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Every single web hosting company in the market claim to be a best web hosting company and there is nothing odd about it as everyone has right to promote business. But how come people are sure of having best services and how come people are positive that the services they are getting are the best? Are there any certain criteria that differentiate worst and best hosting companies? These days’ people are well aware of the website importance in terms of business that is why every businessman is willing to utilize this channel efficiently. After getting your website designed you need to host it but often it becomes quite difficult to pick a reliable best hosting company as there are 1000’s of web hosting companies and every single of them claims to be reliable. “Topwebhostinggeek”  has compile a list of top web hosting companies providing which are considered reliable and cost effective according to our market research and customer reviews. Most of these hosting companies are offering shared, dedicated, and wordpress hosting services along with quality technical support.

Best Web Hosting

Launching a website online is more of a tedious task then the completion of the website itself. Once a website is ready for the launch, the process of finding the best web hosting services comes into action. There are quite a number of factors that play vital role in selection of web hosting plan. Although every one wish to have the best web hosting service for website yet the qualitative measure of being ‘the best’ is only a generalized view at all the web hosting plans. We cannot regard webhosting plan ‘X’ to be the best in all possible situations and for all websites rather, quality of service and features which determines which best webhosting plan will perform outstanding in a given situation- But having said that, one cannot deny the quality of web hosting services provided by a dedicated web hosting plan. Even the most demanding website can be well hosted by a dedicated server providing extreme level of reliability and flexibility at all times. There are people who wish to sell cheap web hosting services as part of their own business in the form of reseller hosting- for their own web and selling it further to their clients as well. Such people need to choose reseller best hosting since it is the best option available for such businesses. It is low priced so that you have the chance to earn profit while selling it. So depending upon the individual needs of the customer, the hunt for best web hosting services reshapes itself automatically.

Best Web Hosting Reviews:

Most of the people might neglect the importance of web hosting reviews but seriously they are important when it come to make a decision about signing up a best web host. As every hosting company claims to be reliable so it’s quite complicated to choose the best of all. Well there are certain factors that make web host best and worst some of them are extremely important such as sever uptime, application support and customer support. Especially if you are planning to publish online business website you need to think about these factors seriously because an excessive server down time and lack of customer support are not encourage able by the visitors or customers.

Justhost Web Hosting

Justhost is among top web hosting companies for providing reliable and best cheap web hosting services. They offer unlimited hosting package which prominently include unlimited web space bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, email accounts and more. Beside this they offer configured hosting server to ensure WordPress hosting support and various other content management system support as well. If you are interested in publishing small website or blog justhost is perfect for you as they are offering reliable best cheap web hosting services in just $3.75/month. Within this hosting plan justhost offer 24/7 customer support as well and the best feature of justhost is “Any Time Money Back Guarantee”, so feel free to sign up with them.

Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost offer professional web hosting plan that suits medium size business websites and blogs. They offer unlimited hosting features to ensure stable and reliable web hosting services. Beside this they offer support for most modern web applications and scripting techniques which mainly involved Perl 5, PHP 5, HTML 5 and more. Beside this they ensure server stability for configuring them properly so people don’t have to face any difficulty, also they offer one-click installation for various content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more. This attractive professional web hosting plan comes in just $3.95/month. Bluehost offer exclusive 24/7 customer support through email, phone and live-chat so one can use any of these mediums to contact them any time.

iPage Web Hosting

iPage is among best cheap hosting service providers as they are maintaining there are offering best web hosting services without damaging the quality of services. They offer stable and consistent shared hosting server with limited user on it so people can get suitable server resources for their personal websites and blogs. They offer support for latest web technology and offer various bonus features as well which include site builder using which people with small website can easily modify or create standardized websites. iPage offer US based customer support to ensure quality of services and to interact with the customers freely, all these reliable hosting services are offered at $3.50/month.