How to Host MS Exchange

When you’re relatively new business and to the use of high-powered tech tools, you may be confused by MS exchange. Most entrepreneurs faced with Exchange, turn away, thinking better email functionality is not really something they need. But let me ask you this;

  • How often have you dropped a client because of communication issues?
  • How often have you lost a client’s contact details?
  • Forgotten to answer a question?

All of these are email management issues and they happen when you don’t have business email management software in place.

 If you’ve heard of Microsoft Exchange, then you know that it is considered the best email organizational system for businesses and organizations. This is a collaborative email and messaging service, one of the most popular in the world, and used by organizations around the world, especially those that rely on Microsoft infrastructures. Basically MS exchange is the software that powers Outlook, only offers many more business productivity tools such as email synchronization on all devices, collaborative sharing and editing of tasks, meeting scheduling, calendars and documents, all while offering the same intuitive use as Outlook.


There is only one issue with using MS exchange. This is a large program with extremely large database needs, and so requires the use of a business server. This may be fine for a large corporation that already has a server installed in the organization, but is not a viable solution for small to medium-sized businesses that neither have the space nor the man-power to run a server.

The Advantages of Microsoft   Exchange

Exchange offers powerful email solutions and collaborative functions but can be expensive because of the server requirements. By using a hosting solution, where you and other businesses share a server, you only pay a small monthly fee and get access to all of the best features of Microsoft exchange, including the most important, that of keeping all of your contact information and emails extremely safe, away from hackers, spam and virus attacks. These features include:

  • Increase the business productivity
  • The integration with other Microsoft products
  • Support of all mail protocols such as IMAP, SMTP, MAPI, HTTPS and POP3.

What Next?

After evaluating Microsoft exchange, you’ve seen the value such a program offers. But just how do you host MS exchange without spending a fortune? Actually, you can make use of MS exchange at about the cost of a  gallon of gas.

The integration of cloud computing has brought many changes to the tech world, and one of these involves the hosting of MS exchange. There are hosting services that offer Microsoft exchange users access the Microsoft exchange system files on their server, giving clients access to their email hosted accounts.

The Cost of Such Services

Microsoft exchange offers collaborative access to contact information, email, tasks and calendars through Outlook, but stores all of the relevant information on a server with unlimited space, in this case the hosted server. Hosting services of this nature generally run about $10 per month, a very affordable price compared to all the business