Liquidweb VPS

LiquidWeb is among well known hosting companies as they offer wide range of hosting plans but they are very much popular for providing reliable virtual private server (VPS) hosting. In VPS hosting you have your own virtual dedicated environment based on single physical server, most of the companies provide single VPS to many users which means you might not get a suitable server resource but Liquidweb offers VPS hosting based on “No Overselling Policy” which means one can have limited users on VPS and get maximum benefit from it in terms of website performance.

 Liquidweb offer various types of VPS such as cloud enabled VPS which they called Linux smart VPS and Windows parallel VPS, both are different in terms of working.  They offer both Linux and windows based VPSs but most of the people prefer to choose Linux VPS hosting for secure and stable hosting services. Liquidweb provide unlimited hosting package along with VPS hosting which mainly include unlimited accounts and domains.  Now along with these operating systems one has to choose control panel and Liquidweb offers cPanle and WHM based virtual private servers both are user-friendly and easy to understand.

Liquidweb provides well configured VPS so that you can easily install your desired applications with just one click. Also it provides complete support for all types of scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, Ruby and more. Beside this provide easy installation of various content management systems (CMS) which are used to manage website content. The most commonly used content management systems are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. So one can choose any of these and with one click installation facility you can easily install and configure them.

Now if we talk about security, Liquidweb provide secure VPS so that your website remains secure from external and internal threats. Also you can install anti-virus and firewall to protect your server from hackers and spammers.

Along with these reliable VPS hosting features Liquidweb offer 30minutes response customer support which means you don’t have to hold up long. People who are looking for reliable VPS hosting should consider Liquidweb VPS hosting.