Web Hosting Comparison – Real Facts & Figures

There are plenty of web hosting comparison sites on the web but in our opinion very few of them really take the time to conduct thorough research to compare and contrast popular hosts. Our goal was to use a variety of  reliable metrics to truly find “the best web hosting” provider.

Before conducting our experiment we went out and found the five largest hosts that consistently are being named as the “best host” on top hosting review sites like BestWebHostingGeek.com. Our research found that on average Bluehost, Hostmonster, iPage, FatCow, and Justhost ranked higher than all other hosts on the web. For today’s quest to compare the top hosting providers we will study these five hosts.

Our researchers found that these top-tier hosts often offer users many of the same “Features & Functionalities” so we decided to look deeper at four-specific metrics not normally compared to determine the best host.

We will be examining the follow:

  • Total Number of Customers Hosted on Servers
  • Price Comparison
  • Amount of “Search Traffic”
  • Poll-of-Polls – Massive Study of User Reviews

    Reported on: July 29, 2013
    Reported on: July 29, 2013

Total Number of Customers Hosted:

For today’s research we are going to be utilizing a variety of assumptions. The first being, “A company that has historically grown faster & larger than other companies must be producing an overall superior product”. This assumption is based on the common marketing strategies that say, “Word of Mouth is the Best Advertisement” and “A Good Product Sells Itself”. If a company provides a GREAT product than naturally it will gain more exposure and ultimately grow larger and more successful than its competitors.

On July 29, 2013 our researchers utilized the research tools from WebHosting.info to determine the total number of clients that these top five hosts have in total. The results were as follows:


  1. Bluehost  – 1,895,702 
  2. Hostmonster – 702,076
  3. iPage – 567,293
  4. Justhost – 349,995
  5. Fatcow – 284,231

By an overwhelming margin we found Bluehost to have the largest client-base followed by Hostmonster, iPage, Justhost, and lastly by FatCow. Bluehost and Hostmonster are sister companies and we believe it is no accident that they rank the highest in total number of clients.

Price Comparison:

BestWebHostingGeek.com researchers had a in-depth discussion to determine if “Price Comparison” should be a factor when attempting to find the best host. Our team decided that out of the four categories price was actually the least important to determine “HOST QUALITY” but was still very significant if the true goal is to fully compare hosts.

price comparison

    1. iPage $1.99/mo. – Out of the five hosts iPage was the most affordable hosting option. There appears to be a special promotion running for limited time. 
    2. Justhost $2.95/mo. – Justhost came in as the second most affordable host; however, their rate was nearly one dollar more per month than iPage.
    3. Fatcow $3.15/mo. –  Slightly behind Justhost was FatCow who advertised a rate of $3.15 a month.
    4. Bluehost & Hostmonster $3.95/mo. – Bluehost and Hostmonster tied for 4th in the affordability category. Both of these hosts have 3.95 rates; however, you must click on one of our promo links to enable this discounted rate.

Sometimes individuals have a really low budget when starting a website and price plays the biggest role in choosing a host. However, with less than $2/month difference between all the hosts we put little weight on this category.

Amount of Search Traffic:

This is one metric that many ignore when determining the overall quality of a web hosting provider. Our team researched back several years to determine how often users searched for the brand name of each of our hosts on Google. (For example, “Bluehost”, “Hostmonster”, “iPage”, “Fatcow”, “Justhost”.)

An upward trend in search traffic could signify that the host is doing something right and growing while a significant downward trend may signal a host that is diminishing/not growing. The graph below should give a clear visual as to how each of our five hosts have grown throughout the years.


(Click to enlarge)

 The results of this particular category were very interesting! Out of the five hosts only two had strong signals of groth, one host was steady, and two hosts were gradually losing momentum.

  1. Bluehost (GROWING) – The fastest growing host and also historical most successful host of the five was by far Bluehost. As a whole Bluehost has shown steady growth since 2005 and is currently at its peak signifying successful, long, and steady growth.
  2. iPage (GROWING) – Another host that has shown significant growth signs is iPage. Similar to Bluehost this host has continued to grow since day one and is currently near its all time peak.
  3. Fatcow (STEADY) – This host is not growing or dropping, from what we can see Fatcow has maintained pretty consistent traffic over the last five years.
  4. Justhost (DECLINING) – Justhost seemed to have peaked in 2010 and has since witnessed a gradual decline in exposure and traffic.
  5. Hostmonster (DECLINING) – The largest decline in traffic has been witnessed by Hostmonster. This host has been around for many years and grew steadily but in 2009 things started going downhill. Since this time Hostmonster has witnessed the largest decline in search traffic.

Based on this graph it is clear that Bluehost and iPage are the only two hosts out of the group that are showing significant signs of growth. This could be caused by a variety of factors including: Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, Word-of-Mouth, and Quality of Products.

Poll-of-Polls – Massive Study of User Reviews:

In any scientific study the larger the study sample the more accurate the results. Our team of researchers decided that utilizing and reading user reviews was by far the best way to determine the QUALITY of a host. A host that was working hard to innovate and provide great customer service would ultimately have more satisfied users than a host only focused on their bottom line.

In order to provide the most accurate results in this very important category we calculated and converted user-reviews from ten large hosting review sites and averaged the ratings to determine the most accurate score of satisfaction (10 = most satisfied, 1 = not satisfied).


Overall average ratings for all five host were impressively high; however, there was a clear winner in this category.

  1. Bluehost – Users clearly scored Bluehost as their best host, the company’s average rating checked in at an impressive 9.37/10.
  2. iPage – The second highest average was achieved by iPage.com who also had an average rating over 9.
  3. Hostmonster – Hostmonster squeaked by Fatcow and had the third best user rating.
  4. Fatcow – The fourth highest user ranked host was Fatcow who achieved an average rank of 8.75/10.
  5. Justhost – In 5th place with the lower customer satisfaction rate was Justhost with 8.67/10.

 Summary & Analysis:

BestWebHostingGeek.com set out to compare web hosting providers and attempt to determine the overall “best web hosting” provider. Instead of simply comparing features and functions of each host we attempted to dive-in to deeper research to determine which host is truly the best at gaining & keeping satisfied users.

Our team analyzed four different categories: Total Number of Customers Hosted, Price Comparison, Amount of Search Traffic, and a Large Collection of User Reviews. In each of the categories we were able to determine which hosts were the best out of the group. To determine an overall winner (best host) we decided to assign a numeric score to the winner of each category (5 points for best, 4 for 2nd, and so on). After adding up the scores were able to determine two clear winners:

resultsBluehost – 17 Points

iPage – 16 Points

Hostmonster – 10 Points

Justhost – 9 Points

Fatcow – 9 Points [br] [br]

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(Advertisement) – Bluehost $3.95 Web Hosting Promo Link

Questions You Should Ask A Web Host

There are literally thousands of web hosting providers on the internet. Our team of professional web hosting experts have taken the time to review a large portion of the available hosts. From our experience we have found that a few hosts really stand out from the pack and provide EXCELLENT hosting at affordable pricing. We outline who we believe to be the top hosts on our homepage sidebar.

Although we have outlined five excellent hosts there is still a chance that you may desire to host with another company. In fact, every host specializes in something different so the real key is find a company that aligns with your personal needs. Should you find yourself attempting to decide on what host to hire, there are always a few questions that I recommend getting answered. I have outlined some of those questions below, we suggest searching the hosts’ website, reading reviews, and even calling the host if needed to answer these questions.

  • Question 1: What type of hosting plans do you offer?

    There are several different types of web hosting including but not limited to: shared web hosting, VPS web hosting, dedicated web hosting, reseller web hosting, and cloud hosting. The most affordable option of all these will be “Shared Web Hosting” and this type of hosting will work for 97% of websites. Make sure you find a host that offers the services you need.

  • Question 2: What is the cost of the hosting plans?

    When looking at web host’s it is important to understand how much it is going to cost you. I would not only ask what the initial purchase price is but I also would ask what the renewal rate is going to be. A lot of hosts will charge significantly more when it comes time for renewal. However, some hosts like (HostMetro) pride themselves in never raising the rates on you.

  • Question 3: What level of 3rd-party application support do you offer?

    WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and other third party applications have became extremely popular over the years. Some web hosting providers will provide support and will help you with these third parties application when you encounter a problem, others will not.

  • Question 4: What sort of security policy you have?

    DDos Protections, Site-block… You may never need them but it is always good to have protections in place just in case. Most reputable hosts like Bluehost, iPage, etc. have the best security policies while many newer hosts may be lacking in this area.

  • Question 5: What level of technical support you provide?

    If the host does not provide friendly, fast, and 24/7 customer support I would highly suggest staying away.  A good host will offer a variety of ways to get support including: support tickets, live chat, e-mail, telephone, etc. From my research Bluehost definitely excels in this area.

  • Question 6: Is it easy to get hold of the technical team?

    This is not a problem you will encounter with a major host (like any of the ones promoted on our site) but if you decide to go with a small/new company this is definitely something to consider.

  • Question 7: Do I have to pay extra for technical support?

    Again, this is rare with major hosts like those listed on our site; however, there are a select few number of hosts that will try to charge you for technical support and I would definitely try to avoid these hosting providers.

  • Question 8: Can I have the copy of contract?

    Just make sure you understand the rules. Most hosts have a Terms of Service that will act as your contract. Make sure you take a few minutes to read over these Terms. Don’t be surprised later by what you did not take time to read.

  • Question 9: Is there any flexibility in the contract?

    A great example of this would be money back guarantees. This will give you a little time to make sure you like the host prior to being locked into a contract.

  • Question 10: What are the possibilities to void contract?

    Most hosts will not allow you to void a contract; however, some may allow it and pro-rate a portion of your money. Hopefully this is something you will never need to worry about; however, this is good information to know it advance.

  • Question 11: What type of hosting servers you offered? (Share, VPS, Dedicated server hosting)

    We kind of touched base on this in question 1; however, some hosts offer multiple hosting plans and types. I am a fan of these types of providers because you can start off with the basic/most affordable plans and then if your website grows you can easily migrate to another server in the future if needed. Bluehost (our favorite host), for example, offers shared, dedicated, and reseller hosting options.

  • Question 12: What If I need to switch servers later on?

    Godaddy and 1and1 web hosting providers are two of the larger ones that you may have heard of. However, in our opinion these two hosts make it harder than most to migrate your site. Once you host with them you are almost stuck. That is why I do not like these two particular hosts. Just make sure you research and see how hard it will be to switch servers in the future.

  • Question 13: What would be the additional charges in order to get additional bandwidth and space?

    A lot of hosts offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. Meaning (in most cases) you won’t have to worry about hidden charges. However, some hosts still charge fees based on usage. Just make sure you understand those fees in advance.

  • Question 14: What type of control panel do you provide?

    Different hosts offer different types of panels. For example: HostMetro uses Cpanel, iPage uses vDeck, and Bluehost offers an awesome custom version of Cpanel.

  • Question 15: How much authority do I have over the server?

    When you have a shared hosting account there is a good chance you may have limit authority in certain areas of the server. Hosts do this to protect others who share the same server. For the most part you will not need a lot of control for your site to operate; however, really advanced websites will definitely need more authority to get certain scripts to work.

  • Question 16: Can I get sample websites hosted by you (HOST)?

    You can tell a lot from a sample. However, the number one thing you can test is the speed of the site.

  • Question 17: What sort of back-up policy you have?

    Even the best of the best web hosting providers have hard drive failures, it is just something that is going to happen. If all of your hard work is on this server this can be a pretty devastating problem. Hosts that create backups for you on a regular basis can really help you feel better in case of a hard drive crash.

  • Question 18: Is the back-up service is included in the web hosting plan or have to pay separately for it?

    From what I have seen, many hosts offer a basic backup plan which backups your data periodically. They also offer a more advanced plan that backups your website on a more consistant basis.

  • Question 19: Are you going to provide free domain registration service or I have to buy one?

    Some hosts like Bluehost will give you a free domain name when you purchase a hosting account (this is like a $15 savings for you). Other hosts charge additional fees for the domain when it comes time to checkout.

If you are researching an unfamiliar web hosting provider these are 19 different questions that you will most definitely want to have answered prior to signing up with that host.

The purpose of BestWebHostingGeek.com is to take away some of your research time and provide you with a list of quality and affordable hosts. We stake our reputation on the five hosts listed on our homepage and feel confident any of these hosts will make you a very satisfied customer!

Ideal Web Hosting Package from Top Web Hosting Company

While looking for a web hosting package one might think of an ideal web hosting package well what seems to be an ideal web hosting package for a mediocre website?  As there are many web hosting companies so there is height of competition as well but in the end the best and reliable web hosting company scores.

While searching a suitable hosting plan for personal websites or blogs came across “webhostinghub” as they are offering business hosting plan in approximately $5/month, that’s seems to be a suitable price for stable web hosting services. Now we are going to analyze this web hosting plans in detail so one can have better idea about the server specifications and its stability.

They are offering shared hosting server like everybody else so why “webhostinghub”?  Well there are certain aspects of this web hosting plan which makes it an ideal web hosting package for personal websites and blogs. First of all they offer unlimited space and bandwidth which is really important in terms of hosting, initially people have small sized website but later on they add more stuff in order to enhance their website so one need to have suitable amount of space. Beside this they offer unlimited bandwidth which is really a plus in order to have faster website access and effective traffic control, so one don’t have to worry about these two elements as they are offering unlimited space and bandwidth.

They offer user-friendly control panel which is really important to manage web hosting activities. Most of the companies complicate it but webhostinghub ensure user-friendly control panel using which one can easily manage each and every aspect of the server.

Now if we talk about application support well they offer suitable application support in order to cope up with software that might required for the working of personal websites or blogs. Also they provide well configured server to provide support for WordPress. One can easily install and configure WordPress with just a click. One of the most prominent aspects of webhostinghub is that they offer “90 days money back guaurantee” which encourage users to try them and with their 24/7 technical support one can easily set up hosting server and discuss any server related issues any time he/she wants.

So if you are looking to an ideal web hosting package for personal websites check out webhostinghub.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Web Host

People often neglect some of the most important aspects of web hosting while looking for a web host which results in bad quality hosting services. There are many things that make a web host reliable and reputed but there are some essential things which one has to think about while choosing a web host. Web hosting is all about publishing content over the internet but people with business and professional websites desire to have maximum stability as web business is all about traffic, the more traffic your website gets the more probability you have to convert that traffic in to useful customers.

Reliability is what everyone desire to have at first place, as there are uncountable web hosting companies so it’s a complicated task to find a reliable web host. Every single hosting company claims to be honest and trustworthy but in actual only few understand the definition of reliability. Well in order to check reliability of a web host one has to search over the internet, visit web hosting forums in order to know people views about them, check out user-feedbacks and ask their existing customers as well. These are the key ways to find out the reputation of web hosting companies.

A trustworthy reputed web host guarantee high quality hosting services, they present sensibly configured web hosting servers that support latest web technology which prominently incorporate of web applications, programming scripts support and more. Beside this a major issue in web hosting servers is security, as one publish content over the internet anyone can access it but in order to protect sensitive information one need a secure hosting server. Check out what sort of measure does your selected host apply? Such as anti-virus to protect server from harmful viruses, anti-spammers to prevent spamming IPs, firewall to restrict unwanted IP addresses and physical security of a server. A dependable web host keeps all these factors in mind to ensure high quality hosting services.

These are the basic elements which one need to be sure of before choosing any web host in addition to these elements, some web host provide 30 days of money back guarantee, some offer 90 days and confident web hosting companies offer anytime money back guarantee, this indicated that the level of their quality remain stable as long as you host your website with them.

So people looking out for web host should consider these things in mind while choosing a web host.

Which Type of Web Hosts are More Reliable

The most important concern regarding web hosting solutions is to pick a reliable web host. As there are innumerable web hosting companies so one has to search a bit in order to find a reliable host, now most of the people have question in mind that what sort of web hosts are reliable? Well there are certain factors we are going to discuss in detail.

To begin your search of reliable web host the basic thing you have to keep in mind is website requirements. Jot down your requirements and then look out for top web hosting company. A reputed web host always ensures maximum reliability, there are many web hosting companies that are offering several different hosting plans with great reliability and that’s the reason that they are well known among top web hosting companies.

You might think that what is a guarantee that a reputed web host is reliable, well as there are numerous web hosting companies in the market the completion is tough and the one who earned reputation among them is because of high quality hosting services. Beside this a reputable web host fulfill the criteria of high quality hosting services, they offer vast range of hosting plans for different websites with various customizations just to provide an ease to their customers.

Reliability is all about stability and security of a hosting server, a well reputed web host provide fully secured hosting server, they execute all the measures to ensure maximum security such as installation of anti-virus, spam protector and firewall to protect server from all types of external and internal vulnerabilities. Beside this they house their servers at consistent data centers to make sure they remain stable and keep on functioning 24/7. Data center is a best place to house server as they provide suitable environment for them keeping in mind the security of external equipments as well. Above all they provide back-up power source so that in case of power break-up one don’t have to face server downtime.

Combination of all these factors make a reliable web host, so people focusing on security and reliability should look out for these factors in order to choose a reliable web host.

Where to Find Top Web Host

Web hosting is something people have to choose with a lot of care as the succession of a website depends on the reliability of a hosting server. But because of countless web hosting companies it’s quite difficult to find an ideal web host. An ideal web host is one who can completely meet up your requirements such as what sort of hosting plan you need? What sort of application support is required and more.

Well to begin with the search of ideal web host one has to clearly define his/her website requirements so that in the context of requirements one can choose a suitable hosting plan. Once you have jot down your requirements the next step is to look for a reliable and reputed top web host that offers an ideal hosting plan for your website. An ideal web host offers plenty of web hosting plans to manage different types of websites. People willing to publish small websites need shared hosting plan, as they don’t require much bandwidth and space. In shared hosting one has to share its server with several other users, it is less secure and reliable but suits small and personal websites. As compare to that people who need more stable and reliable hosting server for professional websites need VPS hosting plan or dedicated server hosting. Both are much more stable and reliable than shared hosting and one can easily customize them according to website requirements. One can have his/her preferred operating system (OS) along with suitable control panel and can configure them in the perspective of website needs.

Along with various hosting plans an ideal web host guaranteed to provide high quality hosting services such as efficient traffic control to prevent server from crashing, certain to provide maximum server uptime, provide well optimized server to provide complete applications support and guarantee maximum security. All these elements are particulars of an ideal web host, beside these another important thing to be sure of is 24/7 customer support. An ideal web host ensure to provide 24/7 customer support to ensure best hosting services.

These are some most important facts about an ideal web host, so If you are looking for one keep these elements in mind.

Most Popular Top Web Hosting Solutions

Choosing a random hosting plan for your website could be damaging especially when you are planning to host a business website. People having less information about web hosting choose random hosting plans and later on they have to regret. Here I’m going to discuss specs of some most popular top web hosting solutions which prove to be useful in selection of suitable hosting plan.

Countless web hosting companies are offering numerous hosting solutions but one has to pick a suitable one keeping in mind the requirements of his/her websites. Some of the most commonly used hosting plans are shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting and dedicated web hosting plan.

Details of popular Top web hosting plans

Shared Hosting Plan:

Shared hosting plan is the most affordable hosting plan; in shared hosting one gets a shared server on which number of other people hosts their websites. As you are on a shared server you have to share your server resources with others and in case of high web traffic you might not be able to get suitable bandwidth in order to fulfill traffic requirements. That’s why it is suitable of small personal websites or blogs and for the beginners who need to learn basics of web hosting. With shared hosting server one can have less application support, less security and no customer support. So if you are thinking to host a professional website on shared hosting server you might need to think again.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting:

VPS hosting works on the basis of virtualization, on the basis of software numerous virtual dedicated servers are created and each VDS is autonomous. All these VDSs are based on single physical server, which means you have your own dedicated environment and at the same time you are sharing physical server resources as well. VPS allow you to modify server specs according to your website requirements such as choose an operating system (OS), control panel, security applications and more. Beside this VPS provide an extensive traffic control using scalability method which prevents server overloading and tend to keep it running so that people can get maximum server uptime. It is a bit costly then shared hosting plan but much more reliable as well. So people looking for suitable hosting server for their professional website should choose VPS hosting.

Why People Need Web Hosting Services?

Internet has provide people opportunity to express themselves and stay in touch with the world, one way to do that is website. These days every individual and company prefer to have an online presence through website and in order to publish that website over the internet one needs web hosting service.

Types of Web Hosting Services:

Various types of hosting services are available such as:

Shared hosting: In shared hosting one has to share server resources and price with others, it is suitable for small websites.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: VPS is based on single physical server on which various virtual dedicated servers are created on the basis of software and each VDS is independent of others, it partly act as a shared and dedicated server. It is more secure and reliable than shared hosting server but a bit costly as well. It is suitable for business websites.

Dedicated Web Hosting: In dedicated web hosting one don’t have to share server resources nor the price a whole big server belongs to a single user. It is the most expensive and reliable hosting server, that’s why only business website owners can afford it.

One can pick any of these hosting services depending on his/her website requirements.

Choose Best Hosting Company for Top Web Hosting Services

These days there are many web hosting companies that are offering these hosting plans but only few of them provide reliable top web hosting services, that’s why people opt for best hosting company. A best hosting company ensures reliable and stable hosting services. Along with these hosting plans they provide various options to customize your server according to the requirements. These days there are many web hosting companies that are offering these hosting plans but only few of them provide reliable top web hosting services, that’s why people opt for best hosting company. A best hosting company ensures reliable and stable hosting services. Along with these hosting plans they provide various options to customize your server according to your requirements such as you can choose an operating system (OS) and control panel of your choice, you can obtain additional back-up facility and more.

Beside this a best hosting company offers 24/7 customer support so that in case of any problem you can contact them directly, so people looking for reliable web hosting services should choose best hosting company.


Top Web Hosting Company offer Value Added Services to Encourage its Customers

Web hosting business is on the rise as there are many web hosting companies in the market but not all of them provide a high quality service, that’s why people look out for Top hosting company. A Top web hosting company understands the importance of website performance which is why they are providing reliable hosting services.

A Top web hosting company offers all types of hosting plans to accommodate different types of websites. They offer shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated server hosting, wordpress hosting, PHP hosting and various other hosting plans that meet requirements of different websites. Along with these hosting plans a Top web hosting company provides other options to customize your server according to your need. You can choose operating system (OS) of your choice such as Linux, UNIX and windows and you can also choose control panel according to your need. Control panel is needed to manage your hosting account; the most commonly used control panels are cPanel, Plesk and Webmin.

Reliability is a major concern in term of hosting business websites, a business website needs to be live 24/7 in order to get maximum exposure. A Top hosting company provide well configure hosting server which provide support for all types of applications and programming languages which gives you freedom to develop you website the way you want it to be. With an optimized hosting support you server keep on running smoothly and you can have maximum server uptime.

Now most of the hosting companies offer these reliable hosting services but people always look out for more, something that can benefits them. That’s why these days’ Top web hosting companies are offering some value added services which encourage people to sign up with them. These value added services include site builder tools, SEO tools and more. With site builder tool one can easily design a professional looking website without using any code and with SEO tools you can optimize your site to get ranked in search engine both tools are pretty much useful in terms of hosting.

Beside all these high quality hosting services Top web hosting company offers 24/7 customer support so that you can contact them in case of any trouble at anytime you want. People who are looking for something more than a hosting plan should choose Best web hosting company.



Why People Choose Top Web Hosting Company for Best Hosting Services?

People always try to find perfect match for their needs and to do that they keep on looking for the best. In terms of web hosting everyone wants to have best hosting services as they understand that performance of a website mainly depends on quality of hosting. These days there are 1000s of web hosting companies offering different types of services but only few of them are ranked as top web hosting company as they are focusing on providing best hosting services. With so many options it’s really hard to figure out best hosting provider but there are some prominent features which help you to indentify top web hosting company.

A top web hosting company has plenty to offer, they offer various hosting plans that are suitable for different types of websites. The most commonly used hosting servers are shared, virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated hosting server. Most of the people initially obtain shared hosting server but later on as their website grow they might have to switch on to better hosting server and having all types of server option from a single company gives you freedom to switch hosting server without facing any downtime.

Reliability is a major factor which matters a lot in terms of server uptime and response time. A top web hosting company ensures to provide best hosting services by provide optimized hosting server. They configure your server according to your requirement so that you don’t have to face any kind of problem while setting up your website. Beside this they maintain the server properly so that it keeps on running smoothly which results in maximum server uptime.

Along with best hosting services, top web hosting company provide 24/7 customer support in order to provide an ease to their customers. People who are looking for best hosting services do consider these factors while choosing a host.