Most Popular Top Web Hosting Solutions

Choosing a random hosting plan for your website could be damaging especially when you are planning to host a business website. People having less information about web hosting choose random hosting plans and later on they have to regret. Here I’m going to discuss specs of some most popular top web hosting solutions which prove to be useful in selection of suitable hosting plan.

Countless web hosting companies are offering numerous hosting solutions but one has to pick a suitable one keeping in mind the requirements of his/her websites. Some of the most commonly used hosting plans are shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting and dedicated web hosting plan.

Details of popular Top web hosting plans

Shared Hosting Plan:

Shared hosting plan is the most affordable hosting plan; in shared hosting one gets a shared server on which number of other people hosts their websites. As you are on a shared server you have to share your server resources with others and in case of high web traffic you might not be able to get suitable bandwidth in order to fulfill traffic requirements. That’s why it is suitable of small personal websites or blogs and for the beginners who need to learn basics of web hosting. With shared hosting server one can have less application support, less security and no customer support. So if you are thinking to host a professional website on shared hosting server you might need to think again.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting:

VPS hosting works on the basis of virtualization, on the basis of software numerous virtual dedicated servers are created and each VDS is autonomous. All these VDSs are based on single physical server, which means you have your own dedicated environment and at the same time you are sharing physical server resources as well. VPS allow you to modify server specs according to your website requirements such as choose an operating system (OS), control panel, security applications and more. Beside this VPS provide an extensive traffic control using scalability method which prevents server overloading and tend to keep it running so that people can get maximum server uptime. It is a bit costly then shared hosting plan but much more reliable as well. So people looking for suitable hosting server for their professional website should choose VPS hosting.