Best Dedicated Web Hosting

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Dedicated web hosting something people don’t know about much as it is the most expensive hosting server to most people don’t bother about it. But people with business websites need great deal of reliability and security, that’s why they always prefer to have dedicated server.

What is Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server is a big system with great capabilities and power in it. In dedicated web hosting a whole server is assigned to a single user or a website that means one don’t have to share its server resources with anyone. Having a dedicated server ensures great deal of reliability and security; also one can configure it according to his/her website requirements.

Why Dedicated Server?

People having online business websites always prefer to choose dedicated server hosting as they want to host a business website so it need to be secure and stable. As far as security is concerned with root-level access to the server one can configure its security according to his/her desire. Another major reason to choose dedicated web hosting is reliability, a business website should remain live in order to get maximum visitors so that one can have better chance to convert them in to customers, with dedicated servers one can make sure that his website will remain live 24/7, beside this a reliable hosting company house its dedicated servers at reliable data center to make sure they are managed and maintained properly, this way it keeps on running smoothly and people can have maximum server uptime.

One of the prominent reason to choose dedicated servers is application support, these days many latest web applications are used to develop websites and in order to function properly these applications need additional hosting support and dedicated server provide complete support for latest web applications and scripts such as PHP, Perl, Ruby and more.

Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is available in two types managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. In managed dedicated hosting a whole server is managed by your hosting provider, with basic server set up such as operating system (OS) installation, control panel installation and configuration, back up facility, application software support and more, all you have to do is to manage your website content.

While in unmanaged dedicated web hosting one can have basic OS installation, control panel configuration and basic security settings, rest you have to manage on your own. Managed dedicated hosting is costly then unmanaged as one has to pay additional for the services.

Various Options in Dedicated Web Hosting

A best hosting company provides various options with dedicated web hosting such as you can choose your desired operating system (OS) which mainly include Linux, UNIX and Windows OS, whereas you can have a control panel of your choice such as cPanel, WHM and Plesk.

So keep all these facts in mind and choose the most suitable dedicated server for best website performance.

Best VPS Hosting

Visit Inmotion InMotion Review InMotion - Best Web Host

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is based on single physical server which is further divided in to several virtual dedicated server (VDS). It shares physical server yet able to provide virtual dedicated server (VDS). If your website is growing and you need to switch from shared hosting to the higher one choose VPS hosting instead of spending too much on dedicated server hosting. Most of the people call it as an alternate of dedicated server. If you are getting 5000 to 50,000 hits, VPS is the right choice.

There are a lot of VPS hosting providers but few of them provide remarkable VPS hosting services. “bestwebhostinggeek” has selected the top-3 VPS hosting providers based on their customer support, price and control panel.

Hostgator VPS Hosting:

“Hostgator” is among the most experienced VPS hosting providers and they keep themselves updated to provide latest facilities to their customers. VPSs provided by Hostgator are well configured and are optimized to provide support for PHP, MySQL, Python and more. With all these services the VPS hosting provided by Hostgator is suitable for Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

Cost is the major factor in VPS hosting and Hostgator is offering VPS hosting in less than $20/month. If you are planning to host a site based on PHP then Hostgator VPS hosting is the best option.

Inmotion VPS Hosting:

“Inmotion” is the best business hosting provider. They offer VPS hosting at affordable rates without damaging the quality of services. The VPS servers provided by inmotion are well configured and provide support for all types of application software’s required by the user.

Their 24/7 customer support make them the best VPS hosting provider. Some of the prominent features of inmotion VPS hosting are:
• inmotion is the only VPS hosting provider which offer co-location hosting, you can chose the most closest data center for reliable VPS hosting services.
• Provide an option to select an operating system (OS) of your own choice; it can be Linux, Windows or Mac OS.
• It also offer burstable memory up to 1GB which is not offered by any other VPS hosting provider.

liquidweb VPS Hosting:

“liquidweb” is one of the best VPS hosting providers, they offer fast and reliable VPS hosting. The VPS hosting provided by liquidweb is based on “No Overselling Policy” which means you can fully utilize your server resources. Also they have remarkable customer support based on 150 engineers and offer 100% server uptime. liquidweb hosting is highly recommended for business websites.

Best Linux Web Hosting

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Linux web hosting is the most commonly used web hosting solution. Linux is an open source operating system (OS) which provides support for wide range of applications like PHP, Perl, JAVA, MySQL, Miva and more.

These days almost every web hosting company is providing Linux web hosting but few of them are reliable in terms of flexibility and quality services. “bestwebhostinggeek” has sort out the best Linux hosting providers based on their efficiency and reliable customer support.

Hostgator Linux Web Hosting:

As there are so many competitors in Linux web hosting so it is quite difficult to beat them all and Hostgator has done it by providing reliable Linux web hosting services. Hostgator has dominant all the Linux hosting providers by offering support for:
• MySQL and postgre SQL
• Offer support for PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and more
• Provide support for all types of CMS which includes Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and more
• Offer 99.9% server uptime
• 24/7 technical support
If you are looking for reliable Linux web hosting Hostgator is perfect.

Bluehost Linux Web Hosting:

“Bluehost” has made its mark among best Linux web hosting provider because of its excellent customer support and reliable servers. They take good care of their servers in order to ensure maximum server uptime and quick response time. While offering Linux web hosting they provide support for all types of scripts and languages including PHP, Perl and more. They perform regular back-ups to secure your data so you can recover it in case of any problem. Also they ensure server security by installing anti-virus, anti-spam and properly configure your firewall to avoid any kind of mishap. If you are planning to host a blog or personal website on Linux based server Bluehost is the right choice.
Inmotion Linux Web Hosting:

“Inmotion” is well known for business website hosting and most of the people prefer Linux based server hosting for their business websites because of its solid security. inmotion has beat its competitors because of co-location hosting, it has data centers located in different locations which provide you an ease to select the closest one in order to achieve fast and reliable services.

They offer US based 24/7 technical support to keep interaction with their customers and resolve their issues instantly.

Best Joomla Hosting

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Joomla is one of the most powerful and commonly used content management systems. It is used by millions of users to create websites related to business, blogs and articles. Because of the ease of use it provides to the user it has become the most excessively used application. Websites based on Joomla require specific support in terms of hosting.

“bestwebhostinggeek” has selected best Joomla hosting providers based on their performance, these companies are providing Joomla hosting using shared, dedicated server and VPS hosting.

VPS is considered to be the most reliable web hosting plan for Joomla websites but some people are still using shared hosting as if they have small website

Using a shared hosting plan for Joomla is not a good idea; it limits your memory usage and CPU performance. And when your site is getting more than 200 hits from unique IP address it creates problems if you are using shared hosting plan. Nowadays most of the people are switching to VPS hosting plan to cope up with high traffic rate.

Best Shared Hosting for Joomla:

“Hostgator” is the number one Joomla hosting provider because of their quick and reliable hosting services. Hostgator efficiently configure MySQL to provide the fast database support for Joomla website. Also they are considered to be the fastest growing private company in US.

“Bluehost” is pretty popular among shared hosting provider for Joomla websites. They are considered to be the best cheap web hosting provider and offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth and you can host unlimited domains using a single account. Also they provide an optimized MySQL database for better performance of Joomla websites. The best feature of “Bluehost” is that they offer 30 days trail period which encourage people to try them.

“Justhost” has also become a prominent Joomla hosting provider. They provide support for open source applications based on Linux OS. Providing a user-friendly environment for Joomla websites is their extensive feature.

Best VPS Hosting for Joomla:

VPS hosting is considered to the most reliable hosting plan for Joomla. If your obtaining a traffic from more than 300 unique IPs VPS hosting the perfect for you. Normally 256MB VPS works fine but for better performance 512 MB is recommended.

“Lunarpages” is the most successful Joomla hosting provider. They are fast and reliable as their servers are well configured for Joomla sites. While obtaining a VPS hosting plan price matters a lot and Lunarpages is offering VPS solutions cheaply.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting for Joomla:

As your Joomla website keeps on growing it’ll get more and more traffic. To manage that traffic efficiently dedicated servers are the best. Dedicated server provides you more security and reliability in terms of server up time and quick response time.

“Singlehop” provide a reliable dedicated hosting for Joomla. They configure the dedicated server according to the requirements of Joomla website and provide in depth control of a server. Single hosting provider has housed its dedicated server in data centers to ensure server stability and security. Also they provide 24/7 technical support so that you can contact them any time you want.

“midPhase” and “Hostgator” are well known dedicated server hosting provider but their price is a bit high than singlehop. But they provide standardized customer support and perform regular back-ups which are really necessary for business websites using Joomla.

Best Green Hosting

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Green hosting is getting popular among web hosting providers and people who are willing to protect the environment prefer Green hosting. Nowadays Web hosting community is using more than 5% of overall energy resources and if it keeps on increasing then the energy consumption of web hosting industry will become equal to the airline energy consumption.

To reduce that much energy consumption of web hosting industry Green energy was introduced. Currently Green hosting providers are successfully providing reliable hosting services. Here is the list of top Green hosting providers which are doing remarkable job to protect earth:

Hostgator Green Hosting:

“Hostgator” is one of the leading web hosting companies by hosting more than 4 million websites and managing 1% traffic of the world. Hostgator decided to go Green in 2008 and gain its reputation among green hosting providers.

HostGator has bought certified Renewable Energy Credits to fulfill its power needs and manage to consume minimum energy resources for servers. As they are leading web hosting industry they provide all types of web hosting support to facilitate their clients. If you are planning to host your website with Hostgator just go for it without any doubt.

iPage Green Hosting:

If you are planning to host a blog website using Green hosting, “iPage” provide you quick support to setup your blog. They completely use wind energy to fulfill they hosting needs. Affordability is the prominent feature of iPage and if you are not satisfied with the services, you can get your money back anytime you want. So iPage is pretty much reliable for hosting personal blog or website, if you want to go Green go with iPage.

GreenGeeks Green Hosting:

“GreenGeeks” is the initiator of Green hosting. They have introduced data centers which are using Green energy to fulfill power consumption of servers, cooling systems and all other equipments which are part of their hosting business.

Besides being Green, GreenGeeks is providing all type of reliable web hosting services and offer different types of hosting plans to support their clients. They provide full support for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many other content management systems. Also they offer excellent technical support to help their clients. If you are looking for Green hosting GreenGeeks is the best option.

Best Drupal Hosting

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Drupal is an open source content management system which helps you to create and manage your website content efficiently. It’s a freeware so you just have to download it and install on the server. It is commonly used by community websites, FAQs and web portals.

Websites based on Drupal CMS requires specialized Drupal web hosting in order to support its complete features. Not all the web hosting companies provide Drupal optimized hosting; only few companies are providing best Drupal hosting. Hostgator, Bluehost and GreenGeeks secure top spots among drupal web hosting providers.

Bluehost Drupal Hosting:

“Bluehost” is one of the best web hosting companies that provide reliable Shared Linux Hosting for Drupal. It provides support for all types of CMSs which includes WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. All the servers provided by Bluehost are properly configured which provides you quick interaction between web server and databases; you can easily set file permission and add or remove any part of database. One of the best features of Bluehost is that they provide “Fantastico” package, which allows you one click installation of Drupal. So if you are looking for shared Linux hosting plan, Bluehost is the best as they won top spot among all web hosting companies because of their quality services.

Hostgator Drupal Hosting:

“Hostgator” provides the most reliable Drupal hosting as they promise maximum server uptime and quick response time. This is possible because they provide complete support for Drupal CMS which allow Drupal based website to functions properly. Hostgator provides an optimized support for PHP & MySQL to run smoothly on Drupal CMS and all their servers are housed in data center which ensure server stability and security.

Most of the websites on the internet are hosted by Hostgator and are running successfully that makes them the best web hosting company and they also secure 21st spot out of 5000 fastest growing companies. With this achievement Hostgator is dedicated to provide reliable hosting services to its clients. So if you have a Drupal based website Hostgator is the best option for hosting.

Best WordPress Hosting

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WordPress is the most successful blogging tool used by more than 30 million users. It is so extensive and compact that you don’t have to look out for another tool. It provides built-in website templates, themes social media tools, blog statistics tool and much more. The best thing about wordpress is its user-friendly environment which is one of the reasons why people prefer it for blogging.

Once you have created a blog using WordPress, you need to host it on the internet. There are many best hosting companies which provide various web hosting solutions but WordPress requires some additional support. There are so many web hosting companies which offer wordpress hosting but “bestwebhostinggeek” has selected top 3 best WordPress hosting providers based on their quality of services and reliability.

Why they are the Best?

Blog holds great importance whether it is personal or a business blog. Blog used for business purpose provide information regarding company updates, information about new products or happenings. So it is of great importance that WordPress blog must be host with reliable top web hosting company which provides full support for WordPress applications. A reliable wordpress hosting provider should provide maximum up time and a quick response time to make it accessible to the maximum users. Having more than 3 years of experience as webmaster is enough to be recognized as a reliable host.
Justhost, Bluehost and site5 are considered to be the best  wordpress hosts as they all offer:
• Fast & reliable WordPress web hosting server that support all WordPress applications
• Provide one click installation of WordPress so that you can easily set up your blog
• 30 days money back guarantee
Some detailed features of these companies are discussed below:


It is considered to be the most affordable wordpress hosting provider which offers a wide range of features. They provide maximum server uptime, ensure quick response time and support for all WordPress plug-ins so that your blog function properly. Beside this they provide a user-friendly control panel so that you can easily manage your blog. Another appealing feature of justhost is that they offer 24/7 technical support to stay in touch with their clients. If you are a beginner in WordPress blogging you should go with Justhost as they provide cheap hosting solutions.


Bluehost provides one of the most reliable wordpress hosting solutions. Because of their flexible and user-friendly environment WordPress users prefer bluehost. They provide support for all type of wordpress applications and offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth. With unlimited space you have freedom to host as many blogs as you want. 24/7 technical support is their encouraging feature and they always try to help their clients in best possible way.


Ipage is another quickly growing best wordpress hosting company because of their reliability people are getting more involved which is one of the reasons they are offering excellent  hosting support. They ensure 99.9% server uptime and quick response time to make your blog reachable in every corner of the world. Also they provide 24/7 technical assistance to resolve their clients issues instantly.

Best Cheap Web Hosting

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There are 1000s of web hosting companies which consider themselves a cheap web hosting provider but not all of them are reliable. Only few of the web hosting companies have gain reputation as a reliable cheap web hosting service provider.

While providing cheap web hosting services most of the companies ignore quality of services in order to save money, so it has become quite difficult to pick the best cheap web hosting company. “” is presenting top cheap web hosting companies which are offer cheap hosting service with quality and reliability.

These companies have made a mark as the best cheap web hosting providers by maintaining top quality services, the prominent features of these companies are:
• Maximum uptime
• Quick response time
• 30 days money back guarantee

Justhost as Cheap Web Hosting Provider:

Justhost” is one of the most affordable web hosting providers and offers 99.9% server uptime. It offers all types of web hosting plans cheaply which includes shared, dedicated and VPS hosting. Justhost also provide customized hosting plans so you can select the services of your own choice and pay for services you are using. 24/7 technical support is their extensive feature. They offer business product cost around $3.75/month with discount and if you have a discount coupon it reduces to $2/month. So if you are looking for cheap web hosting services Justhost is the best.

Bluehost as a Cheap Web Hosting Provider:

Bluehost” offer the cheapest web hosting services, if you sign up with them for a long run. It is as low as $3.95/month, this package offer unlimited disk space & bandwidth, one free domain and you can host as many domains as you want using single account. Also they offer 24/7 customer support in order to help their clients in every possible way. Their anytime money back guarantee encourages the website owner and gives them freedom to try their services.

Ipage as Cheap Web Hosting Provider:

Ipage” is the fastest growing web hosting company and earned a great reputation as a cheap web hosting provider. As far as reliability is concerned they were the first one to achieve 99.9% server uptime in 2011 so there is no question about their reliability. Ipage is offering cheap web hosting services in less than $3.50/month not only this, they offer 30% discounts to their new clients. So if you are planning to host your website go with the Ipage.