6 Top Apps for Visual Note Taking

How long do I have to attract the attention of the person I am addressing? How can I make information more attractive? These are questions we ask ourselves when trying to decide an approach or solution to a problem. We often take notes to try and guide ourselves through the issue,  explaining the notes to the onlooker, but often these fly by the other person’s head as he doesn’t understand our thought process. The solution is to add visual doodles, arrows and bullets that guide the onlooker through our thought process. This is known as visual note taking.

Visual note taking is the trend of the future. It is a combination of drawing, sketching and notes to give a better visual understanding of the content discussed in a speech, class or boardroom.


Visual note taking is the art of visually recording your ideas using a multimodal set of tools. But unlike traditional note taking, it is a visual medium with caricatures, drawings and images that highlighted connections between your notes. I like to think of it as an advanced form of doodling with a purpose. It’s a great tool for artists, storytellers, writers and students. There are several different that allow you to do this visual note taking on an iPad. To help you along we’ve listed five top iPad apps help you with visual notetaking projects.

  1. Flipink

This cool app allows you to sketch, share and organize your ideas easily you can quickly jot down your memos and notes and insert images, different types of type and graphics that you want. Flipink helps you stay organized and increases your productivity as it allows you to capture your ideas immediately.

  1. Paper 53

An app offers the simplest way to jot down your ideas, and you don’t even need to know how to draw. You can sketch out a product design, draft your new decoration idea or outlining the next student paper. There are no strange settings or distractions here, and Paper 53 offers 5 tools to help you write, draw, sketch, color or outline your idea.

  1. Brushes

An app that was designed specifically for the iPad, iPod and iPhone it allows you to sketch and write what you need and you can move doodles from one device to another and continue working wherever you go.

  1. Adobe Ideas

This is an easy to use app that lets you draw free-form vector illustrations wherever you are located. It replaces your pen and paper with a canvas and lots of customizable brushes and stylus pens.

  1. Sketchbook Pro

A professional potent drawing application that offers several sketching and painting tools through an Internet interface that is designed specifically for the iPad.

  1. Air Sketch

A wonderful app for presentations that you make for the classroom or for the boardroom. You can create anything while on the go, all you have to do is start up Air Sketch on your iPad and start working.

Doodle apps are a lot of fun, but they can also be great tools to sketch out ideas or images. Often, artists, entertainers, students and travelers find these types of apps very interesting and thought provoking, using them to create blogs, paintings, or even new products.