Google’s Changing The SEO Game Again

get-ready-for-google-games-149c45b5f9In just a few years, the SEO world has changed immensely. Web masters use to be able to have knowledge to manipulate Google’s search rankings with mole like tactics. Now more disciplined, with greater expertise needed to make those clever moves that rise ones site to the top. Google’s change in direction will help it’s users find the information faster.

So I bet you are wondering how the SEO industry is evolving? Or what Google is striving to do with these changes?

The main function of google use to just be a search engine. It has now transformed into a lead consumer-facing and data oriented projects. This shift helps consumers who are in a more localized mode asking questions like, “where can I buy designer sunglasses in Miami.”

Manipulation and trickery was a thing of the past. Instead of the main focus being on page ranks, links and keywords Google has shifted towards brand building and high quality content. As a result, both having a brand and high quality content working simultaneously together are needed to ascend to the top of Google’s rankings.

Consumers want answers now and Google Now is just that. Google Now will give Apple’s mobile voice search (Siri) a run for its money. With a completely different mindset Google Now uses Geolocation, search history, preferences and also recent product activity you have searched. It will produce weather reports to your new destination, search your calendar for reminders and also give you birthday reminders.

Links have always been used even before any SEO was around. Although, Google may be tweaking its algorithms on inbound links to have lower value it doesn’t mean that they are totally irrelevant. Many people tried to use other websites in the past before SEO even existed. If users weren’t finding your website via google how else are they finding it? They could have found it on Facebook or twitter or a blog, for that matter, even when they were walking down the street and saw it in the non cyber world. All of these cases have brought individuals to sites in the past. What is stopping them from continuing to come to your site from these links now? If you guess nothing, you are correct.

All in all, it is important to focus on your product as this is what consumers are after. With a quality product comes great content to be produced. The present is that Google’s strategy continues in the direction of encouraging quality content and branding, however it is an ever-changing game and who knows what the next major change will be.

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