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Active Server Page (ASP) is a server based scripting language which allows you to create dynamic website in accordance with HTML. ASP is designed by Microsoft in order to fulfill developers need; ASP based websites required some additional support in terms of web hosting. First of all you need a Windows based server if you are willing to use ASP on your website. A windows based server provides complete support for ASP. So in order to get best website performance you need best ASP web hosting provider. These days every web hosting company is offering support for ASP but few of them actually provide complete support for ASP.

All these companies are offering reliable windows based servers which are well configured to provide complete support for ASP. ASP is used to provide up to date information regarding any product or services, for example a visitor can enter some specific requirements to gather any kind of information and ASP makes it possible to access MySQL database to find out the desire result and display it.

A best ASP web hosting company provides complete support even with the combination of .Net framework for best website functionality. The most commonly used ASP based applications are:
• MegaBBS message board
• Livio WEB Calendar
• VCalendar
• Active Server Pages Guestbook
• dBlog
• VisuBox live chat
• Comersus ASP shopping cart

A best ASP web hosting company provides complete support for these various ASP applications. Servers provided by these companies are well configured so that your website runs smoothly on it. Also they configure your server security according to your requirements and prevent it from hackers and spammers.

With best ASP web hosting you can select a control panel of your own choice; also they provide support for different programming languages which includes PHP, Perl, Ruby and more. Full support for content management system is another important factor, these days the most commonly used CMSs are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. These CMSs required additional support for their various applications and plug-ins, all the above companies provide fully optimized servers which provide support for all types of CMSs. Beside this you can have unlimited disk space & bandwidth which allow faster access to your website and great performance. And they ensure to provide 99.9% server uptime which is really important in terms of business websites.

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