Best Dedicated Web Hosting

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Dedicated web hosting something people don’t know about much as it is the most expensive hosting server to most people don’t bother about it. But people with business websites need great deal of reliability and security, that’s why they always prefer to have dedicated server.

What is Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server is a big system with great capabilities and power in it. In dedicated web hosting a whole server is assigned to a single user or a website that means one don’t have to share its server resources with anyone. Having a dedicated server ensures great deal of reliability and security; also one can configure it according to his/her website requirements.

Why Dedicated Server?

People having online business websites always prefer to choose dedicated server hosting as they want to host a business website so it need to be secure and stable. As far as security is concerned with root-level access to the server one can configure its security according to his/her desire. Another major reason to choose dedicated web hosting is reliability, a business website should remain live in order to get maximum visitors so that one can have better chance to convert them in to customers, with dedicated servers one can make sure that his website will remain live 24/7, beside this a reliable hosting company house its dedicated servers at reliable data center to make sure they are managed and maintained properly, this way it keeps on running smoothly and people can have maximum server uptime.

One of the prominent reason to choose dedicated servers is application support, these days many latest web applications are used to develop websites and in order to function properly these applications need additional hosting support and dedicated server provide complete support for latest web applications and scripts such as PHP, Perl, Ruby and more.

Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is available in two types managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. In managed dedicated hosting a whole server is managed by your hosting provider, with basic server set up such as operating system (OS) installation, control panel installation and configuration, back up facility, application software support and more, all you have to do is to manage your website content.

While in unmanaged dedicated web hosting one can have basic OS installation, control panel configuration and basic security settings, rest you have to manage on your own. Managed dedicated hosting is costly then unmanaged as one has to pay additional for the services.

Various Options in Dedicated Web Hosting

A best hosting company provides various options with dedicated web hosting such as you can choose your desired operating system (OS) which mainly include Linux, UNIX and Windows OS, whereas you can have a control panel of your choice such as cPanel, WHM and Plesk.

So keep all these facts in mind and choose the most suitable dedicated server for best website performance.