Endurance International Group (EIGI) – IPO

Endurance International Group (EIGI) has officially completed their IPO. Endurance is the parent company to some of our favorite web hosting brands including but not limited to: BluehostiPageFatcowHostmonsterJusthost .

For years Endurance has been acquiring some of the world’s largest and most successful web hosting providers and as a result has grown into one of the biggest networks of hosting companies on the web. Some of the most recent (and largest) acquisitions that Endurance has made include our top rated host Bluehost and Hostgator!

On Friday, October 25th the management and owners of Endurance gathered in New York to ring in the bell on the Nasdaq exchange. The companies IPO was set at $12 per share which was valued slightly lower than expected. Initially experts valued Endurance in the 14-16$ range.  The current evaluation of the company most likely falls between 1.25-1.5 BILLION dollars!

One concern investment bankers had with Endurance (who is trading under the symbol EIGI on the Nasdaq) was the high level of debt that the company had on its books. Although this is a valid reason to be concerned, as a avid follower of hosting news, I believe much of this debt was compiled when Endurance recently acquired brands:  Hostgator, Bluehost, and Hostmonster. Endurance plans to use funds raised during their IPO to pay down debt which should ease concerns of investors.

I have been following Endurance brands for years and over the past year I have really noticed that EIG has been perfecting their sales & marketing strategies. I believe with the new acquisitions and masterly unselling skills you will witness high profit margins in upcoming quarters which should drive up the value of this company to its original predictions.


I am no way an expert in the stock market and comments in this post are strictly my option. However, I do have years of experience monitoring web hosting providers and believe Endurance to be one of most successful and fastest growing companies on the web. I believe you are looking at a company that has a long and profitable future ahead!

Congratulations to Endurance (EIGI) on your successful IPO launch!