not seem like advanced technology it really is. This is a remote device that allows guests to place settings according to their mood;; bright lights for work, low lights for romance etc.

  1. Radio Frequency Identification

We all know this one as keyless entry systems for hotel rooms and other areas of the hotel. But developed technology of this same system now allows guests to use their mobile phone to gain access to their hotel room.

  1. Automatic Detection of Guest Habitation

While this system may not affect guests directly it certainly helps lower costs of hotel energy costs. These systems detect when guests are in a room and when they are not, thus adjusting the temperature when the room is detected as being empty. This can reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint by as much as 70%.

  1. Infrared lights

Infrared signals monitor when a guest enters and leaves so housekeeping can tell if a room is ready to be made up.

  1. Building Rotation

Although not a common technology, and not used in any hotel but one, this is being developed. It is the ability to rotate a building once a day so guests can get an ocean view during their stay.

Top 10 technnology gadgets for the modern home

Technology is a part of our lives. Even though we may assume that it’s not. We use different types of machines that accomplish many different tasks at home – and all of these use the latest in technology. Let’s look at the top 10 coolest gadgets for the home.

  1. The high-powered cordless vacuum cleaner

Okay, I gotta say vacuum cleaners are not a new technology, they have been around since the 1940s and 50s. But now there are these new cool cordless vacuum cleaners that have no wires and are much more effective, lighter than their bulky, noisy and will take vacuum cleaner cousins.

  1. Ion  Air Purifier

These new air purifiers allow you to keep your home environment clean and free of allergens.

  1. Sensor LED Light and Lamp Controller

These allow you to control the lights in your home automatically, even when you’re away from home. This gives you added security and lighting.

  1. Rechargeable Laptop Battery

This is an external rechargeable laptop battery that will take you anywhere you need. So when the power cuts out at home, this rechargeable laptop battery can give your laptop a charge.

  1. Countertop Water Filtration System

We all need to drink more water as it be that my metabolism and removes toxins from our body. However, tap water can be full of minerals and other toxins. So you want to filter the water before you drink it, and the easiest way of doing this is through countertop water filtration system.

  1. Motion-Activated Candy Dispense

While this may not be a needed a home tech gadget, is sure is cool. Just put your hand under the dispenser and you’ll get just the right amount of nuts, seeds, or candy.                         

  1. The Bluetooth Speaker

I don’t care what anybody says, you just that I have a Bluetooth speaker in the house. These may look small but carry powerful sound, and best of all, they can be connected to your cell phone, your laptop, your computer, and sometimes even your TV.

  1. The Dog Exerciser

as someone with dogs, I’d say that this is a pretty needed home gadget. It’s a treadmill for dogs. Yes, your dog can get is needed exercise on a regular basis without your having to take three-hour long walks and time out of your day.

  1. The Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This really is nothing like listening to music as you bathe. A bluetooth shower Speaker just makes shower time more interesting.

  1. Automatic Door Locker

Don’t worry, if you forgot to lock the door or misplaced your door keys. Now you can lock your front door from anywhere in the world using your smartphone and an automatic door locker.

Top 10 Christmas tech buys for Your Parents

When it comes to Christmas and gift giving, tech is always a good place to start. But you have to be careful when choosing a nifty gadget as there are a lot of bad gadgets out there. And you don’t want to be known as that person who gave a poor tech gadget for Christmas. We’ve decided to give you a little help. Here are the best tech buys for 2014.

1.    The Motorola G

This has a lot of smartphone for just a little money and the perfect gift for someone who is just coming into the 21st century. It comes with a 720p display and  a quad core processor , which makes it a great little android phone for beginner users.

2. Canon Ixus 255 Hs

While this may look like the other Ixus cameras, this 255HS really does deserve a 5 star rating. The pictures are find detailed and noise free.. It’s great for turning your Christmas day pics into outstanding shots.

  1. The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Amazon now has the largest electronic library ever, so even if your parents aren’t technologically gifted, don’t want this device, as it gives them access to an immense world of books

  1. The Sage Nutri Juicer

this is a juicer with the 1.2 L capacity, an extra wide chute for large chunks of fruit and vegetables. It’s recommended by Heston Blumenthal, the expert of molecular gastronomy so you cant really go wrong here.

  1. The Motocaddy S3 ProDigital

Ideal for the golfer in the family. This is a motorized trolley that moves alongside you, automatically calculating the move distances.

  1. The Fisher F4

this is state-of-the-art metal detector with a plethora of available statistics, digital readings and dials.

  1. Lavazza a Modo Mio Favola

If there is someone who loves coffee in the family then they will love this pod convenient coffee maker with milk frother.

  1. Jawbone Mini Jambox

This is a machine that lets your parents listen to their classic favorites. It is a wireless speaker which can be placed anywhere and offers up to ten hours of play time.

  1. Apple TV

This is a great addition for your parent’s old TV. It gives them instant access to Wifi media like Netflix, YouTube and iTunes. Now your parents can watch their favorite movies and videos

  1. The Tile

Attach this little tile to anything you want to keep track of and the tiny GPS chip will allow any iOS device to track it with a special app. It’s attractive and discrete so your Mom will never have to lose her keys, purse or anything else.

Top 10 apps for entrepreneurs

When you think of an entrepreneur you usually think of a business person, but an entrepreneur is much like an artist. He is captivated by thoughts and ideas; that never ending pursuit of the “maybe.” It’s here that an entrepreneur needs to focus his attention and leave the small tasks up to technology. But how do you do that? Well, with the help apps. Here are 10 apps that can help lighten the load of any entrepreneur.

  1. Evernote

This allows you to share content with other team members and create a more informed collaborative effort. You can use Evernote to dictate notes and have the program turn it into written text. You can also immediately turn Evernote content into a presentation with just one click.

  1. Digg

An app that lets entrepreneurs look for new innovations and stay informed of the latest news in any industry. Use this app on phones, tablets, e-readers and computers. Digg lets you find, read and share top stories on the internet.

  1. Invoice2go

With this app you can invoice from anywhere sending information out in just a few minutes. The app also lets you keep track of your paid and unpaid invoices.

  1. Smartr Contacts

One of the biggest problems business owners have is keeping track of contacts. Smartr contacts allows you to keep track of your contacts across all devices.

  1. Dropbox

One of the best things to happen to entrepreneurs was the cloud. You can  keep all important data in Dropbox and access it immediately from any location. Data is kept completely safe and you can install the app on your phone, tablet or PC.

  1. Clicky

This allows you to see your website states while on the go. It gives you information on Google trends and lets you monitor your website.

  1. Prismatic

This app gives you the latest information on your industry . It allows you to customize information to your interests.

  1. Pruoducteev

This allows you to have control over the information you delegate to other teams.  It keeps track of the tasks you assign, the due dates, progrs and results.

  1. Easy Project

This is a management app that helps you do your online planning for the organization. Export and impor your projects. Use Gantt chards and time management modules.

  1. Vesper

This is a very intuitive note taking app that allows you to write text and add images. The Vesper app offers intuitive navigation and allows you to easily find your notes.

Download one or all of these apps for easy management of your ideas and processes. It’s like taking your secretary with you, but all of this is stored on your phone, your tablet or your app.

Top 10 Personal Antivirus Software Programs

Many PC and even MAC users would like to think that viruses were a thing of the past; that new PCs, laptops and smartphones don’t need antivirus software. But in truth, viruses are still a very real threat and it’s important that you do everything possible to keep your devices protected from there. As such we’ve listed the top 10 antivirus software programs you can istall and use on any of your devices.

  1. Microsoft Security Essentials

This antivirus program doesn’t need a lot of processing resources,. It is simple yet modern and has a great detection rate, making this the first choice for people who want an good antivirus program to run in the background.

  1. Avira AntiVir

This is another outstanding antivirus program that catches most infections early on. It offers real time monitoring in its free version. It also protects against Trojans and worms, and offers protection against the spam and fishing techniques too.

  1. Avast

This shields against many different types of threats, offers automatic scans and even detects virus infections in instant messages. Avast offers a free personal option and also gives phone support for software issues.

  1. AVG Free Edition

The developers also offer a free edition for end consumers and with more than 70 million downloads, you can’t really go wrong here. This company offers real-time security against 1000’s of different types of malware.

  1. Comodo

Comodo also offers real-time scanning and automatic updates so you don’t have to worry about being protected. You can do other things while your system takes care of itself. It also scans e-mails and quarantines files it thinks are dangerous.

  1. PC Tools Free Edition

This antivirus protects against Trojans, worms and viruses. The PC Tools AntiVirus helps keep your computer safe from the most recognized and damaging malware, even though it does have a slightly lower detection rate than the above programs.

  1. PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition

With built-in protection against threats like worms, Trojans and viruses, PC Tools AntiVirus will keep a computer safe from all of the most potential damaging malware, but does suffer from a lower detection rate than other free software.

  1. BitDefender

The free edition doesn’t offer real-time scanning but it does offer on-demand scanning with the award winning engine of this antivirus company.  The free version does protect a computer just as well as any other paid version.

  1. ClamWin

Clam Win offers high-detection of viruses and has an automatic update feature making it very easy to use. It also has a feature that few other antivirus software programs have, the ability to check spyware.

  1. Blink

The personal version is free and offers a firewall as well as antivirus protection. However its detection of spyware is not as good as on other programs.

Top 10 analytical tools for Bloggers

Are you a blogger, or an Internet-savvy pro webmaster then you need to know of all the great tools that can help you monetize on your blog faster. You especially need to know about your blog stats, your data health, traffic and revenue. So today we’ve decided to share the top 10 analytical tools for bloggers.

1.Google Webmaster Tools

GWT is the best blogger tool and it helps correct your SEO strategies.  This is the 1st SEO tool bloggers and webmasters use, and as such about 99 people out of 100 use it to start their statistical search. This tool offers you a glimpse of your sitemap, the search queries used to get to your site, traffic stats and both internal and external links.

2. Google Analytical Tools

This is another great tool that Google makes available for free. It tells you about your traffic. This tells you what traffic you get and where it comes from. It also offers you information on your real time visitors. It shows you where traffic sources come from, gives you audience overviews, social media references, content page views and more.

3. Google Adwords Key Tool

This is a tool that almost any SEO expert uses. It  helps  the pros find keywords for titles and to include in their content. It is the most searched tool and key to indexing content correctly.

4. Moz

This is another pro tool with several key integrated tools for SEO. This site offers some of the best SEO tools to help bloggers find solutions to their problems. It offers help with meta descriptions, page rank. It has a sitemap creator and even offers SEO training.

5. SEO Quake

This is another top SEOtool that allows you to check page rank, metas and many more. This is a plugin that you can install on your browser.

6. Woorank

This site offers a free once a week check for one website. It is a popular tool for checking the correct SEO rules.Created by pro bloggers it offers a lot of insight and is used by many SEO analysts.

7. SEMrush

Here is another tool similar to the one listed above. What’s the difference? Not much some bloggers or SEO specialist prefer this site while others prefer Woorank, it’s just a matter of preference.

8. Keywords Density Analyzer

This allows you to check your keywords limits and see whether you have too many or too few keywords. This helps prevent keyword stuffing for your content.

9. Alexa

This is still a top free tool used by pro bloggers and web masters. It offers the blogs ranking on a word wide or  by country. It is easily installed on all browsers and shows up as a browser.

10. Woopra

This is a good analytical tool that you want to use when you have multiple blogs and want to track an analyze all your blogs simultaneously.

Top 5 mobile apps that convert voice to text

Wouldn’t it be nice if while waiting in line, you could jot down a few notes? Get your thoughts down for future reference? Write out that grocery list?

Actually you can. Tablets and smart phones now have apps available that let you dictate and convert the information to written form. In other words, you can say your thoughts  into your smartphone and it writes the information down. This is great technology for business people, teachers, Moms and just about anyone.

So what apps work best? Well, below you’ll find a list of the 5 best mobile apps that covert your voice to text for documents, emails or notes (a great feature for those who are slow typers.)

  1. Dragon Dictation

Dragon has always been an outstanding voice to text converter. This is what  they do. They have several programs for laptops, computers and mobile technology but this is their first free version. Dragon Dictation Free is great for the mobile industry. It is a free voice recognition app that lets users speak and instantly be recognized, the information automatically turning into text or email messages. Best of all this is about 5 times faster than typing on the keyboard.

  1. Speech Notes

This is a special app that works at taking notes and allows you to turn speech into text using the internet. Just click your mike and start speaking.

  1. TalkBox Voice Messenger

This is a very cool app as it allows you to send a combination of text and voice messages through email.

  1. Vlingo Voice App

This is like having a secretarial assistant at your beck and call. Just tell your phone what to do and it does it. It even integrates with social media accounts.

  1. Google Voice Search

This is a Google Search app. So if you are tired of typing in every search you make look for Google Voice.  This has another cool feature in that you can also get quick access to other cool apps like Gmail, Docs and Calendar.

 Bottom Line

The computer, the smart phone and the tablet are tools that make our life convenient. With these devices we are able to do things faster than we ever have before. However, typing can be one of those tasks that slows us down. This new speech to text application allows us to move at lightning fast speed. It allows us to capture our thoughts and ideas as fast as we can think of them. There is just one problem there isn’t one voice to text app that really does it all. Sometimes you can need more than one app that does a similar task. For instance when you write documents you might use Dragon Dictation, but when you want to search for something on Google then you’ll want to make the switch to Google Voice Search. So have fun and try any of these apps out.

Top 5 Best Graphics Cards

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to play a video game that everybody is raving about, just to realize that your graphics card can’t handle it. However, a computer with a powerful graphics card isn’t just heaven for gamers, but also for those who are into video editing or graphic designing, for example. Or for those who are into…using their computer, plain and simple. As long as the graphics card has a lot of processing power and video memory, operating the PC will be done in a smooth and speedy manner. Choosing the best one can be a tiring task though and this is why we did the dirty job for you.

1) AMD Radeon R9 290X



There is no graphics card more powerful than the AMD Radeon R9 290X, period. The frame rates it manages to sustain and the memory bandwidth are well above what any other graphics card has to offer. Its Hawaii GPU is a monster, guaranteeing that every game currently available can be played at the highest details without any loss in smoothness. However, great power comes with a price and in this case, it’s 290X’s very loud fans and power consumption.

2) Nvidia GeForce GTX 780


The GTX Titan is GTX 780’s big brother, but that doesn’t mean that the GTX 780 is less worthy of praise – quite the opposite. Despite being a single-core GPU, its performance is outstanding even when it comes to the more demanding games. The frame rates come just behind the 290X and the memory bandwidths of the two are also similar. The absolute highlight of this graphics card is the GK110 chipset, boosting 2304 CUDA cores; on the downside however, the base core clock speed could have been higher.

3) AMD Radeon HD 79703

The AMD Radeon HD 7970, despite not being a recent graphics card release, is still relevant thanks to its outstanding performance and speed; the Graphics Core Next is responsible for that. It has 128 texture units and 2048 stream processors, but its most talked about feature is the PowerTune. This technology automatically adjusts the clock speed, overclocking the GPU in case there is power available which is not currently in use. This technology ensures that the games’ graphics are always top-notch, without having to worry about overlocking. We would have ranked it higher if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s a really big graphics card which easily heats up, meaning it needs extra fans.

4) Nvidia GeForce GTX 680


Even though the GTX 680 is another graphics card which falls into the ‘dated’ category, it still holds its own remarkably well. The performance is impressive even when it comes to the newest games and its high memory bandwidth and base clock speed are responsible for that. The GTX 680 was the first graphics card to feature the Kepler architecture, which lessens the power consumption and the noise and increases the processing speeds. Unfortunately, the GTX 680 has just a single HDMI port and requires a lot of space, being a long graphics card, but apart from that, it’s still able to compete with the big guys.

5) AMD Radeon R9 270X5

If you want to play 1080p games without throwing the money out of the window, this graphics card might be the right choice for you; that’s in part thanks to the Curacao XT chipset with 1280 stream processors. The memory bandwidth is wide enough to support many of the most recent games, but it shows its weaknesses by dropping the frame rate below 60 when they are played at their highest settings. While the power consumption is fair, the 270X could have been less noisy, considering that it’s not a high-end graphics card.

Top 5 Free Photo Editing Software

We live in a digital era where there is no more room for taking pictures with a film and developing it in a studio. Sure, there will always be nostalgics longing for that, but the truth is, digital photography has completely taken over the market. Today’s cameras are so advanced, that everyone can pretend to be a photographer – still, there will be the occasional red-eye, lighting or crispiness issues you will want to take care of. Since Photoshop might be too overly complicated for some (not to mention expensive), we compiled a list of some of the best free photo editing software around.

1) Gimp


Gimp has been around since time immemorial, being released in 1996 and regularly updating ever since, offering a comprehensive package of photo-editing tools. There are the standard ones, like red eye fixing, lightning, sharpening, blurring and color correction and some neat ones, as for instance, giving a picture an oil painting effect, as well as creating an animation. Full layer support is also available and while the software is no rocket science, it takes some time learning how to make the best of its tools.

2) PhoXo


PhoXo is another oldie, but goodie, which has been for almost a decade and, just like it happens with Gimp, old does not mean outdated. It’s a powerful image editor, which is easy to use, offering layers, dozens of photo effects, frames and cliparts, the possibility to process images in batches and even watermarking your pictures, so that nobody can claim ownership of them. Needless to say, it has the standard tools, like cropping, retouching, painting and drawing, allowing you to have a bit of fun with your pictures.

3) PhotoScape


PhotoScape is a software aimed at users who just want to have a bit of fun with their pictures, since it lacks more advanced options, like the addition of layers. It really helps you let your artistic side flow, by sporting 11 styles, such as Pencil, Cartoon and Pastel, just to mention a few. The addition of cliparts and speech bubbles are destined to make the child inside you happy.

4) PhotoFiltre


PhotoFiltre is a popular choice when it comes to image batch processing, since you can add plenty of filters, like blurring, softening or sharpening the edges, adjust lightning and resize your pictures, all at once. Its editing features are quite remarkable for a free software, the PhotoMask being a particular highlight. It allows you to add transparency effects and well as a stylish contour to your images, turning them into standouts.

 5) Vicman’s Photo! Editor 1.1



This program features a nice interface and tons of options for enhancing digital photographs, including red eye correction, denoising, deblurring, coloring, lightning, resizing, cropping and straightening, just to mention a few. However, the real highlight is the “Make Up” tool, useful when you need to get rid of a watermark or some text covering a portion of the photograph or even correct the flash, to reduce shining.

Top 5 Anti-Theft Android Apps

As smartphones become more advanced and expensive, they represent more of a temptation for thieves who would happily dispose you of them. Luckily, nowadays it’s hard to have your phone stolen without being able to find it, thanks to the many Android apps available. They don’t only protect your data, but also use GPS to successfully trace it. Here are some of the best ones available.

Android Device Manager

android device manager

This app actually comes preinstalled on many smartphones. Developed by Google, it covers the basics when it comes to ensuring that you will be able to find your lost phone. It’s free to use and apart from locating the missing device, it lets you lock it, make a siren sound to alert people nearby or even wipe it completely, so that nobody can access your sensitive data. It’s synced with your Google account, which is able to manage multiple devices at once.

Avast! Anti-Theft

avast anti theft

Because Avast! Anti- Theft is available both as a Free and Premium version, you would expect to see the free version stripped of many functions, but fortunately enough, that’s not the case. If you install it as part of the Avast! Mobile Security suit, you’ll have access to an impressive range of tools. It lets you control your phone remotely via SMS, add a friend who would receive your SMS change notifications on his number, lock, locate or wipe it completely. It can also play a loud noise, lock the SIM and even block access to important phone applications, like the settings. The premium version can enable geofencing, as well as take pictures with the phone’s camera, so that you can identify the thief.



Cerberus is an anti-theft app rich in options. You have a week to try it for free, after which you’ll have to pay $2.99 if you want to continue using it. And there are a lot of reasons why you would want to. Apart from the common functions, the app’s icon can be hidden, so that whoever steals your phone won’t uninstall it and you can even turn the microphone on and record what he is saying, in case you will need to use the audio as evidence.



To take full advantage of Lookout’s features, you’ll need to go premium, but if you do, you’ll get a solid app, which has been constantly improving over the years. It manages to take advantage of the two actions most likely to be done by thieves: turning your phone off and change the SIM card. In both cases, you’ll be notified via e-mail. The cherry on top is the ability to take a picture with the front camera, in an attempt to identify the thief.



Prey is another anti-theft app free to use and unlike Lookout, it can be used across many platforms, including PCs. This means that you can use a single account for all your devices which need to be protected. Basic features like locating, wiping and locking are of course available, as well as activating a loud siren or display a message of your choice on the phone’s screen.