Top 6 Reasons to Use Hosted email business solutions

If you are anything like me when you first started your business, you had one email account, a website and a desire to succeed. Now, you probably have 3 to 4 email accounts; two or three with Google, your website email and maybe another two or three with Yahoo. It could take a long time just to wade through  your email, follow-up and contact customers. This juggling of email accounts can lead to lost time, and may even result in lost communications, emails and inefficient security measures.


If that’s your case, it’s time to stop now, look at different email options, and choose a better hosted email business solution. Here are top six reasons you should be using hosted Microsoft exchange as your email business coordinating system, instead of the hodgepodge mix of free and web mail options you are now using.

  1. Better Communication

Microsoft Email Exchange helps you keep in touch in a variety of forms, including through desktop clients, web-based clients, in-house contacts and more. It even allows you to access email on all of your mobile devices from any location. This includes accessing email information that has long been stored on the server. Essentially MS exchange automates everything, making your communications faster and more efficient, yet keeping all email as safe as is possible.

  1. Better Productivity

By allowing you to access your account from any location, whether it be home or another customers workplace or a remote location, you are always close to your email, contacts, calendars tasks – and best of all you can access it immediately. This allows you to be more productive and remain connected even when not at work.

  1. Professional

Simply put, Microsoft Exchange is professional and it offers professional looking email and collaboration solutions. It provides all the features you need for a business setting, at a price that you can afford opening (just the cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks).

  1. Collaboration

Microsoft Exchange offers more than just email, it allows you to share documents, calendars, tasks and items with members of your team; making you and your team more efficient and better prepared to answer customer questions and doubts.

  1. Better Customer Relationships

Exchange helps you stay on top of your email, your tasks, calendar and contacts. This gives you more productive time to remain in good contact with your customers.

  1. More Focus

Exchange streamlines your productivity and helps you focus on your communications in your collaborations. This frees up your time allowing it to spend more of your day doing other things.

 Why Hosted Email Business Solutions Offers the Best Option?

There are several reasons why you want to choose a hosted exchange, primarily because it’s cost and work efficient. But less than $10 a month you get professionalism, efficiency and security, whereas if you wanted to buy MS exchange outright, you would need to use it on a business server, which would result in large business expenses. This would mean your needing to buy a server and hire an administrator to implement and run it.

Endurance International Group (EIGI) – IPO

Endurance International Group (EIGI) has officially completed their IPO. Endurance is the parent company to some of our favorite web hosting brands including but not limited to: BluehostiPageFatcowHostmonsterJusthost .

For years Endurance has been acquiring some of the world’s largest and most successful web hosting providers and as a result has grown into one of the biggest networks of hosting companies on the web. Some of the most recent (and largest) acquisitions that Endurance has made include our top rated host Bluehost and Hostgator!

On Friday, October 25th the management and owners of Endurance gathered in New York to ring in the bell on the Nasdaq exchange. The companies IPO was set at $12 per share which was valued slightly lower than expected. Initially experts valued Endurance in the 14-16$ range.  The current evaluation of the company most likely falls between 1.25-1.5 BILLION dollars!

One concern investment bankers had with Endurance (who is trading under the symbol EIGI on the Nasdaq) was the high level of debt that the company had on its books. Although this is a valid reason to be concerned, as a avid follower of hosting news, I believe much of this debt was compiled when Endurance recently acquired brands:  Hostgator, Bluehost, and Hostmonster. Endurance plans to use funds raised during their IPO to pay down debt which should ease concerns of investors.

I have been following Endurance brands for years and over the past year I have really noticed that EIG has been perfecting their sales & marketing strategies. I believe with the new acquisitions and masterly unselling skills you will witness high profit margins in upcoming quarters which should drive up the value of this company to its original predictions.


I am no way an expert in the stock market and comments in this post are strictly my option. However, I do have years of experience monitoring web hosting providers and believe Endurance to be one of most successful and fastest growing companies on the web. I believe you are looking at a company that has a long and profitable future ahead!

Congratulations to Endurance (EIGI) on your successful IPO launch!  

Best Strategies to Increase Website Traffic! (Infographic)

Every website and/or business owner share a common goal of increasing traffic to their website. I’m not talking about [junk] traffic that can easily be achieved by paying some “traffic-sales” company. I am referring to QUALITY traffic.

We spent a LOT of time on this article trying to provide you with a huge list of strategies. Gladly we put our reputation on the line saying that if you utilize a combination of our suggested methods you will witness a HUGE growth in traffic.

BEFORE WE GET STARTED: It is important to understand that the internet is rapidly changing. If your goal is to achieve long-term/reliable increases of traffic to your website, you should pay close attention to this next VERY important piece of advice.

*Increasing traffic requires a special kind of mindset! To properly achieve this goal you must always have the mindset of growing and increasing your Brand. I would highly recommend staying away from any traffic schemes that do not promote your businesses’ brand in any way.

“The goal of all successful sites should be to drastically increase traffic for a long, reliable, and sustainable period of time. To achieve this you must dedicate all of your time, efforts, and resources towards building a quality and recognizable Brand. Having a memorable website name and logo plays an essential role in long-term Brand recognition.”

The team at wanted to provide you with a quick & detailed visual outlining the different ways to increase traffic to your website. The infographic below will give you a full outline of what we believe to be the most effective strategies. Below the infographic we will touch on each method in greater detail.

(Infographic) Proven Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Website: 

Increase Traffic to Your Website (Infographic)

There are essentially three different places that you should turn to if you wish to rapidly increase traffic to your site. First, you should focus on on-site steps that will help prepare your site for success. Next, you should turn two the remaining two off-site methods (free & paid). We have broken down each category further in order to provide you with a complete guide to achieving website growth.

Essential On-Page Strategies:

  1. Regularly Publish Content:[br]The most important thing you should be doing if you wish to increase your traffic is give others a reason to want to visit your site. You should be regularly writing content related to your niche (expertise). When you publish content on your site there are a few things that you should keep-in-mind. All of the content should be original, it should be well written (little to no errors), should be informative, and most importantly you should ask yourself if the content adds value to the internet. [br] [br]Every successful website should have a blog and be actively publishing on it. Research clearly shows a link between actively blogging and traffic increases to websites. We’ve outlined the simple steps to creating a blog in a previous article. Take the time to publish only QUALITY content. I would rather publish one well researched article than five low quality ones. [br] [br]
  2. Optimize Website For Search Engines: [br]In order to optimize your website for search engines it is important to understand exactly what they want and don’t want. Google is the largest search engine and their rules should be your primary focus.[br] [br]In order to give you a clear understanding as to how you should operate if you wish to receive traffic from Google, the company has written several documents called: Webmaster Guidelines.[br] [br]Reading Google’s guidelines is essential if your desire is to increase traffic through natural search; however, many website owners fail to even take the time to read this important document. Our research team decided to ask 50 random webmasters if they have ever read the document provided by Google. To our surprise only 26% of those interviewed claim to have read the entire set of guidelines.[br] [br]There are a few easy steps that you can focus on immediately to optimize your website. First, you should use accurate and descriptive Titles to describe your pages and content. NEVER use short or misleading titles. Next, when you add tags to posts please make sure the tags accurately describe the content in the post. The purpose of tags are to help users find content thus [like the Titles] should be very descriptive. Another great way to optimize your site is to make sure you have a clean permalink structure. For example, a website with the following structure “” is much more clean than “”. If you are using a service like WordPress they make it extremely easy to adjust your permalinks. Lastly, you should take the time to make sure your website is fast. In the past Google has admitted that speed plays a role in their rankings and that website’s should be fast in order to improve user-experience. There are many way you can speed up your site and so far the best free tool that I have seen to help with this process is called, “GTMetrix“. [br] [br]
  3. Incorporate Social Tools: [br]I have always heard the saying, “The best advertisement is word-of-mouth”. As a website owner you should make it as easy as possible for your readers to share your site and content with others. Most popular search engines have tools & widgets that you can place on your site to allow users to share your content. The most popular among them all are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn buttons. [br] [br]We found some interesting research that showed just how much these social buttons can help a site gain traffic. ABCNews reported that after adding the Facebook like button their site’s traffic increased by 190%. Similar to ABCNews, Gawker reported a 200% increase, and most impressively reported an astonishing 500% increase in traffic. [br] [br]Google has provided a few tools called, “Rich Snippets” that you can add to your website in order to improve the look of your search results. Authorship, Reviews, Music, and Movie Listings are just a few of the snippets you can add to spice up your search results. You can see a full listing of snippets on the Google Webmaster page. [br] [br]
  4. Start a Newsletter/Mailing List: [br]Recently we decided to start our own newsletter as a way to share our best and most popular content with our followers. If you are looking for a great way to keep visitors returning to your site we suggest signing up for a nice mailing service (like MailChimp) and allowing your visitors to register for your e-mail newsletter. Your newsletters should include the titles of your best content and a brief summary of the content. When users click to read more they will automatically be taken to your website.

Best “Free” Ways Increase Traffic:

  1. Utilize Social Media: [br] A large portion of a successful website’s traffic should come directly from free social media sites like: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. You should create a profile for your website on each of these sites and work to grow your network of followers on each site. There are a variety of ways to grow the number of followers on your pages. Our favorite strategies include: inviting friends & family, interact on others’ pages, and hosting contests to gain more followers. [br] [br] You should regularly be sharing content from your website on as many social media sites as possible. If you really want to see rapid traffic growth you should be focused on creating content that is “Shareable” that could potentially go viral. Videos, research, case-studies, infographics, and e-books all had a strong track record in being “shared” by others. [br]
  2. Gain Strong Links From External Sites: [br] The best links you could possibly gain are received naturally from authority sites in your niche. We do not recommend purchasing links as a method to improve rankings because that directly violates Google’s guidelines; however, some “NoFollow” advertisement link purchases can help drive targeted traffic to your site. The best method to gaining links to your site is to create content that is so good others want to share it. [br] [br]
  3. Guest Blog Writing: [br]Often popular sites in your niche will allow for “Guest Blogging”. If done properly this can benefit you and the other site. The perfect scenario of Guest Blogging allows for you to create well-written and informative content that will help drive traffic to the other site; however, in the content you may naturally reference your website a few times which will also increase your traffic as well. [br] [br]
  4. Participate in Online Forums & Communities: [br]Again, this strategy is great because it can benefit everyone if used properly. If you register at a forum in your niche and help others within your expertise you not only help them but it also gives you a chance to share your website/brand. Following the rules of the community you should gain permission to place your website’s link into your profile page & forum signature. I often find that these forums/communities are great mediums to share and ask for feedback regarding new content.  [br] [br]
  5. Utilize Free Press Release Services: [br]Press releases have long been a way to make an announcement of some sort and gain media exposure to your brand. There are many press release services on the web, some that cost, and a few that are free. If you do not have a huge budget but still looking for great results I highly suggest promoting your announcement through a service like,, or [br] [br]
  6. Sharing Quality Videos on YouTube: [br] Millions of people turn to YouTube each day and not only to watch something funny or listen to music. For example, “How-To” videos are extremely popular as it allows experts to demonstrate a skill or knowledge with someone needing information in that area. Utilizing free video creators on your computer and a simple web cam or video camera you can create your own videos regarding topics in your expertise. Once you publish this to YouTube you can reference your site/brand in the video as well as the description.

Best “Paid” Ways to Increase Traffic:

  1. Pay-Per-Click Networks: [br]If you have a budget and looking for a quick way to bring in targeted customers you may want to turn to Pay-Per-Click networks. When you use these networks you agree to pay a set fee for every click/visitor the network sends you. Google Adwords is by far the largest and most used pay-per-click network; however, there are several others out there to choose from including but not limited to: Clicksor, Yahoo Advertising Solutions, DigitalPoint, and BidVertiser. [br] [br]
  2. Banner Advertising: [br]Another great way to increase branding and traffic to your website is to purchase banner advertising on sites related to your niche. My favorite banner advertisement network is BuySellAds; however, there are a few other good ones out there including: and [br] [br]
  3. Sponsored Reviews: [br]Sponsored reviews are another great way to increase traffic to your website. You can use these services to promote your website and brand to other visitors on the web. In order to follow Google Guidelines make sure you have the writers clearly label their posts as a “sponsored post” and use “nofollow” links. Two sponsored review services that have been around a while include: and  [br] [br]
  4. Sponsored Social Media Advertising: [br]Want to have celebrities or other popular companies promote you to their followers? There are now a few services out there that allow you to purchase a “Sponsor Tweet” or “Sponsored Post”. This is a great way to get some high profile notoriety to your website. Using a service like or will not only increase your traffic but also will promote your Brand which should always be your goal. [br] [br]
  5. Direct Social Media Advertising: [br]Another great medium for advertising your website is on social media sites. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have ways that you can buy advertisement on their network. If I am spending money for traffic I like to receive targeted visitors to my site and Facebook allows for VERY targeted advertising. [br] [br]
  6. Premium Press Release Services: [br] Previously I touched on how press release services can drive traffic to your site. There are free and paid services our there; however, if you are looking to get the most exposure to your announcement or news it is good to consider a premium press release service. The most widely known and best premium press release services are: and


Driving quality traffic to your website should be a primary goal of all webmasters and business owners. When developing a long-term strategy to consistently increase website traffic you should focus on anything that promotes your brand as a whole. We encourage you to utilize the different methods outlined in this article if you want to see rapid growth in traffic to your site.

Currently we are working on a HUGE case study to show the effects these methods have on website traffic when combined. We will release our results in a few months; however, in the meanwhile if you enjoy this content please share it with others!

Also, the team at pay our bills from commissions earned from our site when someone signs up for web hosting. If you would like to help us out and also get a discount on hosting please consider purchasing or switching your web hosting provider to Bluehost. In our opinion Bluehost is the best web hosting provider in the world and everyday we put on reputation on the line promoting this great company. If you click on the banner below you will have a special $3.95 Bluehost promo rate enabled which will save you on your purchase and will also help us to continue offering our services and great content well into the future. Thanks for your help!!

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Benefits of Websites & Social Media for Businesses (Infographic)

Over the past decade things have really changed in the world of business! Almost every field of business has seen a rapid and drastic growth in competition. We no longer live in a society where large corporations completely control the market; in fact, society in general seems to be pushing back at these large organizations. The changing economic climate can 100% be associated with World-Wide-Web.

The internet has turned into a hub for consumers to research businesses, services, and products. No matter if you are from a large city or a small town, people use the internet to make purchase decisions. As a result, many small businesses are able to compete with larger businesses in specific niches when they master and take complete control over their online presence.

If you are a business owner and do not have a website or social media presence (no matter what field you are in) you are going to be left behind and perhaps even watch your business slowly fade profitably. Having a web presence is simply no longer an option; in fact, even having a mediocre web presence is no longer optional. You MUST take time and resources and develop a GREAT/INFORMATIVE website and take control over Social Media branding.

Our team of researchers searched to find the top excuses business owners gave for not having a website. Take a look at some of the results they came up with:

  • Business Currently Does Not Need One (41%)
  • Too Costly (19%)
  • Lack of Time (16%)
  • Other (10%)
  • Too Complex (9%)
  • Business Will Never Need One (4%)
  • Not Sure (1%)

When I looked at the results of this study I was seriously astonished. For the most part business owners are very smart individuals but too many fall victim of their own success and believe that adaptation is no longer needed. Anyone who takes the time to research will see that businesses without a web presence perform drastically lower than their competitors with a strong web presence.

I understand that many individuals believe that it is costly, takes a long time, or even too complex to create a website but honestly these misconceptions could not be further from the truth. In fact, with increased technology individuals with little to no technology experience can create a website or create a blog. And the cost of having a website or blog is actually extremely low, our partner web hosting company Bluehost offers web hosting for as low as $3.95 a month when you use our exclusive Bluehost Promo Link.  (AFF).

The benefits of having a website and a social media presence are endless! Take a moment to examine this infographic and research our team developed to give you a visual on how important the web is for your business.

(Infographic) - Advantages of Websites & Social Media for Businesses

Benefits of Social Media Presence:

Over the past 4-5 years Social Media as a whole has become essential to business marketing. Failure to develop a strong identity and brand on social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter can spell disaster for any business. Social Media sites are free to use and when used properly can provide some huge boosts to your sales and brand recognition.

Some other great benefits that businesses receive when they utilize social media sites include:

  1. Increased Brand Awareness
  2. Increased Traffic to Business Website
  3. Greater/More Favorable Perceptions
  4. Greater Ability to Monitor Business Conversions
  5. Ability to Better Target Marketing
  6. Better Understanding of Customer’s Perceptions of the Brand

85% of all internet users have Facebook. No other website in the world has ever or most likely will ever achieve this feat.  Facebook no doubt is the number one place that businesses can turn to for marketing. With the ability to market locally and/or globally Facebook has produced trillions of dollars of revenue for companies world-wide! Sadly, there are still hundreds of thousands of business owners missing out on this important revenue channel.

1 in every 5 Facebook users report that they have purchased a product solely based on a comment they have witnessed while on Facebook. This is astonishing and should be a major eye opener for all business owners out there. Our researchers also have found that 67% of twitter users report that they are more likely to purchase products from brands that they follow on the popular social networking site.

The last few years have been particularly interesting for business owners in a time of a struggling economy. A study by New Charter University shows that large populations of people world-wide actually make purchase decisions based on coupons and discounts that they see from businesses. Businesses have been able to capitalize on this trend; in fact, the most successful businesses have turned to Social Media to promote exclusive discounts and coupons. Our team of researchers found that 80% of individuals prefer getting and finding these great savings from brands on Social Media sites like Facebook.

Setting up a Facebook Page is extremely easy and marketing your page can actually be quite fun. Businesses that have their own private website and/or blog and use it in combination with Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter cash in on the biggest financial and branding gains!

Benefits of a Business Website:

Numerous times we have stressed the importance of having a business website; however, it is almost equally as important to have a nice looking and informative website or blog. Creating a website or blog is actually quite easy and can be completed for very little cash in a matter of minutes. We produced a few videos that show how you can easily setup your own blog and another video on how to setup a website! Utilizing these step-by-step guides will get you up and running in no time.

If you absolutely are set in your ways and have no desire to build your own site, you can always turn to a professional web designer to give your business website a cutting edge look! Even if you pay a couple thousand dollars on the high end site, I will personally guarantee you that your business will make 10-20x your investment into the website.

If you want to go this route and are looking for an amazing website design I suggest you turn to LouderThanWordsDesign. I am very close with the owner (Heather) and will stake my reputation on her work, you will not be disappointed. Just as you can tell the difference between a house built by a good contractor, you can tell the QUALITY difference when Heather builds a site or logo for you! Tell her Jonathan Burdon sent you and she might even cut you a small discount ;).

Our researchers came up with some of the top benefits of having a website:

  1. Cost Effective Advertising – creating a website has a few minor startup costs; however, once you get it up and running the cost to maintain it is VERY LOW. Thus resulting in one of the best and most cost effectives means of advertisement.
  2. Analysis of Customer Behavior – when you have your own website you can use popular free analytics tools to monitor customer behavior. This data can be used to improve marketing and customer relations.
  3. Round-The-Clock – Having a website allows you to communicate and advertise to your customers 24/7, even when you are asleep. For example, if someone’s air conditioner goes out at night they may research HVAC companies online that night to decide who to call the next morning.
  4. Customer Feedback – Several years ago in college I wrote a research paper on How Social Media and Blogging affect the way an organization handles customer feedback. Perhaps one of the biggest examples of a company underestimating the power of the internet and IGNORING customer feedback was United Airlines, when an upset customer had his guitar broken. Being able to monitor and control customer feedback regarding your business will help your maintain a positive brand image.
  5. Niche Markets –  Perhaps one of the most obvious and largest benefits of having a website is that it allows small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to cater to the needs of niche markets. This not only is an advantage for the customer but also for the business! The cost is relatively low to start a website but the reward is very high!
  6. Business Profile – The internet gives small businesses a chance to create a brand for themselves and the potential to directly compete with large corporations for customers.

If you were to site down and ask 10 random individuals from your local community if they search and research businesses online before they make a purchase decision, I would venture to guess 7 out of 10 would say yes! Personally, I base many purchase decisions and decide who to hire solely on their online presence. It is simply the new trend! If you do not have a website or blog, it is time to get one!


There are many advantages to having a website and a strong presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter! Despite what preconceived notions you may have had, creating a website/blog, is actually very easy and affordable.

We have partnered with, one of the largest web hosting providers in the world, to give you an exclusive discount on hosting. If you click on our partner link a special $3.95/month promo discount will automatically be enabled!

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