Linux Vs Window Web Hosting Pros and Cons

While looking for a web hosting there are many things to keep in mind and one of them is to choose an operating system (OS) for your hosting server. Well before choosing an OS one has to choose a suitable hosting plan according to website requirements and selection of an OS also depends on your website, such as what sort of applications you are using and what sort of support you required.

The most commonly used operating systems for hosting server are Linux and Windows, both offers different functionality in terms of hosting. Linux is an open source OS which means all you have to do is to download it and install whereas Windows doesn’t share its source code. In order to figure out which one is the most suitable for your website one has to analyze Pros and Cons.

Application Requirement: First of all you need to check out what sort of applications or scripting languages you are using to develop your website as these application required some additional support in terms of web hosting. People using PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python and other scripting languages need to have Linux web hosting as it is considered to be the most reliable hosting OS. As compare to that if you are willing to use Microsoft applications in your website such as, J Script, VB Script or any other Microsoft script than you need Windows web hosting as it provide complete support for Microsoft applications.

Security Level: If you give priority to the security of server than Linux web hosting is what you are looking for as Linux is considered to be the most secured OS for hosting server, you can easily customize your server security using Linux. Windows based server can also be secured if the administrator is has strong grasp over Windows as it’s a bit complicate to put on some security checks.

Cost: Linux is free that’s is one of the reasons to choose Linux as compare to that Windows  is a paid OS and your hosting provider charge you to have Windows as an OS.

Training: Well in terms of managing Linux and Windows, one has to get trained about the chosen one. If you choose Linux you have to learn about its interface and other applications same is the case with windows so it doesn’t make much difference.

In the end your personal understanding matter a lot, if you have knowledge about any of them you can choose your desired one as top web host offer both Linux and Windows based servers.