Inmotion VPS

Inmotion is among one of the best web hosting companies because of their reliability. Inmotion offers multiple hosting servers but they are well known for providing best virtual private server (VPS) hosting services. In VPS hosting you have your own virtual dedicated environment based on single physical server, you have to share your physical server but you have your own independent virtual environment which means you can choose an operating system (OS) of your own choice and define your own server settings.

Inmotion offers Linux based VPS hosting, as Linux is the most secure OS that’s why people prefer Linux based VPS hosting. With Linux based VPS you can have cPanel to manage to hosting activities, cPanel is the most widely used control panel just because of its user-friendly environment.  Using cPanel one-click installation feature you can easily install any web application with just one click. As Linux based VPS provide complete support for various content management systems so you can easily install WordPress, Joomla or Drupal with just a click which means you don’t have to upload each file separately.

Inmotion offers burst able RAM up to 1GB, which means in case of high traffic rate when your allotted memory exceeds you can utilize burst able memory to fulfill your traffic needs. This way you can have efficient traffic control. Beside this Inmotion offers unlimited domains, emails accounts and MySQL databases which means you can creates as many domains and emails you want. Also they provide optional root-level access so that you can customize your server settings properly and according to requirements.  Inmotion provide optimized support for PHP, Perl, Python and other scripting languages.

One of the best features of Inmotion VPS hosting is that they offer multiple data center locations which means you can choose the closest data center location for best website performance. Also they offer nightly back-up facility so that in case any data loss you can recover it instantly.

Along with these reliable VPS hosting features Inmotion provide 100% US based technical support so that in case of any server related issue you can contact them immediately at any time you want. People looking for multiple data center locations should choose Inmotion VPS hosting for best website performance.