How to Choose a Best Web Hosting Company?

These days there are so many web hosting companies which claim to be the best but only few of them are reliable indeed. Because of so many companies it has become hard to pick a reliable web host. There are some qualities of best web hosting company which one has to look out for before finalizing a host. A best hosting company actually provides you unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, offer user-friendly control panel, provide 24/7 technical support and ensure you maximum uptime & quick response time.

If your host has all these qualities than you should go for it else you have search for the best web hosting company.

What Type of Best Hosting Plan you Need?

While comparing different hosting companies you need to look their hosting plans as well. Almost all the web hosting companies offer shared, dedicated and VPS hosting plans but with certain variations.

The most commonly use hosting plan is shared hosting one reason behind it is the cost. As you are sharing your server resources with others it means you are sharing a price as well. Shared hosting works fine with small websites as they don’t require a lot of space and don’t expect much traffic. It is less secure than other hosting plans because you are on a shared server so anyone can break in because of a minor loophole in the security.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plan is recommended for business websites as it controls the traffic efficiently. In VPS hosting a single physical server is divided in to various virtual dedicated servers on the basis of software. You can have your own OS and configure your server according to your needs. It is considered to be secure because of it virtual dedicated environment. Also it provides support for all types of application software’s which are not supported by shared hosting.

Dedicated server is a huge computer system with immense power, these server are quite expensive and are available on lease. In dedicated server hosting you don’t have to share your server resources with anyone that means greater security and reliability. It is recommended for large business websites which require stability and full functionality without any interruption. You can either obtain managed or unmanaged dedicated server hosting depending on your knowledge.

After figuring out your hosting plan you can compare different hosts which are providing your desired hosting plan and pick the most suitable hosting company.

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